I’ve always wanted to meet Santa but most people say it is a real but I believe her and while I was sitting down writing my Christmas list something came to me hmm hmm I’ve got an idea [Music] lately I’ve seen a few YouTube videos where people mail themselves inside a box but I wonder if they actually did what if I can mail myself to Santa let’s see if I can find Santa’s address hmm there is guys oh my god is possible that I can actually mail myself to Santa Oh what is possible guys Santa Claus North Pole Oh members of the Sangha have patrol right alerted the center and placed in an envelope addressed to Santa Claus in North Pole it’s possible let’s get started Oh jingle bells jingle bells guys last thing I want to say is don’t do it yourself you have to ask a parent to help you but I’ve got this box you think I’ll fit in it hmm I don’t know but I’m just gonna move it plain like that oh my I’m going to get some wrapping paper yes it’s hard work getting a box and wrapping paper hmm so give this video a big thumbs up and actually see if I can mail with them so guys I finished the box it took an hour zone it looks real pretty so right now I am just writing Santa’s addresses [Music] is my favorite part that’s the house god I can’t made without all my important stuff but I don’t know how long I’m gonna be in this box or it could be a day or two but it always goes everywhere mr. ARP ARP again I’m because there’s gonna be cold in the North Pole a jumper and torch it’s gonna be very dark so I’m seeing myself in a torch and the clip is there sometimes I get boys down having games just a magazine and a book which is the Hunger Games one key of course scarf hat scarf or hat because it’s gonna be cold and because I’ve seen lots of people saying the next hurting so I’m not even about a pillow then my snacks you’re some crisps muffin and raisin and two drinks water regular so guys give this video a big like this is gonna be a hell of a journey cuz it’s gonna be freezing I’ll go go for a car a plane so yeah I’ll see cousin in the box wish me luck [Music] so guys I’m in the books and I’ll come I don’t you just say right let me for the flash alone so I’m in the box literally and it’s not comfortable already loose up my neck so right oh no we’re position guys so yeah it’s all quiet it’s so quiet so I think I’m in the post office now cuz so quiet listen so and I’m getting hungry and I need to pee how am I gonna wear I got some plastic bags but yes I’m hungry and thirsty and tired and where’s my googa where’s my golden year so I’m bored already find him later Oh guys I think I’m gonna call away the other fish I know how can you stop guys what’s going on it’s freezing oh my god this isn’t comfortable amazing what [Music] get your filthy mouth well while some in here and get myself comfortable [Music] what that was he Penang again because fighting to beat box [Music] doesn’t like get some rest [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I feel like I’m in here because I my ears just popped so I think I’m in here and as I just need some cookies suck up some crisps because I’m colleague really bad I don’t know what flavor do that she’s an onion hi guys why any bit of flesh bone so I think I’m in the air now God has been a while I will never do this again how am I gonna get home first we have to go back for the box how did you dream a guy for Ribena or water probably water to play the right I got nothing to raise and since I’m right Pina right yeah my pit bulls now and my flashlight is whatcha need ah no yeah the experience of being in a box it’s horrible because got my room and that class and no nice just recently I’m not gonna mean so so here we go son go spend any time Oh take your naps see you soon guys I’ve been here for an hour I’m freezing I don’t know I haven’t heard anyone since they’ve lifted that box up and put me somewhere it’s freezing my lips are blue got rosy cheeks so right now I don’t care where I am just somewhere so I know what to do really might as well just wait a bit guys you know longer polka hole and see where we’re going with this guys I’m just gonna look through this hole so I can see oh god you know how pretty this is Oh Mike hopefully from here Center oh so we actually hear my dreaming this is real where it’s tickle no bonus toys it’s just we’re imagined oh my god guy imagine oh boy oh look at those toys oh oh that’s a funny-looking elf shoes oh you girls ray oh look a nice rope oh wow oh gone I wanna get out of there Santa Santa Oh somebody help me I’m stuck in a box Santa oh darling generation did you see that Christmas tree [Music] you

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