Hello and good day The topic of today is Shuto uke Shuto uke blocks with the hand edge the outer hand edge and takes a swing from the top – next to the head the back of the hand points outwards. The other arm is stretched forward. And the back of the hand points upwards It is optimal that you bring together elbow bend and elbow This protects us during the intermediate movement So we would be open, in a too fast attack, which we could not fend off. So we would be a little more closed Let’s first look at the front hand We move from this height to shoulder height As usual: The fingertips are at the height of the shoulder Lateral: 90 ° and a fist width distance from the body similar to Uchi uke While the Uchi uke moves from the bottom up … Shuto uke moves from top to bottom. very easy the end position is similar. The other hand … moves from the front back to the solar plexus This is especially the case with Shuto uke. Usually you go into the hike In this case, the path ends with the back of the hand – to the solar plexus It should be noted that the defensive arm does not go straight forward But makes a bow so that the Chudan area is protected As we know, Shuto uke is usually used in Kokutsu dachi Let’s take a look at that together As with all karate techniques, Shuto uke is also fundamental to use the hip Mostly – logically – in Hanmi position (so diagonal). For an attack – to be able to make a possible counter technique in the same position With hip usage An example from Kokutsu dachi Keep your hips straight as long as you go forward and finally open And then at the counter – close! Close the hips The knee at the Kokutsu dachi of course remains behind open – closed That’s it for today again. Thank you and see you next time

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