– [Gary] But I’m a truebred
entrepreneur and by my definition that means
somebody who likes losing. Meaning I think of myself much
more as a UFC fighter than I think of as a boxer. I like boxing more even though
that’s not a popular thing to say but I also think that in
boxing when you get a loss, it’s like a
scarlet letter, right? You’re like finished. In UFC, everybody has losses. That’s just part of the game. And I associate to that
sport more as an entrepreneur. There is no great entrepreneur
that doesn’t have losses. It’s not even the cliche shit of
like you learn from your losses. Fuck that. It’s just that it meant
that you didn’t take chances. I’m not here to be like
you learn from your losses. I’m here like,
“Oh, you have no losses? “You didn’t take any risk.” Which means you’re on defense or you’re on passive mode,
which is even scarier. You’re in the middle. I almost wish you rather be defense than being stuck
in the middle, so…


  1. No risk no reward. Music to my ears today when talking to someone (@_scrap) who donated $50 to the business: "It's high risk, high reward. When I'm broke in the future and I need money, I'll hit you up and we will buy mansions together and when people ask how we did it, I'll say "I invested in G.I.Lane." Talk about soothing the motha effing soul. #tooblessedtostress ❤️ Best to you all. Thank you GaryVee ✊❤️

  2. Thank you so much for this content Gary, both you and your team and all that yall create. this video helps me so much right now, TODAY! I started my first business earlier this year, and we recently just took a big hit (literally last night) which seems like a major loss, but we're not letting it stop us from continuing on and pushing for what we know we can do. i will take this loss, i will own it. Thank you Gary!

  3. You are a legend! Thank you for your words of inspiration my friend! I'm a transitioning Army Veteran, entrepreneur, and like minded individual. I hope to connect and learn from you!

  4. Awesome video, very inspirational! Would love it if you could check out my Military Female Fitness Channel Gary Vee! Would love input from you!

  5. Boxing still is the better analogy. It was Mayweather's loss at the Olympic which made him the greatest pro boxer. He hated that loss and also puts his reception of the Olympic medal in proper context when he talks about it. So to never forget or become complacent by the loss he received.
    From that loss Mayweather learn to fight both outside the ring and inside the ring to become the highest paid, undefeated athlete.

  6. Being passive is nice, you can get there by working hard, if you stay there things will fizzle out for you but it's okay to take breaks. Being "on" all the time works for some but not for others. One is not better than the other, they just are conditioned differently.

  7. Great video! I was just talking to a young entrepreneur fan of yours and he told me his business had no risk when I told him about my company, Disaster and Disability Consultants LLC. Everything in life has risks, you just have to determine how much risk you can handle and mitigate your actual risks to an acceptable level.

  8. Hey Gary, Have you ever thought of opening an office in Houston, TX? If so, you may need a hard working IT Analyst like myself. 😉

  9. Disagree with your analogy. Losses in the UFC will mess your chances of a title fight due to the match making focus rather than the rankings in boxing.

  10. Ryan Holiday pops in this one. His book Ego Is The Enemy has some good points for every entrepreneur to keep in check when going after goals. 💪🏼💯

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