How to Train for Boxing : How to Throw a Straight Hand Punch in Boxing

Hi! My name is Marvin McDowell, USA Boxing
certified boxing trainer. On behalf of Expert Village, I want to show you the proper way
to throw the right hand. Here is how it goes. Get in your boxing stance. When you throw
the right hand, you put your body in and take a little step with it, and get in. Chin down,
hands up, listen to it and take a lower step. Turn the body out. My name is Marvin McDowell,
founder and president of UMAR Boxing. “No Hooks Before Books.” Thank you for watching.

87 thoughts on “How to Train for Boxing : How to Throw a Straight Hand Punch in Boxing

  1. correct, he is not telegraphing, that builds alot of bad habits for beginners, its best to use your arms, and legs, and sit down on the punch like he is, and use a lower center of gravit to generate slight hip torque and push through the arm as it completes the extension, then retract and lock quickly back into position pinned at your right ribs.

  2. Very nice. Just one thing he missed. He shoulda mentioned that the back leg (right leg if you're orthodox stance, left leg if southpaw stance) should twist as you throw your punch

  3. If you can knock him our in ten seconds why don't you try a career in boxing? Just because you beat up your 8 year old cousin in wii boxing doesn't mean you can fight. Also all this man did was throw a straight right how do you know that you can beat him up before seeing him fight?

  4. Do you wear hand wraps????? well if you are wrapping one keep your fingers spread apart "wide" don't forget that cuz if you have it too close then everytime you punch it will get tighter and tighter so after you wrap try to punch bags and if too loose try again hope it helps

  5. ok you fat loser just because you were expecting a hook from that 5 year old girl and she hit you in the face with a strait punch and broke your nose dose not mean only fags strait punch…it is actually a commonly used punch by pros, just saying you need to learn a ittle before you comment

  6. if you wanna be on the safer side when you punch you could actually block with your shoulder but i think like this it's easier

  7. Nice right hand although a slight telegraph. Right before he lets it go. Im trying to tell my guys at the gym this is what you want to avoid and that is creating a bad habit even if it is tiny one. Once you start a habit it is difficult to break

  8. you heard it right but I think he means NO hooks before books, i.e. use your brain for something other than a punching bag

  9. lol boxing for 7 years means u cant be wrong ? u have been living on earth for so many years and u dont make the same mistake ? and what does boxing for 7 years mean man ?
    and lmao 'i think i should know' can you be not sure of something that you did for 7 years ? noobster

  10. im talking about your login name and u talk about my mum lmao! i cant see any link in ur argument.. dont make a fool of urself,seriously xD

    P.S by the way u smell.. and do u know why ? because u're a piece of shit , no offence, serious xD

  11. anyway no one says its a good punch. at least he did it correctly unlike you.. throwing a punch with arm fully extended and self pwn will be the result u're gettin at the end of ur fight.. well congratz 🙂

  12. lmao waste of humanity ? what english is that ? dont spam english without using brains.. take it as a compliment because i just said u got the brains or maybe your skull is hollow ?

  13. your showing when the right hand is coming i would slip that and catch you with a left hook, you dont bring you right hand back quick enough either, poor demonstration really

  14. For all those talkin shit I would be willin to be if he hit you with that right hand you'd need a night light and a pillow. An individual with proper technique will do techniques with a lot of power without any apparent effort.

  15. nice technique, notice how he turn his hips and his knee, power is generated from rotation of the body (ie weight transfer from left to right)

  16. This is only is you're fighting orthodox. If you are southpaw, then you would jab with your right, and your straight punch would be your left hand. He should clarify this since he's a so called "expert".

  17. that right there is a fast straight, i personally throw mine with a lot of weight shifting from my hips, and use all my power. and follow through with the punch so that if it doesnt connect it will push him back./

  18. @GodFormedUsTM Just so you know, if you arm is fully extended when you punch, that is when you will be doing damage to your elbow joint, you never want to fully extend your arm.

  19. Totally agree. It's smooth, and you can tell that it's very compact but it's also a very hard hit. Very nice demo.

  20. @GodFormedUsTM Uh yea it will. You're never supposed to full extend.

    Think of it this way….. when that elbow is completely straight… no more energy can go through. Almost like swinging a baseball bat with your wrist already follow through. You greatly reduce the amount of energy.

    Although I have heard of extending just after contact. But again… elbow damage. But I'm sure that adds a bit more power as well.

  21. In addition: pull your hand right away, clip right back to your chin for cover to avoid counter punch from your opponent.

    Filipino Boxer

  22. Damn……This guy can hurt someone….especially those who believe he is telegraphing…..He is demonstrating. In an actual fight he will make you think he is slow with his movements until that right hand put your lights out.

  23. lol man this guy is awesome! He's moving the hell outta that bag I'll tell you that.

    LMAO I swear to God about 90% of the kids here would hurt their wrists trying to punch the bag, fuck you posers…

  24. ohh i was confused at the positioning of his right hand unti i realised he has his left hand infront of him to start with

  25. @asdashopperrr if you're right hand u want 2 put more weight on ur right foot which shud b bhind ur left, bend ur knees a little n cover ur face, keep ur elbows down, make sure dese movements feel comfortable and ur movements r fluid, keep both fist real close 2 ur body and ur right fist about 2 inches under ur chin n practically touchin ur chest, wunce u hav dis down, quickly rotate ur lower torso (stomach) and (dis is important), pick up ur right heel and twist it 2 da right as u follow thru


  27. @druss76 I agree, this is actually one of the few experts on expert village. The guy can definitely throw a punch no doubt.

  28. اهكذا تتعلمون في أمريكا

    تعالو الى السعوديه لكي نعلمكم ومجانا..

  29. i agree with druss76. i have been boxing for for over ten years in the Thibidoux, louisiana boxing club and also in texas; in the dallas and irving boxing clubs. the guy has very good technique and form. how many people ragin' on this video have ever actually boxed before? the guy makes good videos so pay attention and learn a thing or two

  30. i have been boxing for over ten years in the thibidox, louisiana boxing club and also in texas; in the dallas and irving boxing clubs. i can tell you the guy knows what he is doing, he has great form and technique. how many people raggin' on this video have even actually boxed before? the guy makes good videos for begginers so pay attention and learn a thing or two

  31. in orthodox stance, wouldn't that be like a cross? his right hand does 'cross' his body after all, and i am a complete boxing noob.

  32. i have learned most of what i know, however limited, about boxing from watching these videos from expert village and the past few years there has been some difficulty finding more than two of my buddies that give me a run for my money in fight night rd2 or 3. not that using sticks on a controller is anything like the real contact sport!

  33. because its fun to comment i also figure out right jab and right hook and getting a pair of everlast boxing shoe, anyway happy new year bro.

  34. or that bag is reaaaaally light, or he is knows how to throw a good solid punch, i'll go with the second option 🙂

  35. if you don't like what hes trying to teach you go look for other videos, dont sit here and insult a man that's trying to help others. keep your ignorant comments to yourself .

  36. @hackingstance well in an Orthodox (right handed) fighter the jab is thrown with the left hand. It has a shorter distance to travel and is therefor quicker. The emphisis is almost completely on "snap" and speed, and almost all of the power comes from the arm.

  37. @hackingstance where as the Straight comes from the rear arm, has more distance to travel, and generates a lot of power from the hips. With an emphisis on power as much as snap. It's even considered by a lot to be a Power Punch. Hope that helped.

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