‘-ight’ – Shock Karate (The Electric Company)

SHOCK: Tight. Tight. Ight. Ight! Aiight! Tight! [SHATTERING] SHOCK: Light. Light. Ight, ight, aight aight aight! Light! [SHATTERING] SHOCK: Might. Might. Ight, ight, [FLATULENT SOUND] aight aight aight! Might! [SHATTERING] SHOCK: Frighten. Frighten. Ight. Ight. Aiight! [WHISPERS] Frighten. [SCREAM] SHOCK: Bullfight. Bullfight. Ight, ight, aiight! Bullfight. Ight. Ight. Aiight! Ight! Ight! Aiight! [SNORTING AND MOOING]

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