Improving a broken lower back’s disc with Boxing

My name is Michael Ayoub and I’m from Sweden, Stockholm. I did western boxing boxing and functional training I’ve been here for one month now and I enjoyed it so much I tried to find a western boxing camp in Thailand and it was really hard to find. The only one that popped up all the time was Kombat Group I’m happy actually that I choose this one I choose Kombat Group because I checked the website , I checked the reviews online What I loved the most was my communication through email they answered me everyday maximum one day to get a reply. And they’re very professional friendly and try to help me with as much as they could with my questions Training was excellent I did a lot of progress with my boxing and my weight loss, everything and even more than they expected Around 6 years ago I got broken disc in my lower back which makes me unable to do high jumps or do kicks for example After a while I even got injuries in my shoulder and in my elbows So I have a lot of injuries through my life I did a lot of bodybuilding and weightlifting. Before it was like “OK, I go to Thailand, see if I can work out or not” and in one month I haven’t felt the pain. Is even better than it was before actually. With my injuries trainers were so understanding and just worked around it and help out my injuries actually I think the minimum to be here is around 3 weeks minimum because it takes around almost two weeks to get into it and feel like used to the training and the weather and everything. I’ve found so many new friends here which I love. Like I feel like just joined a new family here so I can say you could be here between one month and one and a half. I would say for me, if you’re a hard trainer and you want to progress this is absolutely the right place to be. You will have to sweat you would have to fight. You will be tired but you will love it Everyday you just get better. And everyday it’s just more fun because you just get better, better, better, better. Come to Kombat Group It’s worth it. No matter what you need: if you want to lose weight is good, if you want to be better in boxing or in muay thai. The trainers they go hard You can go matches here you can do everything. So even if you’re a beginner or a professional you can come here and learn I would definitely come back. I’m coming back probably next year again.

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