How to Train for Boxing : Using a Speed Ball in Boxing Training

Hi! My name is Marvin McDowell, USA Boxing
certified boxing trainer. On behalf of the Expert Village, I want to show you some double
end techniques. Double end is for reflexes. See the ball bounces back and forth just got
to be able to have your timing right to catch it. It helps to get your timing right, very
tricky. You don’t know which way it’s going to go. It get your reflexes are going real good.
My name is Marvin McDowell, founder and president of UMAR Boxing. “No Hooks Before Books.”
Thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to Train for Boxing : Using a Speed Ball in Boxing Training

  1. to all people that are saying "this guy sucks" i bet that can't even hit straight…. i trained boxing for almost a year (but i suffered an operation and i haven't trained for almost a year 🙁 ) and to dodge and hit at the same time you need some practice, you need to cordinate your reflexes and movement to hit on the right spot

    pd: my english is bad sorry if i say something stupid

  2. if ima be paying you to coach me, i expect you to be able to put some work on that bag baby, not missing no basic shots, if you missed it on purpose for the video, my bad…. but i doubt it

  3. i dont know if the terms are different across the pond, but isnt this the sway bag or double ended bag ??

  4. good video- dont bother with the fools who have such tiny lives they can moan and bitch – too much time on their useless hands

  5. @TommyTipper I'm not hating… but he didn't actually teach anything. He just tried himself to hit it. He didn't instruct on any drills, objectives, exercises… nothing. He doesn't need to be good at it… but he SHOULD at least know what a beginner should work on.

  6. Thanks Brother McDowell, your an excellent instructor. I've watched your videos and your spot on right. I just got a spring loaded reflex bag and your advice works well. Salaam.

  7. @Ryjeethan nah, i aint no expert or anything, but i do a lil bit of boxing myself, and hey i can do better than him,.

  8. @TheRealSolo1 Yo that's my man I tell these faggots his gym is on North & Druid Hills Ave in Baltimore go see him if you think you nice he'll let you put the gloves on. Marvin was a beast wit a lotta heart he got hurt and had to quit fightin, he's bout 51 and still in good shape he trained under hall of fame boxer from the 50s named Jimmy McCallister he fought Willie Pep to a draw he told us the Mafia told him not to win. Like last1standing said those who dont know talk those who dont talk know.

  9. these fucking morons talking shit don't realize trainers obviously arent gonna be the most skilled, they spend time training other people, not training themselves. deosn't mean they don't know their shit

  10. I'd bet my left arm that those who are bad mouthing the man, could never land the first three jabs he landed on the ball.

  11. I'd bet my left arm that those who are bad mouthing the man, could never land the first three jabs he landed on the ball. Add to that that he's doing it barefisted. It makes it all the more impressive.

    Keep doing your thing Coach!

  12. @last1standing00
    hey i know its been a year since you posted this comment but did you make the quote up that says
    "those who speak dont know and those who know dont speak"
    i have a list of quotes i have, just kind of a hobby of mine that i keep a list. if you could reply it would be grate.
    thanks for the quote.

  13. Stop being a bunch of douche bags seriously. Its incredibly hard to hit the fucking ball without any gloves on. If you people think your so good, post your own vids.

  14. The double end bag is a great training device, also very hard to hit if you have never done it before. Have had many friends over and they try to use it and can hardly land a solid shot on it, and they are swinging at alot of air. It is alot harder then it look's.

  15. crazy stuff!!!
    That's a fucking nice tool, I have seen them in the stores but didn't knew what they where for.
    I'm actually a runner but I want to take a couple of months off the roads and do crosstraining. Boxing seems a good alternative as it is cardio and strenght. Added one of these balls to my wishlist.

  16. @runlevel0 cool man im the opposite. im a boxer, but im in track now so im taking a brake from boxing and running. it increses my stamina a lot and endurance. i have a double end bag and its really addicting. hope you enjoy it.

  17. @Maorisdotcom if you set it loser it will come back and hit you but if you make it tighter it will be a lot faster

  18. wwooow!! this guy is a joke!! they saw him taking out the trash,called him to make this video.hey wanna make some extra buck?.hahaha..

  19. You guys should see my speedbag video, I'm close to bein just as good as he is. No lie. I swear this is not spam. please watch.

  20. Wear some gloves man and punch quicker the double bag is too loose. Mine bag is tighter the ball is not suppose to hit you.

  21. @jamiejamajames dude you are the one that started a argument over a comment i posted almost 5 months ago.. and how do you know we are miles apart you might live near me.. ill drive to your gym and box you.. c'mon lets make this happen

  22. Is this guy for real? He may b but he isnt even punching it right haha no disrespect not saying im good just saying idk about this guy, he is sketchy

  23. it should only go straight if you punch the right way which is straight , so wtf is he saying dont know which way its guna go, his co-ordination is all over the place

  24. He's a trainer he hasn't fought in almost 30 years he is rusty he should have hit it a few minutes before shooting yes,but he is in the Maryland Hall of Fame he was a hell of a fighter. He's about 55 years old now so that explains his inaccuracy on the bag. You dont get to be a USA certified trainer without knowing alot about the sport…

  25. Why so much hate? Seemed legit to me. You do know its harder to hit the DEB without gloves right? So many keyboard warriors, it's hilarious

  26. cool story bro, now explain why he couldnt even keep his hands above his chest. you'd think someone with experience could handle that much, 55 or not.

  27. What the hell, has anyone here even tried to hit a double-end bag? If you did you'd know that it doesn't come right back, this video is helpful if you're not a keyboard warrior

  28. This double end bag is too loose for my liking. Go to all the pros videos on the double end bag and watch how tight it is. They are able to fire fast combinations back to back without the ball swinging too much. I havn't seen many places where it's tight like that because it's probably more expensive. But when it's loose like this it is indeed challenging to try and hit it, which increases you accuracy.

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