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  1. The biggest secret to the nunchaku is they aren't the two ends of a broom handle you saw in Enter the Dragon, they're very heavy chunks of wood that can do serious damage.

  2. How about the fancy party trick (Wich I can do lol) for pure intimidation until the opponent get's close enough and then you go pragmatic as you said ? ;-))

  3. Hello Jesse,

    I'm doing this sport in the Netherlands and it's called Nunchaku-do. I've been training this for 13 years and we have kata's as well we're holding the Nunchaku the same way as you show in the video. I've started with Karate last September and the first the I noticed about the Karate Kata's was that there were bunkai. So now I'm curious are there Okinawan Nunchaku Kata that have bunkai?


  4. They taught us the same thing at my dojo! Always hold at the end to generate power, and swing with arms extended for reach. Love training with this weapon! Great video! Thanks for sharing! 🥋

  5. Hi Jesse long time no see… thanks for the video cause I always had doubts about nunchaku. I bought one, and begin to remember how to use it. Online there are so many videos now, with kind of exhibition moves that don’t know if they originally where made for kobudo. Question time: is this kata real https://youtu.be/46V7Kzdfe6o , saw it years ago and copy it in that time, but now you are a credible reference for me, and always had a doubt about it. Now that I saw your videos, I know (if I’m wrong correct me please) was filmed in Hokama’s dojo. Greetings!

  6. That was very informative! Thank you. I'm not a karate practitioner (traditional jujutsu for me) but am fascinated by all martial arts, I will look for more of your weapon videos.

  7. That's not how Master Ken explained it to me.
    I do believe the "correct" way is the Ameri-Do-Te way, but we'll agree to disagree.

  8. Nice point sensei… Actually nanchaku move is a swinging motion (if you try to ratote it on 360° with your arm as origin) … Then force in this motion is called torque = force x perpendicular distance… The more distance you have between point of hit n your shoulder the more powerful strike it would be (till a limit)… I have a question sensei… I use nanchuck with long chain… Is it okay to hold it from mid or top? Bcoz it makes the same length if we hold a short chain nanchuck from end… N is it a gud idea to use a long chain Nanchuck? Love to see your content 🤝

  9. I've been using this weapon for many years. I know how it's used as an offensive and defensive weapon. I also know how to be flashy and do the "party tricks". It's great for sport martial arts tournaments.

  10. I discovered your channel a bit late but I’m really happy I did ! Your videos are full of useful advices and I learn something new each time ! Thank you so much ! Oss !

  11. With Respect. Your voice sounds so much like Christoph Waltz it's actually quite scary.. great video by the way 😉

  12. Appreciated the demonstration of proper body mechanics, and the hip/ string trap.

    Are nun chaku ever used for grappling or submissions?

  13. The birth place of karate comes from a scoll with screaming white crane on it… Screaming white crane is one of 5 styles invented by a female shaolin monk.. not only did she invent Karate but wing chun aswell

  14. I can do fancy crap but training with the WEAPON and focusing on function, swinging and most importantly hitting made me adapt to hold it lower where you hold it or 1-2 inches higher unintentionally as I practice. Your technique of striking literally wowed me. Your hip catch is impressive. Much tighter than my by the side catch/handoff. I like using philipino tech with it cause I have background. Best vid on nunchaku I've seen on YouTube. Seriously.
    If you don't keep in mind the original spirit of the weapon in mind in practice it is a toy then. Gotta keep it real if your gonna represent. Thank you sir!

  15. I think it can be useful to grip it in different places according to what you need to do. E.g. if you're in a narrow hallway using it at full extension might have it bouncing off walls in an uncontrolled fashion, so it would make sense to grip it further towards the string or chain, so you can get a series of, yeah, weaker, but faster, controlled strikes in. Sometimes you might not want to swing it at all, but hold both sticks in the hand about 3/4 of the way up, allowing you to stab at the throat or eyes or to use it along your forearm so as to block a knife. The beauty of the nunchaku is its portability & its versatility. Heck, you can use it to grapple a wrist with the chain & break the opponent's forearm by using the sticks as levers to tighten the chain suddenly, or take them down to the ground with a twist. A very versatile weapon.

  16. @jessenkamp. That was the way taught to me many years ago. That is how a nunchaku actually held when fighting! Thank you for posting. Now I have proof that I spoke the truth.

  17. In Ninjutsu I would use those tricks as a mere psychological weapon. More than likely you will not be toe-to-toe with another true Martial Artist so psyching out your opponent is much more entertaining. Great video good sir!!

  18. Complete noob here. Are the fighting for displayed on teenage mutant Ninja turtles tenable in real life?

    How would one use double nun chuku?

  19. Man you have a nice looking Dojo, it is surely stocked up with marital art weapons , nice floor and mirrors and I'm sure much much more.👍

  20. I really have to try this, next time i'm outside of Germany.
    In Germany all kinds of Nun-Chaku are illegal – even the trainingsversion out of plastic and foam … because you could strangle someone with them … stupid -.-

  21. Striking along the last few centimeters of the stick with high velocity and linear trajectory leads to generation of maximum force during impact. Also, the sticks and connecting link can ensnare/squeeze objects with increasing pressure based on the leverage.

  22. It's a awesome weapon considering it was made from a farm tool for Knocking rice out of bundles . Most of the more known Japanese and Chinese weapons came from farm tools….the ruling families made owning weapons illegal for common folk.

  23. It's ok to be able to swing a nunchuck around and to be able to change position of hand on nunchuck but think about this when you actually hit someone with it it will bounce back off them and probably smack you in the face so I think training with some sort of dummy would be a good idea. what do you think?

  24. A flail is an excellent weapon. There are many folks in prison with dents in their heads from a lock in a sock. It definitely is not just for party tricks. Good video.

  25. I have stainless with ball bearings and a chain. Very hard to train with. I found catching them the hardest. Even bringing them by the belt can hurt. Thanks for the video.

  26. If you actually hit something with nunchucks the striking end bounces off unpredictably and often right back into the person wielding them. They aren’t similar to a stick. The point of the spinning stuff (though I agree it’s largely impractical flash) is to have some control over the rebound when they bounce back at you. Don’t believe me? Try hitting something hard with nunchucks in the way he describes. You’ll hit the target hard but your probably gonna take a wack to your own hand/arm as a repercussion.

  27. The only reason B.j.j beats karate in the ring is because they won't let them use nunchaku!!!😎

  28. I've learned more watching your channel than I have learned from years of practicing North American style of karate. I think I'm becoming a nerd, a Nerdteka.

  29. I teach weapons at my school. And we hold the nunchucks close to the chain or rope. But, my main purpose for training is hand eye coordination and small wrist movement and manipulation. As a few other have pointed out, I tell my students that we are holding it close to the fulcrum to increase control and stability. If they want to generate more power, that have to hold it closer to the end.

    When we train with the bo, the main focus is on increasing wrist strength and flexibility. And whenever we train with any weapons, we emphasize the importance of treating weapons with respect.

    Overall, I treat weapon training as a tool for learning other aspects of the art, and less for their own practical use.

  30. I can do the fancy party tricks….if i actually had it in a fight i feel i'd use it to hook onto a wrist or ankle.

  31. Finally …. damn
    I have waited decades for this video to confirm what I have always believed about this weapon

  32. Nunchucks are pretty strait forward. Most weapons are. That 3 section staff on the wall though. That thing is evil.

  33. Ótimo video .Você já fez algum video com as técnicas de grappling do Nunchaku ? Se não, você pretende fazer ?

  34. This is cool! I just made a three-sectional nunchaku yesterday out of a broom stick 🧹, and a shoe-string from an old shoe 👟.

    The wood is too light, though. So this is just for looks and training.

    I’m gonna make an oak one when I get good at it, and I’m going to use it for emergencies (Like a fight against a bad guy that I don’t think that I can win.)

    I’m training with the light one, because I don’t want to hurt Myself, lol.

  35. Oss Sensei. Nunchaku is my most favorite karate weapon. And this video is so good, didn't knew so much about nunchaku . Thank you sensei for sharing. 😀😀 Sensei make more videos on how to practice with other weapons too. Oss Sensei. 😊😊

  36. Thank you for teaching me more on how to use the Nunchaku. Really helpful cause my dad made me one out of hard wood and 5 chains so now I can just put it somewhere that people cant see and can just pull it out and keep my distance.

  37. Jesse, thank you so much for this video. It's like to receive fresh water when you are thirsty. Unfortunately, this weapon has been so badly misunderstood, and this misunderstanding has been so widely generalized that it is painful to see videos and tutorials of "Chucks", or "Nunchuks" being spinned around with absolutely no connection or even respect for the weapon, its heritage and its deadly power

    I miss a lot to practice with them. Unfortunately, in Canada they are forbidden, and the only chance to get one is to make them by yourself.

  38. I do both, i do the original portable staff way, and just for fun and to be a show off I do the tricks, I have a foam pair for tricks, and an oak pair for the original style

  39. I am 24 and have been training at Yin Yang Daio Kwoon Kungfu since I was 8, grandmaster Graves at my dojo has always said through the years that fancy moves will get you killed. In combat especially life and Death situations, correct well coordinated effective moves is what keeps you alive, as far as fancy moves, I have learned it is showing off and showing off is a fools idea of glory. Just my 2 cents.

  40. I always tell my students, "the closer your hand is to the rope/chain the more likely you are to hit yourself in the face." lol

  41. Could you make some videos about the tree sectional nunchaku? I've searched a lot but i just found about the normal nunchakus or people using the big tree sectional, and i don't really know if it's the same way to use.. Thanks !

    Thanks for the videos !!

  42. The best way to demonstrate how to use a nunchaku CORRECTLY, is by hitting a hard heavy and resisting target with actual combative force and not hurting yourself in the process. As well actually chaining up strikes on those hard and heavy target.
    Ex: tree trunk, wooden dummy, coconuts, or even against a swing of a baton.

    That's the only legitmate way an instructor would have credibility in teaching nunchaku as a weapon.

    I've seen too many of these instructors explaining and striking the air, and not understanding its physics. And when it comes to hitting objects they just end up using padded nunchakus or hitting cans, kick pads, thin boards and bottles.

  43. Jesse, I can respect that. But don't you think that if one is able to toss numbchucks around in fancy party trick moves, that they would also be able to use them in a more direct and effective manner? I wouldn't like to be hit by numbchucks no matter how close to the string they were held. It's basically two more elbows, or another elbow and a whip. We call it Bonk Ow Class.

  44. I thought Nunchaku was a weapon originated in China, but I was very surprised to know that Nunchaku originated in my hometown of Okinawa.

    And I am very interested in Nunchaku.🧐

  45. For all the nunchuk enthusiasts out there…if you're actually hitting something, there's a sweet spot on the striking "stick" where you get maximum energy transfer. It's like the sweet spot on a baseball bat. If you hit too far down the end, it's fast and has greater reach, but you don't get much breaking power since the stick just "flicks" the target. Good for smacking fingers, but not breaking large bones.

    Source: I've smashed a lot of (inamimate) things with chucks.

  46. 40 years ago I was competing in weapons forms with Nunchucks (two atca time) in Karate tournaments; where the winners were always using a Samurai; I would get placed usually in 3rd position.

    Nunchucks made or rose wood are best due to not splintering. Where with constant use the chain or string would break, due to the tremendous amount of power that can be generated with them.

    To remedy this I would use bound together fishing line.

    To enhance the speed and experience using the Nunchucks, if to drill a hole about 1" from each end can make them whistle when flailing them.

    Have a good day Jesse Son.

    Keep up the great work and content.

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