How to Train for Boxing : How to Throw a Jab Punch in Boxing

Hi! My name is Marvin McDowell, USA Boxing
certified boxing trainer. On behalf of Expert Village, I want to show you the proper jab
technique. What you do is you get in your stance, chin down, and hands up. When you
throw the jab, you step off your back, and push your back foot and step with your front
foot. So here you go. Here is the right technique. Bring your hands back to protect your chin.
You can go fast if you want. One jab, two jab. Always keep your hands up and chin down.
Stepping in with your bottom. My name is Marvin McDowell, founder and president of UMAR Boxing.
“No Hooks Before Books.” Thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to Train for Boxing : How to Throw a Jab Punch in Boxing

  1. @rockhard4eva poor little orphan u are…your parents doesnt love u, it must be hard for u…but fuck it, thats because ur n IDIOT

  2. I train with these videos a month know…..and i have to say that this guys knows more than the trainer in the local gym!!
    he is fantastic ont perfect…but he can teach the basics…
    know for better practise i will go to the gym…i must be faster when defending…

  3. @AndersonBoi1997 he kinda over exaggerated on the whole "pushing of your back foot" to probably show people what hes talking about, but hes footwork looks good once started jabbing at a faster speed

  4. @adzyb69 Annnnd who ever said I was trying to become a "big time boxer" ? lmao. We box in the street cuz its something to do and we like it. Your 19 years old, I think you can get over this.

  5. @TheSefik07 Brb, making a video where I say "hands up, chin down" and then proceed to tell you to always keep your knees and elbows perfectly straight and swing with your eyes closed.

  6. @1994AlmostSkater having jerks and ignorant people around you are very common these days and tracking them won't help. Just put this on your mind Many people are Idiots and if You do another idiotic thing to subdue this idiots you'll be another Idiot , so just leave with it BUT if you can't take it anymore call an expert then TRACT them then bring a knife and stab them in the lower ribs that way they'll die slowly but they'll feel the PAIN! Happy new yearmate

  7. yes goood but i have problem "low kick" but my big trouble is the series is to say the concatenation & i I do muay thai that's it th'x

  8. @kspkido May be true but all these "boxing" videos are just people posting "What they KNOW" theres too many ways to do every style there may not be alot but theres atleast two ways to do any style an theres two ways you can do any technique like the "jab"

  9. @TheBamBamBoom Why don;t you post a video tutorial of different martial arts techniques? Quit bitching, damn.

  10. @JORDANBAUMER yea he does u have one foot behind u 1 foot in the other u want the foot behind u to be turned that way u can balence ur self dip ur chin hands up and stick and move that is correct what he is doing if u were in any boxing class u would know this and if u are in boxing class and u dont know this then u need to pay attention this is verry correct the only thing this guy is missing is to snap the hjab ur supposed to do a turn with the hand thumb to the floor to snap it and give power

  11. @stacks6969allday

    turn thumb to the floor? thanks man i learned somethin.

    and that bag does sound like a ton of keys

  12. @wowdezare yea its best to have the thumb turned down cause not only does that snap ur jab giving it more power but, it also makes it so when u do turn ur hand that ur arms turn to and that is what protects ur chin that way u wont get knocked out i learned this in boxing i was in it gfor about 5 years i was golden gloves now i just fight when i have to whitch is alot considering i live in detroit.

  13. Nice jab, thoe not perfect. Try to twist(strech) your shoulders abit to get more power/range, aswell as swingin your back hip(the right side of your hip in this case) backwards, or another way to explayn it wuld be swing your hips as if you did a left-hook instead of a jab, and your will get ALOT more power into your jab. Best regards Mikkel E P

  14. hes putting too much body weight on his jab,.when his opponent ducks,he will surely fall forward.he keeps on saying keep ur chin down which he doesnt do.when he throws his jab,he leaves his chin open.,he even looks like one of the guys in bum fights.would you buy me a joint.ahahaha..wat a bum.hes so sluggish,how did he make it to become a boxing trainer?this guy is full of shit.

  15. @MrCavScoutout Some of the greatest mma fighters started their carrers like most of us on youtube. being curious about it and learning how to do it. Not everybody is going to pay $300 dollars from L.A Boxing to learn one fucking move that you could learn right here for free.

  16. I Agree with sammy. Not about to waste money to "Watch" someone do a move, cause guess what? I Can Watch it Here! (omg noway!) And don't think your mr. cool CavScout (which is a pretty "bandwagon faggot" name btw) guy cause you know a little more about fighting then most ppl, cause im sure you probably don't know 75% of basic knowledge that the ppl of youtube have. So i hope all those fighting style names help you feel better. Enjoy your little man syndrome. (I'd delete my page too if i was you)

  17. @SkAtE45ist oh im sorry,im not judging,im just stating the facts of human kinetics ,body mechanics so to speak.if you put ur weight in front ,you will really fall forward.if thats his style so be it.added to the facts,he kept on saying to put ur chin down which he im sorry if i hurt ur feelings,i didnt know ur related to this guy,i didnt me to hurt ur uncle's feelings.

  18. @MrCavScoutout And you're probably just a hipster fag who thinks he's so cool because he heard of UFC before everyone else. Little word of advice: nobody gives a shit. So what if people are "bandwagoning" at least they're staying active and are now able to defend themselves.

  19. @jockeslukarnwhen doubling the jab practice throwing two jabs slow. Once you throw the first one you have to reset and plant again for the second one otherwise your just arm punching. Step into both punches youll get it man

  20. @jockeslukarn watch how he steps into both punches when hes doing the double jab. Theres many jabs tho you could be turning your handover too much which is a corkscrew jab and takes a little more practice to double up on.

  21. @MrCavScoutout i know what you mean some one asked me if i knew how to ufc fight one day and it pissed me off i will admit im not a fighter i cant afford the litsens but i know alot about mma and other fighting styles

  22. his foot work is well, legs are to straight and he steps in front of himself when he moves to the right…train harder dude!

  23. Nice jab also guys remember to roll your fist over to snap the jab. Hands up cheek level elbows in tight small target. Step drag foot work the lead foot steps and the other foot drags. And always on the ball of your foot on the rear foot. Power comes from the feet and legs and the momentum of you body weight transferred into your opponent. Proper technique equals punching power.

  24. Mrmann1930 you took what I said in the wrong manner. I did not say to drag your foot when you punch. Step and drag you feet when moving around the ring and yes of course plant your feet when you punch always on your back toe as not to limit your movement around the ring. I can assure you I know what I'm talking about I've been fighting since I was 12 I'm now 28 I trained with Joe Ancona and I am now with Dupree Strickland two outstanding boxing coaches if you around the Mississippi/Louisiana ar

  25. Really send me some pics of who you trained? Of you in a gym? Your 39 and your a pro fighter or were you ever? Do you have an amateur record? I doubt that. I'll send you my record. Hell it's on USA boxing. I'll get in the ring trust me. I'm not gonna argue with some 39 year old know it all. Seems your fighting style hasn't gotten you anything but in an argument on YouTube. So you can stick that up your ass.

  26. I've been watching these videos and some people say you dont step for a jab, and some say you do, there is one guy that says you dont even rotate your body for a jab. /watch?v=Ky-tYuZR9c0&feature=relmfu can someone help me out

  27. /watch?v=uzokZYie4RE PLEASE take the time to watch this and comment with good advice and friendly critisim. Im looking for boxing tips from anyone who knows a thing or too. PLEASE take the minute and 10 seconds to watch and give advice

  28. really? like who? :O i live in germany and it's really hard for me to find a decent mma gym :/ can you tell me which mma fighters have started their careers by watching videos? 🙂

  29. I am a BoXer and this guy is a Veteran… this IS IS IS the proper way.. I Boxed since I was 14 and when I reached 16 I was rumbling with grown men in their late 20s and 30s who couldn't touch me in the streets.. this is a much watch the chin down is a style for zoomin in like a cross hair and their are other styles like it.. those who say this video is shit.. yOU are Shit and that's why your getting your asses beat because you rather do not pay attention or not doing what you have too

  30. The movements must be practiced to become natural movements so you don't think okay step twist wrist punch.. you just doit all in once without thinking and fast…

  31. everybody says something different for every move there is its confusing when your mma coach is telling you to step forward and then a different person tells you this is incorrect. im just going to do what i feel is proper.

  32. Yeah, that's pretty much true. It's kind of controversial to talk about, but there do seem to be vast differences between the races in terms of athletics. Any sport that requires a lot of sheer athleticism and speed is usually dominated by blacks. For some reason, all the Nords and Europeans seem to be good at lifting heavy amounts of weight (the World's Strongest Men Competition for example). They say it has something to do with the muscle fiber, but who knows. It's too controversial to study.

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  34. @Sammy, you need contact sparring to get anywhere with that "one fucking move". There's a difference between punching the air or a bag and actually punching a person.

  35. Happy I came across this movie. Like Youtube because of this sort of content!!!

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  36. Alexander Dougherty.. If we sit down and get to know each other I will train WITH you but you wont learn everything from me.. I don't just box Im involved with 3 other fighting styles which are not completed and I do not have the credentials to be considered a master to teach. I have 1 year left in college till I obtain another business degree and until I finish that I am not willing to get involved with fighting or training unless it an absolute must and can not be avoided. To the point I must protect myself or someone I care about. Getting to know each other is crutial for training and can be similar to a real situation to read others and know them to do what you have to do using body language. Just like reading the mind which is like a book. You have to see it to understand. But with body language you have to feel it to understand which involves energy, distances, mind reading, and a few other things like experience and knowing what to do. It is not rocket science. Knowing about body language with only a few moves can give you animal characteristics to seam impossible to defeat. With the correct move sets you could be well prepared for anyone of any size and experience even if they have more moves than you because you can read what their body is doing what it can do and how to execute. Add me. Send me a friend request I will talk with you more. and maybe create a lasting friendship.

  37. A jab is the easiest punch because it goes straight from A to B and is the hardest punch to telegraph, when I get into a stance I keep one hand open and close to my face, the other hand open in front lined up with the back hand, keep your weight on the back leg until you initiate the punch. When ready to do the jab keep your hands loose and line yourself up with your target, keep your elbows pointing downwards and send the unclenched fist towards the target while twisting your shoulders and shift your body weight onto the front leg for additional speed, always remember to tense the fist on moment of impact not before as your arm can shoot faster while the muscles are relaxed. 

    Many boxers tend to turn their knuckles horizontal during the throw, I prefer to shoot the jab with my knuckles lined up vertically as it saves time, energy and makes it easier to block incoming punches as your forearms make great shields.

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