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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial
Arts. In this video, how to shoot, and sprawl. Alright, so those two basic movements are
gonna get you ready to be able to execute, and defend against takedowns. So on the offense,
the basic movement you need to be able to shoot in with the takedown is the shoot, so
we’re gonna gonna work on this movement with the legs first. So from your basic fighting
stance, I’m gonna step forward with my front leg, bring my back knee close to the ground,
without resting on the ground, keep my back straight, looking forward, even looking up
a little bit. I’m gonna step forward, keeping my level, I wanna stay low in this step, like
so, here, stay stable, and go right back up. Again, a bit smoother, go down, step, transition,
and back up. And a little bit faster… breathing out as I do it. That’s the basic shoot movement,
to get your legs ready; be able to do that on both sides.
And now is the sprawl, that’s the defensive movement. I want to get basically my legs
out of there, the person’s gonna go to grab your legs, you want to get those legs out
of there, so you maintain top position. So I’m gonna crouch down, reach for the ground
with my hands, absorb, then throw both legs back and land on my hips, so I’m protecting
my legs. From here I can pop back up, right in my fighting stance. Alright, so once again,
a little bit faster, you want to be able to that quickly obviously, when the person comes
in… land, and come back. What I don’t want to do is to land on my toes over here, because
the person drives forward, I’m gonna go back up on my feet, eventually fall on my back;
I don’t want that. So once again, recap, shoot… and sprawl.
Alright, so those are the two basic moves you need to get ready to learn the takedowns
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and remember, practice well, safety first, and use these techniques only for self-defense.

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