How to Tie the Karate Belt

Hello I”m Sensei Green of Green’s Karate and I’m here with Bob, Body Opponent Bag and I’m here to demonstrate how to put the uniform on and also how to tie the belt This video is made for all the students and parents out there that do not know how to do this so that way we are able to expedite it So what you do is you make sure both ends are the same length Make sure you tie the both sides of the uniform like this. You tie it just like your shoe Make sure the logo goes on top Come over here and tie these two strings as well The next thing you do and you are going to hold the belt One part of the belt maybe about 12 inches Students can take the belt and wrap it around themselves two times so it goes around once and then twice then what you do is make sure the belt is in the middle of the waist so the top belt goes on top of the other belts like this.. pull tight then you take the top one and go on top ot the bottom one and take the top one and it goes underneath and thru and pull tight. Make sure both ends are the same length. And that’s how you tie the belt the easy way. The more difficult way the traditional way You have to make sure you find both ends of the belt like this. and then you have put it on the waist
just like this and then when you get to the back you have to criss cross them This side is on top and this side is going to go underneath So bring it around to the front and you are going to make this hand into a hook position and you are going to bring it around and this side will go on top the same ending as before take the top and go underneath and though pull tight and take the top one on top of the bottom line and take the top one and go underneath and through and that is how you tie the karate belt

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