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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial
Arts. In this lesson, how to roll. When I am on the ground, I have to be comfortable
in a 360 space, you have to be able to roll forward, or backwards. The key to that, is
to simply make a ball with your body; so you want to be round, and you want to be tight.
So this is what we call the combat base, I’m gonna be on one knee, and one foot. I want
to have my abs crunched, and my back round, arms in front so I complete the circle, head
down so I’m not rolling on my head, so my chin goes down to my chest, and from here
I just simply keep the same exact position while I’m rolling. I’m gonna breathe out,
to make sure I’m contracting the right muscles. Right here, nice and slow… my body does
not move. And the same thing going backwards, making sure my head is to the side, so I don’t;
my head doesn’t touch the ground. Same thing, a little bit faster… and backwards.
And that’s how you roll. And eventually you’re gonna mix up the directions, you’re gonna
be able to go sideways, forward, backwards, but this is the basic roll. Also, you’re got
to be able to do it from your feet, when you’re falling down you want to go into a roll. That’s
gonna be for a later video, so subscribe to our channel to stay tuned, leave a comment
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and till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts, and remember, practice
well, safety first, and use these techniques only for self- defense.

12 thoughts on “How to Roll – Ground Fighting Basics | Effective Martial Arts

  1. Rolling is still very hard for me but this is the most helpful video out there. I hope I will finally be able to roll softly using your technique.

  2. Realistically, when would it be appropriate to apply this? Is it just fancy stuff or is it really practical? Not trying to be incisive I just really want know practically.

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