I Learned How To Fight In 30 Days

– Touch gloves, go to your corners, come out when the bell rings. – I want to challenge you to a fight. (laughs) Do you wanna fight me, TJ? (energetic music) – [Patrick] We have pretty good
relationship as co-workers. Train like boxers for 30 days. I’ve never been in a fight before. I’ve avoided getting punched
in the face my entire life, but it feels like I’ve also avoided an essential life experience. – I got in a bunch of
scraps when I was a kid, so I’m not necessarily afraid. – Of course I’m scared. His job kinda forces him to
crack the whip a little bit. He can be pretty intense. – TJ is an insane person. – He’s definitely got some anger. – Deep, deep rage inside of him. – Maybe, like, he came from a
sort of scrappy steel family. – Serious. – Very intense. – I’m scared of him personally. – I’m the first AD.
Sometimes I have to yell. – I’ve seen it; it’s stern, it’s tough. – My job to be the bad guy. – He talks a lot about his
stage combat experience. – I’m expecting the worst. – I am not physically
intimidated by Patrick. – I do not equate Patrick and fighting. – Buddhist kinda vibe. – Too afraid to hurt people. – You never thrown a punch in your life. – If he can get one
connection to the face, I’d be very proud of Patrick. – There are two types
of people in this world. There are lovers and there are fighters. Patrick is one, TJ is the other. – [Friend] Poor little Patrick. – Better have a dope-ass trainer. – [Announcer] Fighting
out of the blue corner, he is wearing black trunks
with tiger striped trim. Hailing from Las Angeles
by way of Nigeria, Africa. With a record of 31 wins,
20 by way of knock out, introducing, young Dick Tiger! (upbeat energetic music) – Oooo. – Oh shit, ya. – [Announcer] Winner by
knock out, young Dick Tiger! – I’m really starting to get
jazzed to actually do it now. So… – My name is Elizabeth Wilson. I’m a classical musician. I’m Tiger’s wife and I
helped manage the gym. – Were you scared before your first fight? – You weren’t scared at all? – Not that you’re gonna
break a rib or nose? – In most fights, you were
the B side; the underdog. He wants to awaken your inner tiger. – I don’t know if I have… – You have it. You have it.
– Everyone has it. – TJ beware. – I’m ready for it. – I’m worried for Patrick. (machine dings) – One, two. One, two. (classical music) – [TJ] You can tell that he’s never had any kind of training like this before. – [Patrick] If I’m gonna be as good as TJ, I’m gonna have to work
twice as hard. (grunts) – Five 11 – I did pretty well. But,
definitely as the day went on, I got more and more winded. Had to muster up a lot
of energy. It was tough. But, I guess basically
I just need to knock out Patrick in the first and
then we’re good to go. – Slightly embarrassing
that I couldn’t do a push up but besides that I feel great. My back keeps twitching. This is gonna be hell, quite honestly. – Made in U.S.A. 16 ounces; the way to go if you’re
gonna do a training camp. – Alright, ya. – If they’re gonna be sparring,
they need the groin cup. – Nothing (yells) – This is the V point shape head guard. – I have a question. How often do broken
noses happen in boxing? – You land the punch
correctly and it’s possible. – I’m in way over my head. – Most people know me
as the mouth piece guy. I make custom mouth pieces
for world champions like Andre Ward, Triple G, Anderson Silva. We use a dental mold
of the athlete’s teeth to make the mouth guard from
scratch using professional grade dental materials
and making the mouth guard to fit perfectly just like that. – [TJ] (laughs) That’s so sick. On my mouth piece I put my
cats, Piper and Barnaby. – That’s just funny man.
– That’s hilarious. – [Patrick] I couldn’t make up my mind so I just sorta chose this. – [Jeff] Give it a try. (funky upbeat music) (machine dings) – More violently. That’s it! Boom! Essentially this is agility training. If I can keep your mind lit
up, your brain turned on… Subtract one-four, add
one-zero, 4 minus 3. Nice! While you’re in physical distress, it can make you a more dangerous
competitor in whatever sport. Boom. Boom. Boom. – Now I’m gonna be gone for a week. Going out of town for a wedding. Pat gets a couple days on me. I don’t want him to have too many days. – This shouldn’t be happening. – Womb. Womb. Womb. – [Elizabeth] Patrick,
he didn’t even hit you. – I don’t think he ever
got into a fight as a kid. He and his brother have never even fought. He’s just not a fighter. – [Elizabeth] Let him
rest a little bit and have Emeka come in and do some sparring. – [Elizabeth] Attack 1,2,3,4. – [Patrick] That guy is fearless. I don’t think he feels pain
when I throw a punch at him. – [John] Watching him is like watching somebody get tortured in there. – Attack! I noticed that you’re
not a fighter by nature and then I see the fear in your eyes and then you start to
close your eyes and… – It’s not easy – No nothings easy. – I think this was a great idea. It gives him an appreciation
for the dedication it takes and the commitment. I think those are all good lessons. – [Elizabeth] You’re already anticipating the hurt before it happens. – Well what do you do. – There’s been a little
game you and I have been playing our entire lives
and I’ve never won. Do you know what I’m talking about? Arm wrestling. – Oh! Okay! – One, two, three. (grunts) – Are you trying? – Ya! (grunts) Go! – Oh you’re getting me,
Pat, oh you’re getting me. (laughs) (ice machine clanks) – So, when I was sparring with Emeka, I got hit in the rib and now it’s bruised. – I used to box back in
the day in New York City. (foreign language) I’ve
seen a lot of new boxers come in to the gym and they
can’t throw a punch for shit and it’s embarrassing. – [Patrick] I wish I was better at this. I wish I could do it. It
sucks to feel like a wimp. – That first time you’re
starting is when you learn the most, so I’ve seen him improve. – [Elizabeth] Everyday
I see some progress. – [Patrick] My ego has
definitely taken a blow by how bad I really am at this. – By the end of the 30 days,
I think he’ll be ready. (retching) – So my name is Greg Lazgulyan. I have 20 amateur fights. I taught him, like, small
technics, movements. – Real first day back as far
as getting the gloves back on. – [Greg] He did really
good, TJ, very nice feet. – He got a nice clean shot, right here. Knocked the wind outta me real fast. – Patrick, he had good punches
as for the power punches. – Ow. It hurts to breathe
in. It hurts to laugh. – Compared to last
week, for the most part, he’s improved a lot. – I know a lot of people are like, “TJ already thinks he’s got it.” I’m gonna say right now, on tape, better put it
in the video, I don’t. – I think TJs gonna murder Patrick. And I’m not saying that as a phrase. I think a man may die on camera. – Gonna be tough today. – I’ll see what I can do. – It sucks but, the
good news is that TJ is injured too so… (laughs) – On set today shooting a Try Guys Video. Not training, so that’s fun. This week I would only get
one day of training in. Ya, my lovely MCL flaring up on me. – I do feel proud that I’ve been coming in as much as I have. I haven’t just been resting and whining… (bones cracking) (sad organ music) – This is bullshit. – I did the math. Because he’s been able
to come in everyday, by the end of this Patrick
will have 20 training sessions. I’ve only had 11. So that’s cool. – It’s hard to be motivated when you don’t feel 100% physically. (grunts) – One, two. One, two. Four. – My knee kept me from training and I can’t really put weight on it. – [Patrick] My confidence
is getting higher. – Which just means I
gotta work twice as hard. He gets twice the lessons. – [Friend] He could take a week off. He could take a month off. TJ is still the favorite. – [Friend] We all think TJ is gonna win. – [Friend] I feel like I gotta bet on TJ. – [Friend] TJ’s gonna whip Patrick’s ass. – [Friend] It is TJ’s fight to lose. – [Friend] Patrick is gonna surprise us. – [Friend] It ain’t gonna
end well for Mr. Ward. – [Friend] TJ got this one.
– [Friend] I’m sorry Patrick. – [Friend] Do I think Pat’s gonna win? No! (wham, wham, wham, wham) (slow guitar music) – [Announcer] Alright
everybody! Gather ’round! We’ve gotta big weigh
in going on over here. – 158.8 pounds for TJ Marchbank! – 156.4! (cheering) (dramatic slow guitar music) – [Elizabeth] Now for the main event, we’ll have three rounds of 2 minutes each. – Lets have a good, clean fight. No hits below the belt.
Listen for my commands. Protect yourselves at all times. Touch gloves, go to your corners, come out when the bell rings. – Good luck. (bell dings) (audience cheering and clapping) (wham, wham, wham) (cheering) (fast energetic music) (bell dings) – [Audience] Alright TJ, keep going! You’re winning this fight! (bell dings) (wham, wham, wham) (audience cheers) – [Announcer] Break, break, break, break. (wham, wham, wham) (bell dings) (bell dings) (dramatic music) (audience cheering and yelling) – [Audience] Go! Go! Go! (bell dings and audience cheers and claps) – Okay and now for the results. Judge one, 29-28 in favor of Patrick Ward! Judge number two, 29-28 in favor of TJ Marchbank! And judge number three, 28-28. It’s a draw! (audience cheering and laughing) – Kinda disappointing. – I’m surprised it was a draw. – I am extremely surprised. – I’m a judge and just judged
today’s fight subjectively. When the ref read the results,
I knew something was up. Me and the other judges
convened and we are like, “How’d you score it?” Neither of them scored it as a tie either. – I don’t know who won. – I don’t know who won. – We have reviewed the results and determined there was a miscalculation. – Holy shit!
– It’s a fix. It’s a fix. – The final results (dramatic keyboard rhythm music) Patrick Ward!! (cheering and applause) – There’s a lot of things the
happened in this ring that are never gonna be close to what a real fight is out on
the streets. I know that. – It’s different.
– It’s different. I mean, it felt cool to win. I mean, you saw me day one; no self-esteem, no confidence. I wanna come back and
continue just the workout. – They really make you feel at home, no matter what your level is. There’s a reason why
people train for years before they even get
into their first fight. It’s tough. It’s tough. – Brutally hard. – I’m glad we did it but I mean…. – Ya. Thank God it’s
over at the same time. – Whoof! (clapping) (slow guitar music)

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  1. Should have done kickboxing. Would have been more fun to watch. Watching pat rick get a right to the head would have been so fun.

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  4. Both fight like girls. Also, bad coaching to throw them into anything more intense than light sparring at their stage. But surprisingly the wimp dude won in my opinion on aggression, "shots" landed, and ring generalship. Just shows anyone can be a threat when punches start flying and never underestimate your opponent.

  5. My heart warmed up when I went to the beginning then the end I was genuinely so proud of the guy, do well man

  6. Why do all this ppl punch like kids in all those video´s when they had so good trainers showing them what to do for weeks. I dont understand how u can be so crap.

  7. I box and I’m 14, we do three rounds, and don’t die like this, also our head guards don’t have face protectors, these guys are really sloppy with footwork jabs hooks and basic rights, this wasn’t really a boxing match, it was a street fight

  8. QUESTION! During practice, is a punching bag that moves too much when you punch it a bad thing?

    Does that mean I’m hitting it wrong? Beginner here 😬 and I went to a boxing class, everyone else’s bag wasn’t swinging as much as mine.

  9. Okay it's good that they were trying but why don't they know or use their guard/slips for some counters. For me it didn't really look like they actually knew the basics, yes they did their best but this is just my opinion.

  10. So the lesson I gathered from this video is that having a cool dad makes you a weak man. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go beat my son, because I love him

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