How To Throw A Right Cross In Boxing

Good afternoon mate, my name is Michael Gregory.
I am a London boxing coach and an England qualified boxing coach and today I am going
to teach you how to box So we’ve got the basic stance and guard, we’ve
done the lead in and that’s the jab and now we’re going to follow the backhand and that’s
the power shot. Now the power shot, the backhand comes from the back foot and it’s a rotation
of the waist and that’s whats going to get the driving, the kicking. You don’t want to
over rotate ’cause you could be off balance. Both feet nicely apart, not too far apart
or not too close together. You must be perfect, perfect balance. That’s a sneaky shot. So
imagine your opponent coming towards you, he’s trying to rush you, you know you can
bank. You might catch him on the jab. [sounds of punching] This is your best shot. You can
drop down to the body while bending the knees, you’ll have an in, you move in. Its a great
scoring shot and it’s going to wear your opponent down. And if you land one it makes you feel
fantastic, which it does. And that’s your perfect right cross.

7 thoughts on “How To Throw A Right Cross In Boxing

  1. That badass right cross that kept actually landing was thrown with a step, not a pivot of the foot. Still, this was a good lesson… I wonder how many cameras they broke in the filming process.

  2. 1:17 slow motion showed that it was almost a tightly thrown overhand left (the curving cross kind and not the arcing circular overhand). Very powerful punch that had to be loaded up so it wasn't exactly a strict left cross.

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