How Well do you know Cobra Kai S1?

Season 1 of Cobra Kai
reintroduced us to Johnny Lawrence and
Daniel LaRusso. It’s like going to a reunion
and bumping into someone you haven’t seen
for a long time. We started off with
Johnny Lawrence, the kid who seemed
to have it all. The privileged golden boy who
was a karate champion. We find out that present day,
his life is not going too great. “I’d say, get your
life in order, but at this point, you’re like
the meat in your fridge.” Meanwhile, Daniel has become
the auto king of The Valley. “Bonsai! Daniel LaRusso here
from LaRusso auto, bringing you specials on
all of our inventory.” The underdog has become
a huge success. He’s got a wonderful wife
and beautiful family. He’s going through life selling
cars off of his karate past. -Make that, cha! Which he doesn’t realize
is getting under the skin of his old nemesis
Johnny Lawrence. And so it becomes a little more
complex in the adulthood as they navigate their
own midlife crisis’s. “This guy really
had it in for me.” “Yeah well you did
move in on my girl” “Well she actually
wasn’t really your girl anymore, was she?” These are grown ass men,
like still like “I’m gonna karate fight you!” “Come on Johnny!
You wanna do this? Let’s go!” Everything changes for Johnny
when he meets a bullied teen
named Miguel Diaz. We come in on Miguel
who’s getting beat up, parallel to how Daniel was
in the original Karate Kid. He’s not immediately jumping
the fence to stop a beating, he’s more a little bit annoyed that this beating is maybe
going to spill onto his car. “Hey, watch the car man.” “See this guy?
Eat his dinner at the
mini-mart like a bum?” “But you guys are pissing off
the wrong guy on the wrong day,
alright?” The bullies turn their
attention on Johnny, and they awake a sleeping giant. Johnny kicks all their asses,
amazes Miguel, begs him to become his sensei. “Are you sure you are ready?” “You’re going to be
my karate teacher?” “I’m gonna be your sensei.” This seems to be the
path back for Johnny. And then Johnny ends up
re-opening Cobra Kai which creates all kinds of
problems in Daniel’s world. Me being Daniel’s daughter has
her own set of problems in a kind of love war where she’s
the Juliet to Miguel’s Romeo on the opposite sides
of these warring dojos. So Johnny brings it back.
He’s reluctant at first. But he actually
ends up changing a bunch of these offbeat,
weird kid’s lives. “It doesn’t matter if you’re
a loser, or a nerd, or a freak.” “All that matters is that
you become badass.” Along the way, his estranged
son is not so happy that he’s spending all this
time with these other kids while he didn’t even raise him. To spite Johnny, ends up working
for Daniel LaRusso at his car dealership, which quickly leads to him
being trained for karate. “That was kata.” “That’s the foundation
of my karate.” “It’s cool.” “You wanna stick around?
Learn a few things?” It all culminates in course at
the All Valley Championships. It’s this big showdown between
Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do. Daniel LaRusso returned
to the mat as a sensei across from Johnny Lawrence
in the final match. And Miguel Diaz is victorious, defeating Johnny’s
estranged son. What seems like a huge,
amazing victory, turns out to be a painful
experience for Johnny as well, because in reclaiming victory, he’s even further
apart from his son than he’s been in the past. “I’m sorry.” “It’s ok dad.” “You got what you wanted Johnny” “You won. Congratulations.” And he’s seeing that even
though he’s made this positive change in Miguel, he’s turned all these
kids into bullies and I think
he realizes for the first time maybe Cobra Kai isn’t the right
solution for these students. “You don’t have to fight dirty.” “Dirty? There’s nothing dirty
about winning sensei.” “No mercy.” And then to add a wrench
to the situation, in walks Marty Cove,
AKA, John Kreese. We see that this powerful
character from his background is now
in the picture. “The real story’s only
just begun.”

100 thoughts on “How Well do you know Cobra Kai S1?

  1. Thumbs up this video to build the hype. This show needs more attention it’s the best one and amazing how it’s on YouTube

  2. Cobra Kai is touching on a Sopranos level of greatness. The trilogy of movies makes it great. The youtube series takes it to another level.

  3. I have been IMPATIENTLY waiting for season 2 count down is on CANT WAIT!!!!

    One of the best shows ever!
    Its do e so well thank you for this amazing gift

  4. I know it well enough to want to buy it on DVD or blu ray. we're all gonna make new youtube acounts to get free 30 day youtube red again. Put it on nutfux or DVD or lose money. youtube has the worst exclusives ever aside from Cobra kai.

  5. I never pay for services like this just to watch a show. I guess this is an exception. I will be watching this show. No way I can not watch this. Is Danny Larusso ever going to get in shape. Jesus Christ Ralph it's called a push up.

  6. So awesome I re-binge watched S.1 like a week ago in a day. I never binge watch a show like that once I have seen it already.. It holds up!! S2 looks even better, S1 really got things moving quick and I love that.. Most shows stretch plot points out too much cuz they don't know how many seasons the show will go so they try to move the show slow… NOT the case here and I love it.

  7. The show was so well done. Ive never season a show done where you are literally rooting for both camps. I had such a hard time determining if I wanted Robbie or Miguel to win.

  8. Oh my goodness this is awesome I loved karate kid from my childhood now I'm loving it from my adulthood 😍😍

  9. Why can't it be free?! I'm not suggesting YT red be free but once a season has ended, why continue to charge people to watch it?! I think you'd get better ratings if you did that! Do the math, all the people that weren't watching because they couldn't are watching because a particular season of a particular show is now free… Talk about a serious boost in ratings

  10. Something tells me that even though it’s been well over 30 years and he is over 70, John kreese still hasn’t parted with his wicked ways.

  11. I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂💥💥💥😓😓😓🥺🍆🍆🦶🦶😀🦶😁😂😁😂🦶🍆🍆🍆🍆🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑😭😭😭😭😭😭😵😵😵😵😵😓😓😓😓💥💥💥🥺🥺🥺🐅🦒🐅🐅🐅🏖🏖🏆🥨⭐️🥳🦶🥺🍑🎧😵🥺😵✋🏾😵🐅😭😄😄🙂😇🙃😊😁😁😄😀😅

  12. There is a 15 year old boy in Saskatoon Canada…
    He takes GTF and wtf Taekwondo,…he looks like the son of this guy ..

    He looks like a young …this guy …Google Tyler Gregory and Taekwondo….

  13. Aaargh! It's the 24th here today, almost lunchtime.
    Seems like hell waiting for the release. I'm hoping its in 9 hours, the stroke of midnight USA time, 8pm, prime tv time here!

  14. obviously it can’t compare to star wars but it certainly has the warm familiar security blanket throw back feeling from the 80’s star wars has failed to deliver to fans this is a really good series that if you ever even remotely enjoyed the original movies you will enjoy this one hands down they’ve delivered in full… kudos to the cast for pulling it off without sacrificing any of it’s original essence

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