How to tie your belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

How to tie your belt in Jiu Jitsu. Here’s what it should
look like when it’s done. It should have a nice tight knot, equal lengths hanging down and the color band should
be on the left side. A band on a black belt is red but for most other belts, white belt, which is what
your probably starting with, it’s black and it’s black for the reason that, that’s where you would
put your white stripes. When you get a black belt that’s also where you put your stripes. That should be on the left, that’s where we’re going to end up. So let me give you some
options for how to get there. First when we tie our belt, we take our gi and we put the
left lapel over the right, usually there’s a logo on any gi you buy, it’s a good indication for
which side should be out. Then I’m going to give you the basic standard option for most people. Taking the belt right in the middle, starting with that
color band, that stripe, again on the white belt it would be black, on this one it’s red. On the right side because you’re
going to want it to end up on the left when you’re done, putting that right in the front,
wrapping around behind you, coming forward and now we’re
going to take the left hand and we’re going to go over both of them, come up through and now that it’s in the right I’m going to go
over the other one as well, I’m going to fold this one
over, come over this one, come up through and snug the knot tight. That is the basic way
most people will tie it in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, that works, the issue for some people is in the back where it’s crossed over, some people don’t like that, it doesn’t look as clean or if you came from a traditional martial arts background like
I did then do the Karate way. In this case take the end that doesn’t have that color stripe on it, we’re going to hold that in the front, this piece dangling down and we’re just going to wrap
around once and then twice. You’re going to end up in the same place and the left coming over the right and going up under both and now that it’s in the right hand, you’re going to fold the left over, come over the right, come
up through, cinch it tight and there we go. Looks the same in the front, from the back you can see
it’s a little cleaner, a little neater but not a big deal and if the first way is
easier to tie before class or in the middle of class when you’re belt comes
untied, go with that one. On that note, you will have your belt come untied when you’re rolling around a lot. If that’s becoming a problem for you, you can do the lockdown tie, this time when you get to this place, where you’ve already
come up and under once, you can take the left side and go down between both here and then take the right side, come under it and go between those two, cinch it up and here you’re
going to have a lockdown tie. That won’t come undone
while you’re rolling but takes a little bit more
effort to figure it out, so if you just need to go
with the basic versions, that’s perfectly fine. If its coming undone all the time and it’s really frustrating for you and your partners are
giving you a hard time for using those rest periods
like five times a roll, then you can start working
on the lockdown tie. So, basic tie, fancier Karate tie and then this lock down tie. I hope that helps, if
you have any questions, shoot them to me. Good luck training, have fun.

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