HOW TO: Uchi uke | Shotokan Karate block technique

Welcome again.
Today it’s Uchi uke’s turn the defense technique for the Chudan area.
Uchi uke takes off from the hip, with the back of the hand upwards.
After that you have to pay attention that at the end of the movement the elbow has a fist-width distance from the body, the arm is bent at 90 ° and
the fist is brought to shoulder level. The other arm is stretched forward, with the back of the hand facing upside – both arms are touching. The first movement of Uchi Uke is the unfolding of the forearm. Then the forearm and elbow are pulled horizontally to the side, and the attack is guided aside. The retracting arm goes back, the elbow remains, the forearm goes outward. During the entire movement, the hip turns in the opposite direction The Chudan uchi uke is usually used in partner exercises and in the kihon (basic techniques) in Zenkutsu dachi, In the kata it’s occasionally used in Kokutsu dachi. That’s all for today. Thank you and see you next time.

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  1. Hallo, kannst du mal deine Meinung zu Karate und Liegstütze teilen. War früher selbst Karateka und kenne manche Danträger die exzessiv Liegestütze machen. Geht das auch ohne?

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