Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop. This is Effective Martial Arts. In this lesson, the 10
basic elbow strikes. Alright, quick overview first. 10 basic elbows. First, straight elbow. They can also be used
defensively as a spear elbow. Then you have your up elbow, side elbow, and your down elbow. Come from the other side,
you got your back-up elbow, back-side elbow, and the back-down elbow. Then you got your spinning elbows, so spinning-up elbow, spinning-side elbow, and spinning-down elbow. Now stick around for some
valuable tips and tricks on how to do these better. Alright, so elbows are really powerful close-range strikes. So you can use your elbows
to knock your opponent out, or to cut him as well if you’re hitting with the very tip of the elbows
and grazing by real quick. That can cut on the eye socket, or anywhere on the forehead or the head. So very powerful strikes. You do have to master
first, your basic stance. You have to become a little comfortable with the basic stance first,
and the basic punches as well, because the basic
movement is very similar. So be sure to have those
techniques down first, and then you’re gonna be
ready to study elbows. So elbows can be used
in stand-up striking, they can be used from the
clinch, and they can also be used very effectively on the ground as well. (laid-back drum and bass music) Alright, so number one,
the straight elbow. So, the straight elbow is
gonna come in a straight line, right in the opponent’s face. So for this one, there’s two variants. The main one is to hit with
the flat part of the elbow over here, straight in front like this. So you got a couple things
you gotta put together for this elbow to work and be effective. So first, you’ve got your step. You gotta step into it
to cover the distance. Second, you gotta have a little
hip pop at the same time. And third and most importantly, you have to use your
shoulder joint for mobility. So if you can see from this side here, you have to be able to pull your shoulder all the way back, and move
it all the way forward. So when you put all these
together, you step, hips, and shoulder at the same time,
you can cover good distance. At the same time as well,
remember that for every elbow, when you can elbow your
opponent, he can also elbow you. You are within elbow range,
so it’s very important to protect at the same time. You wanna have your other hand
here, protecting your face, here, as you’re doing your elbow strike. So once again, straight lead elbow here. It’s also possible with the backhand, hitting like across, same idea. Now you’re gonna use the
fighting twist at the same time, so your hips are gonna
move a little bit more. Same thing, shoulder has to go into it, protection with the other side, so you land your elbow right
in the opponent’s face. Now the variant of the straight elbow is to use it defensively
as a straight spear elbow. So this is gonna happen most likely when a person is
attacking you with a hook. So you’re gonna block it in
the turtle block position, blocking the hook, and move forward, hitting with the very tip of
your elbow right in their face. So blocking, stepping
forward, and hitting here. Same thing, shoulder
joint, this placement, so that you can hit with
good power and reach. It can also be used on the other side, so block and step and twist, and hit with the tip of the elbow. So that’s your straight elbow. Next up is the up elbow. So to remember the next
nine elbows is very easy. There’s three categories:
you got your basic elbows, hitting the front part
of the elbow over here; you got your elbows coming from the back, so your back elbows,
hitting with the back part of the elbow over here; and
you’ve got your spinning elbows, where you’re gonna do a
step and turn into them. So in all three cases, it
always goes up, side, and down. So that’s your three main angles that you’re gonna hit from, from each one of these categories. Now, in application,
all angles are possible. You can go for 45 going up, 45 going down, and everything in between. But for practice, just to make it simple, we divide it into those three main angles, and if you’re able to hit those, you’re gonna be able to hit
everything in between as well. So starting with your basic
elbows, hitting the front. Your up elbow is gonna go
straight up the middle, splitting your opponent’s guard, going right in between,
and all the way up. At the same time, protecting
with your other hand, palm on the forehead, going straight up, kind of like your combing your hair, going straight up like this, and striking right in between your opponent’s guard, ideally underneath the chin. So that’s your up elbow. Side elbow is gonna come from the side. So you might need to
lower the opponent’s guard to come in and bend your arm all the way. I like to have my palm on
the forehead over here, bring the other arm all the way across, and your hand underneath
your armpit to finish. It’s possible on both sides,
side elbow, like this. Last one is the down elbow,
so coming up from the top over here, elbow to the
sky, going straight down in between your opponent’s
guard, on the bridge of the nose, or it could also be hitting on the collar bone, going down like this. So that’s your down elbow. Also possible with the
lead or with the back. Next category are your back elbows. So in this case, you’re gonna be hitting with the back part of your elbow. First one is the up, here. Right, also, in between
the opponent’s guard, stepping into it, we’re
going right up on the bottom of the chin. Also possible, to the body like so. Then you also have your back-side elbow, so going here, across,
and striking with the back of the elbow, to the side
of the face, like so. Also possible with the
backhand, it’s a little bit more awkward to do, but it’s not wrong, it could happen in a fight. And the last one is a
little bit different, it’s the back-down elbow. So you’ll be hitting also
with the back of your elbow. But here, you’re gonna make
your movement over here, get your arm up in the
back and come crashing down over here, with the back of the elbow, also mainly on the bridge of the nose. So right here, back down
elbow, stepping into it with good power, to strike the opponent. The last category of elbows
are the spinning elbows, also divided in up, side, and down. So it always starts
the same way for these. You’re gonna have to step
across the center line, here, to make space for your turn. Once you’ve stepped, you’re gonna turn, and always look at the target
with the corner of your eye before you land your strike. And here you have a few options. So the back up elbow, you can hit the body or you can hit the
chin, going straight up. Back side elbow, also
you’re gonna hit mainly the bridge of the nose or the eye socket. And the back down elbow,
you’re gonna tip your head to one side, and get the elbow pointing towards the ceiling,
coming crashing down, typically also on the bridge of the nose. (laid-back drum and bass music) so once again, quick recap. Straight elbow with the variant
of the straight spear elbow that you can use for defense. You got the up elbow,
side elbow, down elbow, back-up elbow, back-side
elbow, and back-down elbow. And you’ve got your spinning-up elbows, spinning-side elbow,
and spinning-down elbow. Now, a couple considerations
to help you practice better: you should always start
by focusing on technique. So make sure that your stance is correct, hip movement, steps, protection, everything is in place, you’re executing the technique correctly and
very very slowly at first. And go one technique at a
time until you master it. Next, once you’re able to
do the technique correctly, work on precision. So, go very slowly, pick
a target in front of you, on the bag or on Bob or anything
you can find for precision, and hit it also slowly, making sure you hit the mark every time. Once you have that proper
technique and precision, then go for power. Don’t worry about speed yet,
but try to hit the target with a lot of power, really
putting your weight transfer into it, fighting twist,
stepping into it, to have a good power in each one of those strikes. Once you’re able to do that, then you’re gonna be adding speed. So you’ll wanna have proper
technique, precision, power, and speed, being
able to go explosively into your target, and create
devastation with your elbows. Now, also, quick safety tip. So if you’re gonna practice
elbows in sparring, you have to take it slow. You have to go really
slowly, wear the proper protective gear, of course, and you really have to have
the ability to control. So for a detailed tutorial
on how to control our strikes in free sparring, check
out our safe sparring video in the cards above. That’s gonna give you the exact method to be able to control your strikes and really stop ’em at the surface, to spar safely with a partner. Also, if you’re gonna integrate elbows in your free sparring,
elbows and possibly knees, you wanna agree to go
slowly with your partner, because always safety first. You wanna stay healthy and
you wanna keep your partners healthy so you can keep
on practicing with them. Lastly, you do wanna compliment
your close-range striking game with some knees as well. So be sure to check out
our basic knees video. And you wanna be able to
merge your elbows and knees together with effective
setups and combinations, so that you can land your strikes. Be sure to check out our elbow and knee setups and combos video. Lastly, you do wanna be able to merge the different ranges together,
so your close-range striking with your long-range striking, with your clinch game as well,
you’re gonna be seeing that in future videos, with
your wrestling as well, and with your ground game. And effectively transitioning and merging all the fighting ranges together, that’s really what being
an effective martial artist is all about. So, hope you’ve enjoyed, as always. Please click like, leave a
comment below, share this link to your family and friends, and subscribe if you have not already. And we will see you on the next one. ‘Till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop. This is Effective Martial Arts. Remember: practice well, safety first, and use these techniques
only for self-defense. (laid-back drum and bass music)

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