How to Throw a Hook in Boxing (A step by step guide for Beginners)

Hi there. I’m Mike Gales for Everlast
Nutrition. Welcome to our little video series on proper boxing technique.
In this video, I want to take a quick look at the proper technique to throw a
hook. First off, what is a hook? A hook is a punch that is thrown in an arc to get
around the defense of your opponent. You can think of it in a way where the
end result is not having your arm extended in the straight line. Your
arm is bent, resembling a hook. Like the ones that you use when you go fishing.
most people try and throw a hook like this.They just wail and flail their arms
about. These shots have little to no power. The real secret of throwing the
hook, is to put your whole body weight behind it, by using the rotation of your
core. Notice that my arm isn’t even moving. Now that you’re going to
put your whole body behind your punch, let’s take a look at your hand position.
Hold your handle directly in front of you. Then bend it at a 90 degree
angle. Notice that your palm is facing you. Your palm is not facing downwards like
this. This position will place your wrist at a biomechanical disadvantage, leaving
you prone to injury. The muscles of your forearm will keep your wrist more stable
when your palm is facing. Notice here as I throw the hooks, that my palm is
facing me and it’s not my arm that’s moving. It’s the rotation of my body that creates the power. Let’s take a look at your shoulder position. If you watch the previous
videos, how to throw a jab and how to throw across, you’ll remember that I
mentioned novices have a bad habit of leaving their head exposed. So keep your
shoulders high and your chin down low. Remember to keep the hand and
shoulder that’s not being used to throw the punch up.
Finally, let’s take a look at your foot position. You want to throw your hook in
your proper boxing stance, with your feet diagonally apart. To throw a powerful
hook has very little to do with your arms. The power of the hook comes from
the rotation of your hips. You want to use your whole body to transfer as much
weight as possible into your hook. That is the real secret to throwing powerful shots. To get into the practice of really rotating my hips, I used to visualize
myself sort of squashing out a cigarette on the ground with my foot. The hook is a
power punch and that power starts with your feet. Then your legs hips and then
core . Then all of that rotational force is delivered through your arm and
your hand to the intended target. I keep repeating this but it’s a crucial point.
Notice here in slow motion, that as I throw these shots, my arm is barely
moving. All of the power of the hook comes from the rotation of my legs
hips and core. Let’s take a look at hook to the body. It may not be feasible to switch levels
in close quarters to throw a hook. Just notice, that as I throw these hooks
to the body, that my shoulder is still kept up high enough to protect my chin. I’m still using the rotation of my hips to put some force into my hook. This
has been Mike Gales for Everlast Nutrition. If you enjoy these videos then
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16 thoughts on “How to Throw a Hook in Boxing (A step by step guide for Beginners)

  1. I've watched  1,000's  of boxing videos.   I have to say, yours are the best. No fluff, no excessive  talking,  right to the  point,  The Do's  and don'ts      These  videos are a God  send!.   SUBSCRIBED!

  2. Awesome video Mike and really great channel! I'd love to see a video on combinations using a lead hook as a starting punch if you have the time of course!

  3. Great videos, and very good work on explaining everything in full detail. I know this is a bit too much to ask for and it's probably a lot more work. But if we got a top camera view, we could get a much better idea of the distance, the stance, everything. Thank you for making great videos for us trying to start proper boxing techniques at home.

  4. mike, Im not able to throw a left hook properly, my movement is shitty, and I'm not able to improve it, any tips? My right hook has great power though.

  5. This is very good, but I would add that there are two ways to throw the hook. Your way is often called the American way. The other way is with the elbow down. (Common in Europe, but also Mike Tyson used it often.) It's defensively more dangerous, but harder to see coming and typically is a bit more powerful. (There's also the long hook, often used by Wlad & Wilder, but that's really just a variation)

    Also, some folks (like my old trainer) would say there's no such thing as a right hook from the orthodox stance, because the hook should be thrown off the back foot, for maximum power. While not everyone agrees, I certainly do. To throw a "right hook" as an orthodox fighter, you should temporarily switch stances, as Hagler sometimes did and as Kovalev often does. But again, of course, there is much disagreement on this point among trainers.

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