What are you doing here?
– Well.. Nothing. I came here to have water. Where has mom kept
the milk? Ichcha, do you have any idea
where the milk is? I want to have it. What’s the matter?
Why are you crying? Since you’ve asked for the milk,
I’m forced to give it to you. Wouldn’t you have given it
to someone else? Help!
Help! Brother Sabal. Brother Sabal.
– I’m here. The voice was coming from here. Has Sabal become
invisible? I’m here, you idiots!
Look up.. Oh! Brother!
– What happened? Why are you up there? I..
– Speak louder! Hail the Goddess!
– Brother, what’s wrong? Why are you up there? I had sent Appu
to get my shoes. Didn’t you get your shoes?
– I did. But the one who brought them
was.. A snake.. Get the shoes! G-Get a stick..
– It’s not our guests. We’re not here to welcome it.
Get a stick. Clean your ears.
That’s what he said too. ‘Looks like he’ll be
done for today.’ But it’s trying to help you. What’s that snake doing
with the shoes? Ichcha..
Ichcha.. What are you doing?
Are you crazy? It’ll bite you. Leave the shoes
and get lost. ‘I don’t need the shoes
as I don’t have legs.’ I know.
Don’t act smart. Go away! See, it was such a sweet snake. It was only trying to help. If everyone helps one another,
the world will become a beautiful place
to live in. The rich can help the poor.
Humans can help animals. And animals can help humans.
Right? That was a good point.
I’ll write it down. Help! Dad..
– Yes. Hey..
– Oh.. Mom! What is mom doing
on the floor? She collapsed.
Can’t you see? A snake brings our shoes.
Mom talks in dad’s voice. Grandma,
what’s going on here? Get down. I think mom has a sore throat. Hey!
Your mom is on top of me. Can’t you see that? Dad! Lift her. Hurry up. Appu.. Dad.. How did you two fall?
Did Appu push you? No, not Appu. I’m sure
the snake did this. The snake.. Appu didn’t do it. That one did. Grandma, a snake!
– Keep quiet! I’m not blind.
I can see the snake. Babbal.
– Yes. Get a stick and kill it.
– Yes.. Go quickly. Do you want to do everything
today itself? Get out of here. ‘I’m trying to impress them.’ I know.
Don’t act too smart. Get out. Babbal, hurry up.
It shouldn’t get away. Be careful.
When you hit the snake the plate shouldn’t break. Yes. The food shouldn’t be
disrespected either. Leave the plate and get out.
– ‘Okay.’ Hey, stop, Babbal!
Stop! Ma’am, why do you want to kill
such a sweet snake? A sweet snake? It’s trying to impress you all..
I mean, all of us. Right? I knew that Ichcha would surely make us all proud someday. Ichcha’s ways are so sweet
that the number of her well-wishers keeps
increasing in our realm. The two-headed serpent
in the neighbourhood just praised her
with both his heads. I’m certain that Ichcha will be
successful in her endeavours. She is a sweet girl. ‘And one day,
Ichcha will have to pay’ ‘a price for this sweet nature
of hers.’ Mom!
Mom! I don’t understand something.. What are you doing?
Do you want to break my bones? Easy. Was it a snake
or a magician? It was dancing with the platter
on its head. Yes, Khadak. You’re no less
than a magician either. You endured Chanchal
on your back. That’s not easy.
– What.. No matter what you say,
the snake was doing all the chores well. Once we find a nice and cultured girl for our Babbal our family will be complete. “Beloved..” What’s wrong with you? Oh, yes! We should’ve sent that snake along with Ichcha’s
fake parents. Why? They needed someone to do
their household chores. He’s right. It would have
managed all the chores. Like bringing shoes and plates. It would have also cooked
with the help of its tail. One more thing.
It would have washed all the clothes. It would have washed the
dishes too. Isn’t it, Grandma? Right. It wouldn’t have asked
for a salary, clothes or gifts on festivals.
– Mom is right. It wouldn’t require
a separate room either. It can sleep inside
someone’s shoe. It would also dance
on demand. Right, Mamta? No! I’m glad it left, or else
you would have made it toil. That’s not funny. That could have been
a shape-shifting serpent. Yes, it could be. You never believe me. Shape-shifting serpents
do exist. Brother, you’re very innocent. Shape-shifting serpents
don’t exist. I’ve never seen a shape-shifting
serpent in real life. Babbal, you haven’t seen
America either. But it does exist, right? Sabal is right.
Shape-shifting serpents exist. I watched a show on TV wherein a shape-shifting serpent
was biting people. A snake is a snake. All it does is bite. No, ma’am.
That’s not true. It bites to defend itself. Dear, why are you
favouring snakes? Do you belong to their realm? Grandma, even if she belongs to
their realm she might not remember it. Lie down, you fatso. What happened?
– What happened? I just remembered that the
clothes must be dry. Can I get them? Why did you scream? I’ll be right back. Mom.. Here you go. What were you doing over there? ‘I was trying to help you’ ‘so that snakes can win
the hearts of the humans.’ Someone might get
a heart attack. Don’t forget who you are. Go and get rest. ‘But I..’
– Please go. Try and understand. Where are you going? ‘You just asked me to leave.
So, I’m leaving.’ Don’t go. Now, do as I say. ‘I was following your orders
anyway.’ Didn’t you see?
Humans can never change. I tried explaining to them but whenever they see you,
they get a stick. ‘What do I do now?’ Now get inside the house
and bite someone. ‘Bite them? But you had said
that I should..’ Forget what I said. They have to be taught
a lesson somehow. This is my mission, and I know
how to accomplish it. Now, just do as I say.
Go. I said, go. What a fight, Uncle!
Come on! Very good! What happened, Ichcha?
You seem very excited. No. Watch the match. ‘What was he trying to do?
I’m glad no one saw it.’ A snake! We should have killed that snake
right then! Why didn’t you kill it, Grandma? That girl kept ranting about
the history of snakes and didn’t allow me
to kill it. Grandma, we’re going to kill
the snake. I hope Ichcha
doesn’t start talking about their history again. Forget about the history
and trust the stick. No need to listen to
that girl. I don’t listen to her anyway.
Tell them. That snake should be dead
at any cost today. The snake will die, and the
stick will remain intact too. He’s right, Grandma. As the stick is more valuable
than the snake. What were you going to do
to that kid? ‘That’s what I want to know.
Why did you save him?’ What do you mean? ‘First, you ask me
to bite them.’ ‘And then, you save them
yourself?’ ‘You had asked me to bite
one of them.’ I said that?
When did I say that? ‘I see. While pretending to have
lost your memory’ ‘you’re actually starting
to forget things.’ ‘Didn’t you tell me
some time back’ ‘that humans don’t understand
the language of love?’ ‘That they need to be taught’ ‘a lesson.’ All right.
I got it. You were under the illusion
of an enemy. But I will set
everything right now. ‘Okay. So, tell me
what to do now.’ ‘Should I get a flower?’ No. Now I’ll have to restore
their faith in snakes. Just go. I’ll take your appearance
and do something. ‘Can you take
my appearance as well?’ Yes. If you see a girl like me now,
don’t believe her. Just get into the hole.
Okay? Sabal.
– Yes? How will we identify that snake? What if it’s another snake? How does that matter? If we need to find
the actual snake we will hang a shoe
on its face to find out.. The flower.. You idiot!
Where’s the flower? Dad, behind you.. It’s brought a flower. This time, it’s come
fully prepared. First, it will bite us
and kill us. And then, it’ll offer us
a flower and conduct our last rites. Let me kill it.
Give that to me. Yes, okay..
Easy. Come on.. A snake!
A snake! A snake! A snake! A snake! A snake! Where is it..
– There it is! Mom, the snake has gone into
the hole. What do we do?
– Put it in. Idiots!
– You idiots! Not him! Put the stick in. And if that doesn’t help,
then start digging. Give it to me.
– Dig. It’s an iron snake. Dig..
Come on.. Hold on.
Wait a minute. Start digging. So much jewellery! Mom, look at this! There’s nothing to worry, Mom.
We’ve found a treasure. It seems like the treasure of
my ancestors. Talk softly, Dad. If your ancestors hear you you’ll have to return it
to them. We found treasure
after digging. Grandma, this is a miracle!
– We’ve become rich! Mother-in-law, we’ve found
treasure in our house today. We might have thieves in
our house too. They might not be able
to open the safe. So, they’ll take the entire
safe along. They’ll steal our treasure and earnings too. She only talks negatively. Chanchal, don’t talk negatively
at such a time. Okay.. Did you see? The snake
proved to be lucky for us. Ichcha is right. Thank God, the
snake entered the hole. I’m sure the snake didn’t come
to bite Appu but to show us the way
to the treasure. You’re absolutely right,
Mamta. That’s what I meant.
– This.. How do you have this sock? The snake took this along
into the hole. How do you have it.

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