How to Use Karate to Break a Board

How to Use Karate to Break a Board. If you’re wondering if you’re strong and fast
enough to break a board, you might be surprised. You will need 12-in. long, 3/4-in. thick pine boards Partner Pencils 2 cinder
blocks (optional) Visualization techniques (optional) and plastic training board (optional). Attempting to break boards is potentially
dangerous and may result in injury. Try it at your own risk and use caution, especially
if you are not formally trained. Step 1. Use a board with grain that runs the width
of the board instead of the length. It will take practice to gain the strength,
speed, and accuracy you’ll need. A plastic training board can help you before
you try to break an actual board. Step 2. Have someone hold the wood lengthwise at either
end with their arms extended and feet apart, ready to take the force of the blow. If you don’t have a partner, set the board
between two cinder blocks. Step 3. Stand with your dominant foot forward, hand
balled into a fist. Visualize hitting an imaginary point a few
inches behind the center of the board so you will follow through instead of stopping at
the board. Step 4. Practice making several blows without actually
hitting the board to warm up. Step 5. Pull back your arm and tighten your core. Then strike through the board with the heel
of your hand or the side of your fist. Step 6. Stack two or more boards separated by pencils
and break them using the same technique. Step 7. Learn to break the board with your foot. Execute a side kick by standing sideways,
kicking your leg straight out, and landing your heel in the center of the board. Did you know Karate champion Leif Becker broke
415 boards in 1 minute on David Letterman’s television show in 2004. He’s since broken his own record with 487
boards in a single minute.

38 thoughts on “How to Use Karate to Break a Board

  1. LOL, break the thing at your own risk. then why bother trying if you're risking breaking a limb…and they teach you all this stuff in less than TWO MINUTES? when it took other people ages to actually achieve something like this???? WTF??!!!

  2. @aznlilhero The boards are pre-cut. The fibers aren't in the right angle, and once it's broken it's gotta have some torn parts and stuff. It's not the case. A non human board breaker.

  3. 2 East Madison Avenue, Dumont, NJ 07628-2416 – Tae Kwon Do in Bergen county. ITS BETTER THAN KARATE AND KUNG FU!

  4. wtf shotokan bu do traditional japanese karate is not about braking boards , watch yahara sensei or abe sensei or funokoshi -there the ones to watch i have trained with sensei yahara and his teachings are not about board braking it is about compression , expansion and to disarm your opponent using one technique ! 🙂

  5. time for me to try
    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  6. Ive broken a piece of concrete before!! (: And two boards put together (: Im in karate. And there not doing this correct. lol

  7. Boards dont hit back, its a pointless exercise, i study shotokan and we dont even touch boards because its a pointless practice

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