100 thoughts on “How to Throw a Left Hook | Boxing Lessons

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  2. Why is his punch so low? He has no cover of his face. Its just a punch at shoulder level. Also, I was told it is a boxer's cardinal sin to lead with a left hook. You should throw a right or block to throw one. 

  3. The horizontal and the vertical fist hook. With a hook your fist can land horizontally or vertically. Not european and american.

  4. i know this was filmed in NYC, i grew up there and recognize the background atmosphere any day

    does anyone know where this gym is

  5. no sense at all, Since this is called the european hook you have ur thump pointed against u, and since the other is called american hook you have the thumb up, like wtfXD

  6. Dude turns his head with his hook, keep your eyes on ur opponent.. and damn dude that hook is wrong, ur whole face is left open!

  7. Does it matter if the fist is horizontal or vertical at the point of impact? Anyone know? If so , which is the correct position?

  8. There arent "a couple of ways" there are dozens, depending on the situation, you could be countering over gloves and turn your hand down, you could have gone under a right and be bringing your wrist straight across, it could be a looping hook, could be a short half hook…there is no "this is a hook"

  9. Im A Southpaw and im 9 year old 😀 yay im in junior boxing 5ft 132 (Im Heavyweight because 132 for a 9yr old is alot/obese i gotta lose 38 pounds)

  10. The trick with a left hook is weight transfer from front foot to back as the hook goes in violently twist the front foot inwards for the shift this will give more bang if you use European hook you can turn it into
    A balistic shot by whipping it I do combine both as an arsenal in the ring and I learned this from jack dempsey from his book and practised through sparring to validate it's effectiveness

  11. it's called the European hook because… the thumb… is pointing TO you, so… European hook… get it? Now!

  12. 1:21
    "One of Terry's favorite punches is the American hook."
    Terry frowns like he's never heard of it before.

  13. always good to come back at something you don't feel sure about, even if you know how to do it!

  14. "It's called the European hook because the thumb is pointed towards you"

    Oh well thanks for clearing that up, I completely understand now.

  15. It's just a hook with different ways of delivering it, depending on the situation. I have never heard the terminology 'American or European' when discribing the hook.

  16. Always boggles my mind at how many mctrainers are out there taking people’s money . The “hook punch “ lol

  17. A hook shot against the head can also get a knockout. The temple, ear and behind the ear are areas to hit if you want a KO.

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