How to Throw an Uppercut – Boxing (A step by step guide for Beginners)

Hi there, I’m Mike gales for Everlast
Nutrition. Welcome to our little video series on proper boxing technique.
In this video, we will look at how to throw a proper uppercut. First off, what
is an uppercut ? It is a power punch that penetrates the
opponent’s defenses, by coming from underneath and then up towards the
intended target. It can also be a devastating shot because it’s difficult
to see coming. Because it arrives at a different angle, your opponent will
have to alter their defense to block it. Thus the uppercut is a tricky little
shot. Let’s take a look at your hand position. Hold your arm out straight
in front of you. Then bend your arm naturally towards you. Notice that the
palm of your hand is facing you. It is not off to the side like this. It is in
this position, when your palm is facing you that the muscles supporting your
wrist will be at their strongest. That will leave you less susceptible to injury. Let’s
take a look at your shoulder position. If you have watched any of the previous
videos, how to throw a jab, a cross or a hook, then you will recall that I mentioned
that most beginners throw their punches, leaving their head totally exposed.
That’s a mistake that you want to avoid. As you punch, keep your shoulders high
enough to protect your chin. Let’s take a look at your foot
position. The uppercut is thrown from your proper boxing stance, with your feet
diagonally apart. Contrary to how most people throw it, using only their arm, the
power of the uppercut comes by using their legs and the muscles of your core.
Notice here, that I generate force for my uppercut by using my legs to push off
the ground. I then rotate my hips and core in an upward motion, to drive my
fist towards the intended target. You can see from the side view, that I
use my body to transfer as much weight as possible into my shot. Remember to keep the other hand
that is not throwing the punch up high for protection. Also notice that the
uppercut is a short punch, that would be most effective when thrown at close
range. Let’s take a look at uppercut to the
body. Throw the uppercuts of the body in the
same fashion as you did to the head. It is not feasible to switch levels. Simply
angle your shoulder and your arm so the punch now lands a little lower on your
opponent. Notice that even though I am angling these uppercuts towards my
opponent’s body, that my shoulders are still high enough to protect my chin.
That will limit my exposure to being hit by a counter shot. This has been Mike
Gales for Everlast Nutrition. If you enjoy these videos and please click
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17 thoughts on “How to Throw an Uppercut – Boxing (A step by step guide for Beginners)

  1. Your instructional technique is some of the best I've seen on YouTube; I particularly like how you show the move over and over again while you verbally describe it. And you show it from multiple angles.

  2. big up man….ur videos r amazing… i am currently learning boxing techniques on my own with the help of ur vidz…thanks alot bro

  3. You upper cuts are more like a 45 degree punch…….Which in it's self a powerful tool in one's arsenal of punching technique ……..A true upper cut should be thrown almost Straight up………Your videos are for the most part very good….This one is also!… I just want to point out a detail regarding angle.

  4. Sir..can you post a video how to combine punch in heavy bag workout? I've trained your beginner,intermediate, and advanced heavy bag and need variation in combination, thanks Sir

  5. Hi, i see many of your videos. I find it very useful; but in this video i think that the tecnique it doesnt correct.

    I think the correct tecnique for an uppercut is incline the upper body to the side of the arm to that we'll go to throw, and we bend lighly the knees. When we throw the punch, this up to the chin, and we upper the knees for add power.


    – Bend the knees and when throw "unbend" for add power.
    – Incline the upper body to the side of the arm to throw for get out of the line of attack of our opponent.

    And my uppercuts up to the chin so much straight, in the video it seems to me that they up in diagonal.

    Sorry for my english, i know that its far to be good.

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