60 thoughts on “How To Tie Your Karate Belt Correctly

  1. I start to one side, left usually, then circle my body twice. It doesn't cross this way but feels more comfortable to wear. I used to wear it crossed but only the last few years I've uncrossed it. Of course no disrespect meant.

  2. This may sound a little mushy, but I feel touched to hear the significance behind the way of tying the belt. Much appreciated & thank you 😀

  3. This is how I tie my belt.
    FIRST, I wrap it around my back to my stomach, representing that you should never look back on things and face foward to what's next in the future.
    SECOND, I procicely get one end and put it through the shiny other end of the belt, which represents, whenever there is always an end of life, remember, there will always be a Shiny light for the new life.
    THIRD/LAST, I ultimately put the Buckle through THE HOLE!!!!!!

    This was a joke, I tried to make it sound like I am describing steps of tying a Karate belt, though you actully figure out that it's a normal everyday belt. Nevermind. Like this comment if you believed it, or if it's funny!

  4. Wow Jesse you made us look like chumps with this video. lol I'm just doing a belt tying video and I feel like I just got stomped on. lol great video my friend.

  5. Love the video and the script. I always tie my belt with the flat knot double split judo knot. Just a preference.

  6. Idk why but i already had half a year of karate experience and reached orange belt fastly though i still dont know how to tie a karate belt lol.

  7. I don’t want a cross at the back though and I’ve noticed everyone else’s belt it’s neatly and perfectly straight at the back and mine is a cross and I doesn’t look as good HELP

  8. Never have I ever seen a better video on how to tie a belt and what it means spiritually!
    Everyday I learn something new from your amazing videos.
    Thank you Sensei Jesse!!

  9. Additional informations for our Karate friends. This is Koma musubi knot and Hon musubi method of tiying.

  10. Nice 👍👍 – Some people show us how to tie our belt – this was just not about how to tie our belt; it taught us a meaningful reason of tying our belt 😀😁

  11. Everyone was wrong about step 1 of Karate: The 1st step is how to tie your belt correctly; then everything else will follow through.

  12. Hej Jessie 😀 it is importent Which side of belt who goes over to the other side in? My kyokushin instruktor said first right over left and then left under right is a rule. Becouse in other martial arts I trained they dont cared as long its locks nice and even!

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