How to Train a Boxer Puppy : Prevent Your Boxer from Jumping on People & Furniture

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village and we’re going to train a boxer puppy today. We discovered in our
training session on come, that this boxer puppy can be quite a jumper when the human
has something that she want. So I’m going to work on jumping and show you a couple…
good, a couple of ways to get a handle on this. Now this is the finished product. You
really want your dogs to sit and pay attention to you rather on been jumping on you for attention.
Jumping is a very rude behavior. I’m not going to respond, good, at all to this boxer
puppy when she jumps except to turn away and move in to her, good. And I’m going to constantly
positively reinforce the behavior that I want. I can also try to preempt her, good, by little
puppy when I think she is about to jump give her little signal or, okay. She looks like
she’s going to jump, sit, good. And I’m going to reward her with what she wants, so
I’m using a combination of ignoring the behavior because I don’t want to positively
reinforce jumping and some body language to show her that is inappropriate and I’m not
going to back up and let her invade my space. And using a hand signal or the actual command
to show her what I want her to do instead of jumping and then I reward her with food,
with attention, affection or with hedgehog little puppy, good. So this little boxer puppy
has already learned jumping is not how she gets the hedgehog, sitting is the way to go.
It’s important that we teach our dogs, boxer puppy, older dogs what we want them to do
before they start exhibiting the inappropriate behavior. That’s called setting them up
to succeed, right Indy.

26 thoughts on “How to Train a Boxer Puppy : Prevent Your Boxer from Jumping on People & Furniture

  1. my boxers 2 years old an dwen i came home i jumped on me i tryed to push it away and it made me all on teh floor…

  2. there is an easier way, when they jump, hold their collar and pull it ( slowly & gently) down, do not give it a treat THEN, or else the pup will think, " jump, owner push u sit and TREAT" Keep doing the same thing, pulling the collar until the dog stops. I trained 17 dogs like this and they learned this on that day they were trained.

  3. my boxer is awesome i would never teach her to not jump its natural to the breed there affectionate i taught her to jump on cue by saying "big hugs" and i only treat my dog when i tell her to do something and she does it if she sits on her own and you treat her shes gonna expect a treat for what she should be doing

  4. my dog is part pit bull,boxer,and bull dog..wen someone walks in the dooor he jumps on people… i will try this though…

  5. they are very strong, forward motion dogs,

    they use alot of their paws and frontal body weight against the target, hence they always jump up and slap you with a paw.

  6. ur stupid if your doing that then dont buy a dog at all so thats like saying to a person they can go where ever ther=y want in two seconds and it is not innapropriate if u buy a dog let it be u moron

  7. my boxer likes to bite and bark and pull his leash ugh i need help also i put him in his cage and lock it because he can open his cage is i lock it and he also loves to beg for food so i need HELP AND TIPS!

  8. I need help with my boxer every time it see a a flock of birds it chases them away and gets out control not just birds just about anything airborne.

  9. My grandma has a 5 month old boxer/english mastive puppy who loves to play but bites alot when shes excited. I'm sure she doesn't mean any harm but her teeth are really sharp & no punishment seems to effect her. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated

  10. Thanks for the video. graet ideas. The best guides that I have looked at was at Brainy paws (searched google) Without a doubt the most useful dog training tips that I have ever got to work.

  11. Thanks for the video dude. The best help that I have found was at Brainy paws (i did a google) Without a doubt the most useful dog training tips that I have ever tried.

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