How to Tie Your Martial Arts Belt

– Hey everybody this is
coach Dan Howden from Neutral Ground Grafton, today I’m going to be showing
you how to tie a belt, so the first thing is you want to start with your belt out in
front of you like this, evenly on both sides, while still holding the
belt put your D overlapping, bring it around the back of you, you’re gonna switch hands, you’re gonna switch
hands, you’re gonna bring those two pieces back to the front, kinda sinch it up a little bit and then you’re gonna cross them in front, when you cross them you want to make sure that the belt is over the belt that’s already wrapped around you, you’re gonna have one over the other, the one that is on top, you’re gonna bring underneath both belts, pull it through and then tighten your belt using both ends, then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take the belt that is on top, lay it over the belt that’s
coming out the bottom and then reach through and
pull it out the top again and sinch it tight, that’s how you tie your belt.

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