38 thoughts on “How to Throw a Left Jab | Boxing Lessons

  1. i dont think so karate is blocks,kicks,punches kata and it can beat boxing in a second , like when matsutatsu oyama when against a pro boxer and pro boxer ended up in a wheel chair

  2. that only shows he is better fighter than that boxer
    boxing does have limitation, but so does karate.
    when karate fighter meets wing chun fighter, wing chun fighter has a little advantage. When wing chun fighter goes against a Jeet Kune Do fighter, the JKD fighter gets that advantage. Because Bruce Lee said the concept of JKD is "using no way as the way, using no limitation as the limitation".
    I think Karate has less limitation, but JKD has the least.

  3. hey shotokan …so we are on the same style but you know i rather fight you than a boxer. I've been into fghting shotokan nothing especiall.

  4. You wanna throw what I call a back jab! You wanna throw it then. …. run,,,,,,,,,back jab! Terry back jab! Run run run. Terry run and that's how you back jab and back your way out of a situations

  5. very important to not let that elbow flare out.  Having a solid jab is a must have in the arsenal of combat sports.  I love flicking a stiff jab out in the face and using it as a frustrator.  You can literally see the rage when they get popped with it too often and makes them reckless leaving you more openings.  A way I was taught was to imagine i am throwing it in a tight corridor and I physically cant lift my elbows out at all.

  6. No, we don’t “notice that his feet are loaded” bc you geniuses only show the top half of his body. Kind of leaving out vital pieces of information by doing so….

    This might be one of the worst instructional videos I’ve ever seen from a legitimate big time YouTube channel.

  7. you guys should be sued for promoting this like its FACT……people watch this and get beat up…then what? protecting yourself is part of it and you leave that out….

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