How to throw the Jab Punch – Boxing techniques

Hi this is the time for our series called punch with TEBA and the governor Sean Heron. is going to go through a series of punches a boxer will use what are we starting with today Sean? Today we are starting with the Jab The Jab? Either the left or the right? The left hand.. Well if you’re a right hander you use your left hand for the jab if you’re a left hander, you’re an orthadox, you use you’re throwing with your right hand for the jab Is that a Southpaw? That’s a Southpaw and you are? I’m an Orthadox A jab is basically coming out, like you’re pointing keep your shoulder up high is that not rude to point? ha ha, yeah speed and with the last three huggles jerusalem problem to Salas I mean if you go you go a Gophers forgiving him yep Salam I wasn’t furious a up for the free domain you want to it the first I you computer even you really have to look commercial later pink that’s really should yes
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short hair see you next week wanna

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  1. Let us know if there is anything you would like Sean to cover and we will see if we can include it in a future video.

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