I Tried 30 Days of Boxing & Here’s What Happened…

Hey guys it’s Morgan Yates I recently challenged myself to do 30 days of boxing classes and here is what happened Thank you to fabletics for sponsoring. Today’s video. Welcome to today’s video. So back in July Yes July I sent out to do 30 days of boxing classes as a Physical challenge as a mental challenge at the time when I started this I was feeling just a little bit dissatisfied with like the lack of discipline in my life I guess I feel like when you work for yourself Especially but something is flexible with social media. It’s easy to do pretty much everything on your own terms You don’t really have to do anything. You don’t want to do you don’t report to anyone? so as someone who’s not a really like routine person a lot of what I do is just fully Dictated by what? I’m in the mood to do and what I feel like doing at a given time and then thinking about this I realized that pretty Much my whole life that mentality is sort of carried itself over into my exercise habits as well I bought through periods of being like super hardcore about working out and whatever and they’re usually pretty brief and then when that wave of Motivation leaves I leave the gym right with it, you know So I wanted to do this 30 days of boxing challenge to push myself to actually stick to something for once even at times I’m not necessarily in the mood to be working out and just to sort of Develop some discipline in my life as well as to get stronger along the way You’ve never taken a boxing class I’m sure they bury but I go to rumble boxing in West Hollywood where each class is broken up into ten at three-minute rounds your time in the class is also split between two sides of the room the back side and the floor side you start with A three minute warm-up where you go over the punches and then you spend three rounds on the bag where you cycle through different punch Combos sometimes focusing on power and other times aiming for speed there are six punches You need to know each one with a corresponding Number one through six punch one is your jab, which is basically just a straight shot with your non-dominant hand punch two is your cross which is the same thing on your other hand except that this one involves rotating your back leg punches three and four Tiger hooks so while keeping your elbows up and bent you drive these punches into the sides of the bag while rotating your hips to get the most power punches 5 and 6 are your uppercuts where you get up underneath the bag and basically return you’re hitting your opponent under the Chin, and those are the six punches So after three rounds on the bag you switch to the floor side for three rounds of interval training using weights The class really becomes a full body workout here with lots of legs being incorporated and even more arms all while keeping your heart rate Up once around six is complete. You’re done with the weights You go back to the bags for two rounds And then finally you wrap things up with the last two rounds on the floor Where round nine usually focuses on ABS and then round ten the rung around is a cardio burnout It is straight up not easy. Okay, but it is really fun as my favorite workout It’s actually the only workout I’ve ever like loved enough to think about going for a week much less do it thirty days So let’s jump into day one at which speaking of discipline. I didn’t even wanna go on day one I’m about to head off to day one expected to be starting this off on a bit of a different note I took a red-eye back from Hawaii Australia where I’ve spent the past eight days and energy. Let’s go Three recruit a sailor again just finished my day three workout wearing all fabletics as always Great mood, I hate the week off on such a great note. I had so much energy Like I was a power ring through that workout I thought now it also I need to like set a few goals that I haven’t established yet for these 30 days things I want To be better at by the end of this one including at the very end of the workout the final two rounds on the floor Side, you take these weights off the front of your bench that are either 1 pound 2 Braylon or 3 pounds that doesn’t sound like much but when half the workout is punching a back and then like Three rounds or using dumbbell weights then your last two rounds these little hand weights One two or three pounds is like it so I used to do two pounds lately I don’t know why I’ve been using the one through So my goal by the end of this would be I want that last workout on to be using the 3 pounds, baby Flutter kicks would love to be better about those jump lunges morning It looks I never do those – jump lunges. I do a step reverse lunge because I don’t want to die I’d love to increase my dumbbell weight from seven and a half pounds two of the 10-pound ones. I think that about covers it It is fully gay right now, let me tell you I thought I would ride out this wave of excitement longer than five days But I’m just tired, you know Simon I’m dying. It’s just that I’m straight up just feeling lazy. I want to lay on the couch Okay, it’s seven I think Like a hundred and ten percent ever see work a class and like and fine till the end I can do more than I could a week ago, which is crazy. I slept Incredible last night everything feels better. Rinoa will take from fabletics. It’s after powering through only a few days I’m not always being in the mood to be there I can already tell that I was getting a lot stronger and it was only at the end of week one So despite this progress though. I coulda found myself being tired again and not always being in the mood to be there So had it not been for this challenge. I for sure when I’ve been there any of these days because Morgan was not feeling it Today I’m wearing leggings from fabletics pure. Luxe collection They’re supposed to be for like studio workouts or yoga But I really like having a lot of flexibility some Rainey’s say excited to try these out for the first time So also I’m also wearing it’s like a built-in bra tank a sports bra is built-in. So we’re today they ate let’s go Sure just not mood to go tonight Daten I’m in such a bad mood today What I was learning already was that every time I finished a class whether I went in there in a good mood or a bad Mood. It didn’t matter if I’d been looking forward to boxing all day or if I had to drag myself there I left every single time just like in the best mood feeling so much happier so it actually become really easy to just train myself to get up and go even if I wasn’t in the mood to Because I knew the feeling that was gonna follow it. I was getting into a serious groove with that I’d been to 11 classes in under two weeks, but then I had the terrible Opportunity to go to France and Italy getting paid to travel insane. It was an eight-day trip I Obviously went on it you may have seen the video from that already and I had a really wonderful time and it had a lot Of friends, which was awesome excited. No anyone going into it So we had that little eight-day detour the first of our detours But I came back really excited to jump back into this challenge actually immediately following a 20 hour travel day I went straight to a workout. I don’t know. I was like a high on life I had so much energy that I just wanted to like get out I can also tell I’m getting stronger throughout all these 30 days. I’ve been living in my fabletics activewear You guys see this a lot in my vlogs. This is from Feb Lenox It’s one of their skull net tops My favorite leggings to work out are either Milla pocket capris, which have this breathable mesh side paneling Which is awesome for keeping you cool They’re actually also great if you’re going on a run or a walk because they have a faux hawk on the side Which is always clutch, but I pretty much live in the Miele sets Here’s another one with the Miele medium impact sports bra if you’re doing something like a boxing class I highly recommend a Medium or even high impact sports bra especially for moves on the floor side of these boxing classes I tend to gravitate towards higher impact sports bras in case there’s a lot of jumpin and what not going on it’s just nice feel secure another my favorite sports bras is the Kessler medium impact sports bra unlike the miele when the band at the bottom of this one is a lot smaller So it’s great for when I want to feel like extra comfy fabletics also included this bra and one of their October outfits Along with these high-waisted statement power hold leggings and it’d be a 7/8 length 7 things Why is that such a tongue twister every time I don’t think I’m saying that right? It’s all that fits you see in this video are from fabletics if you want to check them out I have my link below or my favorite workout clothes I find their prices to be unbeatable in my opinion Especially if you sign up for VIP and you can get 2 pairs of leggings for $24 right now I believe they’re outerwear is all at 50% off for a limited time and the quality is unbelievable I could talk about this for forever You guys know what a fan I am of this company But if maybe you’re ordering stuff for the first time and you’re looking for a starting place I highly recommend milla leggings or their sculpt knit leggings I’ve actually been wearing those probably the most workout inch which I talked about in a recent vlog. I’ll have linked as well Those are stir or comfy so decked out my fabletics we were back to it day 13 where I Walked outside to find that someone had hit my car and didn’t leave a note. So that was awesome And then on day 14, I had been awake since 2:00 a.m Because our power when Alan I was overheating in the middle of the night. Was it a bad mood on that day? Also, I was being tested those days currently in the car to stop light. I’m like yelling at cars. I don’t know That’s not what I normally do when I’m driving. That’s the beauty of boxing you can be like Celebrating on the bags you can be beating somebody up that day on my terrible mood. I Feel better about searching out out today. Khlo fabletics set a high impact sports bra that is currently it’s damp my fav shirt any high waisted pocket Capri legging You work out on what should be day 30 and is day 30 chronologically speaking, but it’s work out 15 And all of us, however, I continue to leave those workouts in a better mood regardless of the circumstances surrounding my day It becomes something that I was starting to look forward to daily as well something that was clearly doing great things for my mental health class 16 or 17 and I Went on another trip for three weeks Hello, I’ve been away for two and a half weeks this is gonna be very interesting why does this video turn into I have no idea don’t always go how we thought they would I thought this is gonna be a 30 day thing then I was like, oh we’ll do it every other day. Maybe this will go for a little longer I’m not traveling for a while So I thought I just got back from Croatia in London and Bosnia and I am not worked out in two and a half weeks This past trip. The only thing working out was my liver and that life goes on. I had a wonderful time Those may be my favorite trip I’ve ever had decided to get back into working out Just a little anecdote that I thought I’d share that Doesn’t see it being included in this video but I haven’t been looking forward to getting back into working out necessarily just because I know it’s gonna be More difficult than it was when I left but what I love about boxing and what really keeps me going back is for me It’s so much more mental than it is physical when I’m at boxing it’s very little me like thinking about like, I mean it is thinking about like the moves and whatever every workout class is primarily me just like moving like taking out aggression about something I’m mad about or frustrated about or like if I’m feeling anxious like it’s a great way to like get out those feelings or more often than not I’m moving and being active and like taking out energy because I’m so happy or excited or Just like having a great day I think boxing is honestly just a great way to celebrate life as weird as that sounds like that’s just kind of where my Mind goes like when I’m in there boxing and like the music’s playing and I’m having a great time and I’m just like always sitting Here thinking like preto when I was like when I’m boxing I’m so I was like wow life’s so good a lot of reflection happens for me for the past couple of days we came back In town when I have it gone back to box saying something like oh, it’s gonna be hard. I kind of accepted I was just gonna have to like fight through that mindset I go to the class be a little sluggish maybe and just like not Fully enjoy it. But today I woke up and I saw that it is worldwide suicide prevention day I’ve touched on this here and there but for those who don’t know back about four years ago my sophomore year of college was just a dark time to be Morgan and was very depressed for a long period of time just didn’t want to be Alive was consumed with so much just like fear and hopelessness And thought literally believed but like my future this is the bumpiest road we make this conversation Generally believed that there was just nothing positive to be found in my future and I was in Croatia I just like watching a sunset. I was like if you’d have told me that this would be my life four years ago It’s just insane to think about like how much has changed how much has happened how far things have come and how much better things? Have gotten and how I will genuinely believe that that would never be possible But I’m just doing all that reflecting has me very excited for today’s class because it’s going to be a celebration It’s a celebration of life. It’s a celebration of where my life is currently and just the things that I get to do so many things I love so many people I love and just living a life that I Didn’t think was possible. So that’s kind of where my headspace is at today. I think it’s a great note to get back into Boxing because we’re only like halfway done and I left again. I ran pretend that I didn’t Stay won back at it overall. It’s day at 19. I really can’t believe that this is such a long process at this point I was actually two full months into the challenge, but I’d actually been out of town for thirty of those 60 days Sometimes I really asked myself why I pay right here and I was honestly also just feeling like straight-up Embarrassed about how many people I had told that I was doing this challenge and how long it had taken obviously is easy to point To my traveling for being like the reason in the excuse behind like me taking so long But like I was still in town for 30 days, and I could have finished it So this point I realized that I hadn’t actually been making this the challenge that I set out to make it For example, I would only go to instructors whose classes. I had already been to cuz that was in my comfort zone Which is also hilarious cuz it’s literally the same workout like doesn’t vary that much but if there was a day where one My like instructors wasn’t teaching I like wouldn’t go rather than just go to a new person or another example I would only go to class times that were super convenient for me So let’s say if I had a really busy day and I was running all over the place Rather than like wake up an hour and a half earlier and like go to a morning class earlier than I would like to be Awake I would instead just not go at all that day So there were just a lot of ways I could have made this more challenging and I was taking like the easy way out That that makes sense So on October 1st class day 19 so far into this challenge I decided that it was gonna be a real challenge and on that day kicking things off I signed up for an instructor that I’d never taken before that might sound so small like I just like refused to do that the Past I don’t know why this point I’m super excited and finally we got on a roll day 19 baby feels so good That was a great workout We’re heading to rumble here’s I’m wearing it means like seamless leggings from fabletics pretty day Muscles are sorry I guess what progress think throughout this is I have increased the weights I use so I’ve gone up to ten pound weights I can Honestly, probably go up again by the end of this. I probably want to go get You know, it was a good workout when there is this much boob sweat Monday I believe 26 my shoulders are so sore. Amazing workout. Just finished day 27 It was a hard on something happened on day 27 I was filming a clip and a vlog like showing my outfit and I was like filming in the mirror showing like the back of This like sports bra tank. I was watching the footage back later and like caught a glimpse of my back now It’s a little shook not because I’m like so fit and whatever cuz I’m not I kept replaying it being like that did not look like that before so I started to go back through some other footage and I realized that there were some other small physical changes that Had taken place a lot of which probably no one but like myself but notice including like I don’t know in my face I can Tell it ever It’s probably no one and while I know where I want to make this video about any kind of like weight loss or like physical Whatever because that’s not like what this is about is about getting stronger It’s about reaching those goals, which I reached all of also is about becoming more disciplined and being mentally stronger But just in seeing that footage it was cool to see some tangible changes that had taken place It’s a bonus. I’ll accept These 828 those little crop top is from fabletics also wearing fabletics coal from that leggings bit out of box near in the end Currently driving to my xxx class right now I don’t know I’ve gone from like counting down how many classes I had left is like a You can do this Morgan only this many more like whatever you’ve done this mini to now It’s like I guess 30 more days like I love it This is something I like look for which I like don’t want to go a day without Going it is so weird. The shift has only happened in like the past week for me This is like set the tone for the rest of my life just in terms of what it does for me mentally So I’m so excited 30 is a finish day 30 such good class It’s just crazy like how recently is this used to be so hard for me that I would like feel like I was gonna throw up and die and now It’s like I feel like I could do a second class right now over the past 30 classes I’ve gone up and like the weights I’m using I went up again today actually a lot can happen in 30 days 30 outfits sculpted leggings in a Mila sports bra like I just feel so much stronger. I don’t know. I feel powerful sounds cheesy She’s so for some final stats I took my 30th class eighty of five days After I started if we feel generous and we want to subtract my travel and I did those three classes within 55 days of being in LA but with us still we’re averaging To just like slightly more than one class every other day Once I decided to actually treat this like a challenge this month we started actually accomplishing things go figure I did the final stretch with this by doing a 12 classes within 13 days Actually was more than that in a row because I kept going after the 30 days. We’re over it’s weird now It’s like if I’m having a wonderful day, I want to like beat boxing and like celebrating or if I’m having a bad day I want to like be there knowing that when I leave like I’ll feel better unlike my very inconsistent class attendance The one thing that was consistent was that every single class. I would leave it feeling happier feeling stronger feeling proud of myself so if is with me 85 days to realize just how much better my life is with this and it then Soviet and Dare, I say I think I am a little bit more discipline Very well, so just Anything everyone can benefit from trying to commit to something for 30 days whether it’s a workout class or maybe you want to read everyday or maybe you want to get eight hours of sleep if that’s something you struggle with or just Whatever that thing is that you want to do that you aren’t doing go out and do it If it goes anything for you, like this did for me you’ll probably keep going even when the 30 days in

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