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101india In other villages, girls aren’t even allowed
to go outside In this village we are considered equal to
the boys Ever since I’ve started boxing I feel great I’m learning a sport and staying in shape
too Girls here are treated just like boys We have complete freedom here Thanks to boxing Our girls get to interact with people from
around the country and the world Now, they feel like they want to achieve something
in life A lot of villages in Punjab are known for
fighting and violence Our village also had a similar reputation So we started to think about How we could turn this energy into something
positive What came to our aid was sports Sports has no language barriers It doesn’t have a gender If you’re good, it doesn’t have a cost If you’re in the team, you’re a team member That’s where we got the idea of opening a
boxing academy At first there were only two or three girls But looking at them, more started coming in This has led to a great environment here The academy started showing results These results motivated even more children Even the parents started to see a future for
their children in boxing If you compare a regular girl and a girl who
plays sports There’s a lot of difference It instils a drive to win And you can walk with your head held high
in society The girls here have complete freedom We get all the same opportunities as the boys Ever since I started boxing My self confidence has grown I’m not afraid of anyone anymore Training at the academy happens in two time
slots In the morning we focus on building speed
and strength In the evening, we work on skill Every Saturday morning, we run cross country We run 8 kilometers Twice a week, we have fights Tuesday and Friday Then on Saturday we have a tournament Ever since I started boxing, I’ve seen a lot
of changes in myself Now I’m not afraid to take on the boys head
on When some of these athletes win major championships We celebrate it But the next day, Usually they are cleaning the grounds They are the ones who will pick up a broom
in their hands And make the place clean Our girls are very confident They have their own space here And they have a sense of ownership Saying, ‘This is my village, my academy’ ‘I own myself’ ‘I can do whatever I need to do to be able
to move ahead in life’ ‘But also achieve greatness’ I’m sure that if we set up academies like
this in other villages Things can get a lot better Not just for Punjab, but also for India Our girls have the right physique They have the talent All they need is the opportunity

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