Chingam sir, what is this happening? Who is behind you all? From whom are you running away? We aren’t running away, we are raiding your house. There is a case against you for robbery and looting. A case against robbery, on us! Yes, we have got a complaint that you have robbed a jewelers shop, Hera-Pheri, start the investigation. Oh god! Not us, search the house. Dr. Jhatka, Ghasitaram, stay away, there is a complaint against Motu Patlu for robbing, we are investigating. Oh my lord! We didn’t expect his from you Motu Patlu. Motu Patlu, what is this? You have done the robbery. According to our new rule, the robbers will be thrown out of the city. You both are abandoned from the city. But sir, you know that we aren’t the thieves, In fact we have always caught the thieves. The law ask for evidence and this evidence is against you, sorry Motu Patlu, you are abandoned from the city. Big brother, see they are blaming us for robbing and abandoning us from the city. Hey Motu my brother my friend, I saw everything, the law asks evidence and the evidence is against you. Now we can do nothing. Somebody has trapped us, even our friends didn’t believe us. The real face of friends comes in front during the hard times only. They turned out to be such friends who were watching the entire drama of us being insulted. Now we will teach them a lesson. Hey tea vendor, get some tea and snacks for us. Aroma!! What are you doing Motu? If you will fly in a woman’s get up then our plan will get revealed. Hey tea vendor bro, please give us some samosas. Here take money. Chingam sir! Hey Chingam sir, this is me, Dr. Jhatka. Hera Pheri, start searching. Found it sir. Yes! So here is the robbed stuff, a lady reported against you and told us that you snatched the purse from her. According to our new law, you are the thief and the evidence goes against you. You are being abandoned from Furfuri town. Oh my lord! Someone has got us trapped, mummy help!! He is the one, the cruel thief, dangerous looters. Inspector, you are great, you caught them so soon, thank you. May all medicines goes in your mouth, these women were having samosas at the tea stall. And now they are trying to trap us. Shut up, the evidence is completely against you, you are removed from Furfuri town right now. Hey, you both here! You got us trapped. Yes, we got you trapped. Oh my lord! But why? Hey Motu Patlu Yes we! Now you see how it feels after being trapped without any reason. We didn’t do the robbery, someone got us trapped and you didn’t believe us. Oh my lord! Motu Patlu, we made a very big mistake. Ok fine, now wear a sari. Ah! Why should I wear a sari? First wear it then we will explain you everything. Sir, do you need servants? Yes I need, I need many servants. So please appoint us, we are ready to work for any amount of money, buddy, I mean sir. Ok, so start working from today itself. Do you all know, Inspector Chingam was saying that all the thieves are thrown out of the city. Only John the don is left, he will keep the robbed stuff in John’s house and get him trapped. Then he will call the commissioner and make him throw John out of the city. Oh! So Chingam is planning against me, I will get him only thrown out of the city. My work is done, tomorrow I will call the commissioner, and then Chingam sir will get a permanent leave. Then I will rule the city alone, John will be the don. You all here? Yes sir, we work here at night. Ok fine, but don’t tell anyone that I came here. Ok we won’t tell sir, but right now I want to play folk dance with you sir. You are playing folk dance or hitting me? Stop! Or else I will cut your salary. Hey Chingam, get up. Oh my god! So many people in my house and I didn’t even realize. These women and John, what are you all doing here? What? Chingam, open your wardrobe. Saw? Robbed stuff in Chingam sir’s house? Chingam is a thief, throw him out of the city. Oh my god! Father, someone has trapped me, I haven’t robbed. Oh my god! You guys here? What is happening? Motu Patlu, you both? It seems like I am trapped again. Yes, you are trapped. Motu Patlu told me everything and I myself saw you hiding this bag in the wardrobe. You got Motu Patlu trapped and now you will be thrown out of the city. But first let’s play some more fun with stick. This is cheating.

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  1. Oooh bhot acha cartoon h i love motu patlu na dhela na damri na korii ye motu or patlu ki jori 😙😙😘😍😍😍

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