Hypnotized Man Fights Snake Using Martial Arts!

: Who here like magic?
Who likes magic tricks? Who really likes magic? I’m going to show you guys a trick I’ve been working on. I need to borrow a belt. Somebody got a belt I could borrow? You got one. We’ll use Roland’s belt. This is not an illusion, it’s real magic like wizardry and shit. Watch closely.
Happened right before your very eyes. Very venomous, more venomous than a viper. More venomous… More venomous than a Black Mamba. Just be careful, very slow, that’s all.. Ashley, come on it’s okay.
Come one, It’s okay, I got you. Arms down by your side, chin up, face front. Whatever you do, don’t move. Don’t move. You’re doing good.
Don’t move. No peeing, they’re attracted to the smell of pee. I’m just going to wrap him around your neck here. I can’t breathe.: What’s that? I said I can’t breathe.: No don’t worry, he’s not a constrictor.
He’s venomous. You’re doing great, you’re doing fine,
you’re doing fine. You’re doing great. Do you spend a lot of time watching snake
shows on animal planet? No.
: No, you should. It could save your life in a moment like this. Spend a little less time on Facebook and shit,
maybe watch animal planet. Spend a lot of time on Facebook? No.: While a dog can sense fear,
a snake can sense lying. Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Yup.
: Yup, okay. What’s that? I said i might pass out.: Don’t pass out because they’re just going to think you’re a dead carcass. You don’t want to die; yeah you don’t want to die. Let’s go pull him off your head.
You’re doing great, you’re doing fantastic. You’re doing awesome. Let’s go turn him back to a belt,
back to a belt.: Thanks for watching.
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24 thoughts on “Hypnotized Man Fights Snake Using Martial Arts!

  1. This is awesome and I luv how, I've seen u do this in previous videos, you would reply to a lot of the comments, and ppl can actually believe that they can talk to u, like if i were watching anyone else I would never get a reply unlike here. This is awesome keep going do more! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I really do wish i had the power if Hypnosis ๐Ÿ™‚ i also want to be Hypnotized sometime, where do you hypnotise people, may i ask?

  3. How do you hypnotize people like this… I so want to know… Where should i start first to get the basics of hypnosis…? Like putting someone on a trance…

  4. Omg that was awwssooooommmm
    Please make a tutorial how to hypnotize pllleaaase simple videos simple steps coz u r awssssoooomm I wanna hypnotize my friends :3

  5. Marc, you are soooo funny!!! OMG, I spent all evening watching your videos. Thank you for the side splitting laughs!!!!!

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