How to successfully block in Taekwondo ft. Lee Dae Hoon | Olympians’ Tips

HOW TO… My tip today is on defence. Attacking is important, but
blocking is also very important to avoid giving away points. BLOCKING A common mistake is only
concentrating on your kicks and leaving your body
open for counterattacks. You need to attack
to gain points but you shouldn’t
give away points easily. So when you kick, you should use your arms
to protect yourself. Everyone has different
ways of doing it. Some people put their front
arm low and back arm high. Others put their front arm
high and back arm low. And there are some
who use only one arm. The most important thing
is to find what suits you. A lot of people use their
front arm to find range and also use the same arm
to block. Finding range with the front
arm will come with practice and experience
rather than from lessons. When using arms to block, make sure you don’t have your
arms too close to your body or too far away from your body, leaving a gap for
your opponent’s attacks. It’s important to find
that optimum position. I hope this video was useful.
Thank you. HOW TO…

17 thoughts on “How to successfully block in Taekwondo ft. Lee Dae Hoon | Olympians’ Tips

  1. I study this guy in his fight use some tec I learn from him and it works I always win medals good to see him teaching tec

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