How to Train a Boxer Puppy : How to Teach Your Boxer Their Name

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village and we’re going to train a boxer puppy today. This is Indy. She’s
about 14 weeks old and she’s just a little baby boxer. She’s a brindle boxer that’s
what we refer to her coat with this multiple colors and kind of stripy look. First thing
we need to teach Indy is how to pay attention. Make sure she knows her name. If the dog responds
to their name then they look brilliant, no matter what else is going on. You can use
their name as the way to get their attention, to stop what they’re doing, come to you,
everything. So do really focus on teaching your dog to pay attention to you and to pay
attention to their name. This boxer puppy is obviously a child hound. So I’m going
to stand up. I’ll say her name and then the second she makes eye contact I’ll mark
it. If you haven’t already, little puppy, please check out the pre-training videos on
relationship in marking appropriate behavior. So I’m going to hide the treat pouch. So
she’s more focused on me than it. I’ll wait till she looks away, alright Indy you’re
doing too good of the job. Indy, Indy, good, very nice eye contact. Let me move around
so you can see a little better. Indy, good, she’s distracted so I’ll wait till she
looks away, Indy, good, she’s distracted by the crumbs. I don’t want to say it now
because I’m setting her up to fail. Indy, good. I want to set this boxer puppy up to
succeed if she’s very distracted especially by a crumb of food on the floor or I don’t
think she’s going to pay attention I won’t say her name in the first place at all. If
I do say her name and she remains distracted I don’t keep repeating the command over
and over again. This little boxer puppy is pretty young. It’s going to take her a while
to learn how to pay attention. If you haven’t already please check out the pre-training
videos on how to give commands. Indy, good, very nice eye contact. It is very important
to your puppy and for your relationship that your puppy, boxer puppy, any kind of puppy
learns to pay attention that’s the precursor for all training and the foundation for a
healthy relationship.

20 thoughts on “How to Train a Boxer Puppy : How to Teach Your Boxer Their Name

  1. i agree with you in some ways. like my goldens, we never needed treats training them, they thrived on our approval. but we got a large munsterlander once who was so hyper and he loved us, but as a puppy, he didn't care a whole lot if he got praised or scolded. so we used a mix of treats and praise. eventually he did not need treats so much.

  2. seems like the puppy is looking at you cus you are saying its namne very high pitched. the puppy would make eye contact with you even if you said batman in that high pitched voice, terrible video.

  3. @alvarecheazulgrana
    i train boxers and you need to get them started with food. make them do a trick for their dinner so that its positive. giving them all the love and affection they need still doesnt keep them in focus when they are that young. but also play time is a fun way for them to learn their tricks. check out prymm play time. thats my baby at 11 weeks. seeing her come out of her c section and learning to breath and have a heart beat was the best experience of my life.

  4. my boxer puppy is 4.5 months old only & he is a bit bigger than this 14 month old boxer bitch…does this mean my dog is gna be huge?

  5. My boxer won't do anything !!! She doesn't listen or look at me. Maybe cause my dad is the 1 she saw when she opened her eyes

  6. My boxer is probably the best dog I had so far! Of course I had him since he was 5 weeks old and he's the first dog I ever had…

  7. You are able to train your dog when you take him or her out for a walk and see the way your family as well as your friends amaze at how wonderful your puppy is.

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