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  1. Do you only train Karate? or do you know other martial arts too? and really nice Videos even im not training karate but the Videos are so great!

  2. Rayos, espero puedas ponerlo en ingles, ya que no se como escribirlo correctamente, asi que sorry firts
    A teacher, teach a big a median group, a coach es for individual pratikes and instructor is a mentor for teh ald life

  3. Nice video! What do you think of old masters like Chojun Miyagi who thought that one shouldn't make a living out of Karate?

  4. Best all-around Martial Arts Schools, in my opinion, usually require NO contracts, NO Gi fee, NO rank testing fee and NO belt fee. I know, the worst dojo I attended, was by contract.

  5. Hi Jesse, I love the content… I would be very interested in learning what your favorite solo training combinations are. Thank You!

  6. Excelente, desde Argentina sigo tus videos. Ya entrenando hace ya 13 años y siempre hay más para aprender. Gracias por tus ayudas.

  7. what a great video, great testament of what's like to fully commit. Will try to learn from it!

  8. Hey Jesse, i am the guy at 13:32, i want to say a real big thank for your seminar! You made me think about my Karate and how can i improve it somehow in a way that i never thought about before.Keep up your amazing work and please come back. We all enjoyed your work and love for Karate and want to see and learn more!

  9. As a teacher one should ask him/herself, what would I want to experience from a students perspective? The best teachers never stop being students and inspire their students to do the same.

  10. I love this video. Now I really understand what it truly means to pass on knowledge especially when it involves your passion

  11. Jesse, do you know any way to calm the mind in stressful situations? I am currently moving to another state and thought you would know ways to eliminate worry, even in competitions

  12. Thank you very much for your words of wisdom Shihan Jesse. Your vlogging is moving up to the next level. More power to you. 👍👍👍👍 Ossu.

  13. Thank you so much!!! Now that I heard you, I'm more committed and inspired to be a martial art teacher, this is a dream that I'll achieve soon

  14. This Is an amazing reflexion, it make me see allí the work and effort my sensei puts at teaching

  15. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. A value that not many understand, but you've got a tight grip on it. Love your videos, your energy and your enthusiasm. Karate 4 ever Jesse-san!

  16. Thank you for reminding me why teaching is a gift, doesn’t mater wether it’s martial arts or something else 🙏🏼

  17. This is EXACTLY why I don't have/ want my own school yet! Because I'm still missing a lot of the "why" that a teacher has. Have the instructor/ coach down but still learning the why's! Great video, tons of knowledge bombs 💣💥

  18. Oh Jesse you did a real good nukite straight to my heart with that video. I'm a Dentist and I just started my Karate classes with only 8 pupils at the little coast town where I live, this is far from the city so is completely something new here. No money in between, at my small dojo in my patio .. is my social proyect to make better persons in this small town .. keep youth away from bad habits …
    Again, thank you for been such a nice person and share your experience and knowledge .
    I don't know you in person but you proyect a very positive vibe.

  19. "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad".

  20. Well the Translator (Tony) kinda sucked…
    He didn't translate a single compliment you made to the kids
    And when in one game you said "i am the leader" he basicly was about to translate it with "Führer" than reconsidert germanys history and gave it up xD

    But the Seminar was awesome.I Iearned so much during the seminar and thought it was just amazing
    Keep doing these 😀

  21. I'm preparing for my instructor degree in september, I teach kids and adults classes every saturday morning. This video only confirms some things that I came to understand lately through my little experience of teaching: humility (especially when you're teaching your friends) and striving for perfection. I have to sleep more, organize better and train harder so I can be what they expect me to be. Oh man, I love this thing. Thank you Jesse!

  22. Thanks for your comments! 😄 Glad you enjoyed the video 🌟 Learn more about Karate on my website: http://www.karatebyjesse.com 👍

  23. Thank you from North Carolina USA. As a Mom navigating this Martial Arts world for my 8 year old son your perspective is greatly appreciated and helpful. You have confirmed for me I made the right decision pulling him out of a so called “martial arts school” with a “teacher” that used intimidation and belittlement. I now have him in a wonderful Karate school that exemplifies what you have said here. Thank You, we love your videos 👍❤️🏁

  24. Exploring your martial art, in another martial art!
    As much as it is freedom, it is long commitment.
    I like it.
    Jujitsu here I come.

  25. guten morgen sensei enkamp i would like to ask you for advice on sparring techniqeus beacause wenever i am sparring most of the time i cant even start my fancy kicks and forget about landing one
    i realy want to get better ar sparring so that is why i am asking you for advice. yours cinsererly tieme

  26. Osu sensei
    I’m sad that i was unable to meet Sensei this time around in Germany
    But I’m happy to see two of my own students/training partners being at your seminar
    Hopefully they emptied their minds to learn as much as possible for Sensei
    Still hoping to meet Sensei one day in the future
    Osu Gustav-San

  27. Ring corner, one…. Jesse, zero😁 here is an interesting thought… I go by the guide of there are "traditional" and "professional" instructors, the professional have a sign hanging outside while traditional teach a very small class and you would never guess in years that they knew anything while in public. A couple of years ago I found out there was a third type, the combination of the two. I met a professional teacher that acted traditional, he is trying to make a living, but he actually declined to teach 2 boys because they wanted to use it to beat up on bullys. One thing that got me mad over the years is that my teachers had other jobs to make ends meet. Students should take care of their teachers, they should not have to work a second job to get by! ( I never did hold to this for myself, it in my nature to help others when I can, I get it from my ancestors in Scotland). If it within your means help out your teacher if possible, they might need it, but won't say a word because they are humble.

  28. Thank you Jesse-san for the awesome video ! I always enjoy watching them ^^ ! I like your point of view about the difference between a teacher, an instructor and a coach, and I would like to know your opinion : according to you, does a student need the three of them, or can the teacher do the coach and instructor job ?

  29. Brilliant Sir and great timing as in re enforces the theme one of my JKD instructors covered in a seminar just this weekend. Thank for giving so freely

  30. Dear Jesse, can you make video about physical training? Do you think swimming and skipping is important to improve our skill?

  31. I like the comments on humility, and being there for the people, not the other way around. Great attitude!

  32. Thank you Jesse, great video as always. But how good is good enough to teach. Best wishes thanks again.

  33. I like to think that being a professional has a lot to do with one's conduct and ability to be the exemplar of what you teach to your students. In a sense, you must practice what you preach, in every respect. The way I see it, if you are a professional in the martial arts, distinct terminology like teacher, coach, instructor, and master are no longer important because if you are truly a professional, you've become all of those things rolled into one, no longer bound by the confines of any one term for what you do.

    I've only ever had two dream goals in life when it comes to what kind of good I can do in this world. I've always wanted to be a published author (I'm only self-published so far) but first and foremost, I've wanted to be a professional martial artist. Several years ago, I suffered from a bad injury because I would train and work out at the gym regularly, and I also worked a labor-intensive job. As a result, my back gave out. (I was only 22 or 23 at the time as I recall, and I'm currently 26, fast approaching 27.)

    I went through surgery, physical therapy, medication, doctors' visits to specialists, injections, and nothing helped. I'm now disabled with my chronic back pain, and it hurts all day, every day. I also have developed problems with my legs moving on their own at random intervals. I used to train in various marital arts, (both striking and grappling, although grappling was always more my strength) but due to my injuries, I haven't been able to take any classes in years, and move-wise I'm limited to almost entirely grappling by way of holds, chokes, takedowns, (using my legs as the driving force) limb breaks, and joint locks, as well as some basic ground defense.

    I still train from home as much as possible, and I do simple exercises and stretches multiple times a day, around 2 or 3. Apart from my loss of striking capability, I also lost a lot of flexibility, something I always had as a huge advantage in the past. I have still gotten to a place where I can maintain the ability to practice what I'm still physically capable of, but I don't have the credentials on paper enough to start a school of my own, even though I do have experience and understanding enough that I'm sure I could teach a basic self defense course. Sadly, I can't seem to find anywhere that will train me in order to achieve the necessary documentation to show that I'm legitimate.

    Despite all of that, I will never give up my dream, even if I am only ever able to do it for free at a local meet-up in a park or something like that. While I would like to make a living out of it, the money isn't what I'm after. I just want to impart something of myself that means everything to me onto others, and hopefully give them something they can take and use to improve as well as protect their lives and what matters to them. I feel that doing this is one of the greatest things you can ever give to someone, and I want to do exactly that more than anything else in my lifetime.

  34. Hey Jesse, could you make videos of karate uke (blocks) applications? I have one application of gedan barai where you slip the punch at the same time you punch and then come a second punch when the arm next to the neck extends. Also it should be at face level.

    Could you make videos of this and maybe pressure test them?

    Basically I have an idea that all the karate blocks should be that all the movements will give you advantage, where as the case of gedan barai you will trade two punches for the opponent's one.

    I hope I will see more videos where you decode the mysterious executions of karate.

  35. I am not sure if you meant to, but you just described Free Market Capitalism. Thank You for that, and all the other knowledge, commitment, wisdom, and fun you bring us.

  36. I love your video's keep the good work up and I subscribe and turn on notifications and like your video's

  37. I really love your words and your attitude, now that I am 7 months pregnant and still teaching my karate kids… Your words have motivated me!!

  38. Woooow that speech in the end. This video is very motivating. A lot of us get fatigued and something like this is nice. Thank you sir

  39. Sensei, as a guy heading toward the age of 50, and new to karate, it would be super cool to see a video or two focused on people my age learning karate for the first time. Like, their expectations, disappointments, successes, especially of people who are not in super physical good shape, things like that. If you know of anyone I could do a search for on YouTube that would be awesome.

  40. Very inspiring, nice and simple explained. Besides you are obviously marshal arts expert, I think you are also excellent instructor, coach and teacher and, I also think, very normal person. Being paid for your work in completely normal. As you said, it is important what you give back to people for being paid, even for me the money is not the biggest issue, it is imported to try to fulfill people expectations as best as possible. Professionalism, for me, means first to really know what are you doing, and after that to do that as best as you can, like as you doing it always for yourself, and not to be selfish and vain… This is maybe not easy, but it makes the difference and gives every teacher (in any field of activity) opportunity to be really (but really) respected.

  41. Very nice video Jesse. I'll bring your thoughts of instructor, teacher and professional into my own teaching. I also picked up material from your training sessions 🙂

  42. Thank you so much for the video here. I really enjoyed it very inspirational and very educational. Thank you.

  43. I was just looking for a video like this from you! I wanted some tips, because I’m going to start leadership training at my dojo (which includes helping with the kids), and eventually become a teacher there! This is literally all I’ve ever wanted since I was a seven year-old watching “Karate Kid” as often as I could. I finally started taking classes last year, but for me, my journey didn’t start there. I was a Karate-ka long before that when I was mimicking Mr. Miyagi (and later on, you) trying to learn all I could, searching on YouTube, trying to teach myself ‘till I could finally take classes. Now can’t believe that dream’s coming to realization! (And to think it only took 9 years)

    Thank you so much for this video and all of the inspiration/knowledge you’ve given me. I plan on, within the next couple years, going to that annual seminar you do (the one with the pink belts). Well, we’ll see. Domo arigato goziashimas! 😊

    Edit: YES!! Sorry, so excited. So, I just talked to my sensei and he wants me to start helping with the kids class on Wednesdays, (not teaching as a job, just like a junior helper training to teach someday) so I would be doing that an hour before my class that day, and instead of just sitting around for an hour my sensei said that I could just jump in the Kobudo class (which I planned on doing eventually anyway) FOR FREE!! 😁 👏I'M👏SO👏EXCITED👏!!!

  44. Sensei what style of karate are you teaching plsss answer back i'll gues shotokan or goju ryu or maybe shorin ryu

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