Ideas for Ice Skating Music #1: Kung Fu Panda

Ideas for Ice Skating Music #1:
Kung Fu Panda composed by Hans Zimmer & John Powell. A music edit
by the Skating Music Guy, to give you ideas
for your next skating routine. #1 in a monthly series. The bursts of noise
are to deter illegal downloading. I edited this
but the original music is not mine, no claim of ownership
is made or intended, and if you like it
you should go and download it legally. This edit was for #TeamTSMG’s
Pauliina Levy (aluenoviisit) who returned to the ice in 2015/2016
after more than a year away. It’s tough to make a comeback
after such a long break, but Pauliina has fought her way
back to competition and now she’s winning trophies again.
Impressive. You need heroic music
for a heroic comeback, so here’s her skating programme using Hans Zimmer and John Powell’s
soundtrack for Kung Fu Panda. My main difficulty with this edit was that the quiet parts
were *really* quiet and the loud parts
were enough to pin your ears back, especially the colossal
hip-hop beat at the end! I spent a lot of time on mix automation
and compression to match it all up, without losing the volume changes
that give the music its epic quality. I was happy with the end result, though. I think it’s a really heroic,
all-action routine which is also very beautiful. You’re welcome to copy my edits
and ideas to use in your own program, whether it’s for figure skating,
ice dance, cheerleading, cheerdance, synchronised swimming
or rhythmic gymnastics. If you do,
I’d love to see the results! If you want to make use
of my time and skills (for example if you want to use
this exact edit) you’ll have to pay for them, but my flat rate
for a programme like this is only 50€ so it won’t break the bank. With a club discount
it can be as little as 30€. Get in touch!
[email protected]

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