(melodic hiphop jazz beat) – Bruce Lee’s JKD Jeet Kune Do how to quickly attack and retreat with the pendulum step. Now, this is going to be great because when I first saw Sifu’s video, that’s what caught my attention. Because I’ve be trying to master my pendulum step for many, many years. And I just found that I couldn’t do it, and when I watched Sifu’s
video, it was just amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. So, Sifu how do you do that? – Pendulum requires you
to build that acceleration from one to another, one
point to another spot. So, to train it, you
basically bring this foot in and you lightly bring the foot in. I think, the problem with most people do is that they’re literally stepping. So, what’s happening is they step, and they lose a beat in
time when they’re doing it. So, what you wanna do is be able to glide with this. When you glide your weight
distribution is coming this way, and now it’s centered. So, you have to release this foot. So, by the time you’re
here, this extends out. But you see how I ended up just shifting that foot and replacing it with this one. – So, you’re momentum
is all going forward? – Correct. So, then the foots coming in, right? You see the weights coming into here. And then I extend. The thing is is that
you gotta be able to… You can’t go one, two. It’s too slow. It’s too late. In fact, it’s probably too slow for somebody to read you and then take you down for that. You gotta be able to do this quick or to do it at all. So, bring this foot, and extend out. This is the ankle you want. – Body, right?
– Right. – And what about in terms
of the center gravity? – Well, most of my weight
distribution is right here now. So, you’re thinking about
maybe 90%, maybe 10% here. So, the ball of the foot is
absorbing the impact just a bit and when I return, I come back. So, the idea here is
utilize the core strength into doing this. Because if you’re just
thinking of the pendulum– – Then there is, you can’t
do anything on your foot. – Yeah, you’re just thinking of this, and what happens you create bad habits by raising your body, coming in, rise. – That’s what I was doing before. – Yeah, and so you wanna be able to leave the lower center of gravity and direct that energy into that one. And it just naturally stays there without me having to move my head forward. This stays here, now it’s here. So, you just practice that
over, and over, and over. – And the purpose of this is
– Until you get it right. – Is to cover distance
forward and backward, and in the quickest time, right? – Correct. So, for you to utilize one
of your attacks in distance, and then close the distance
pendulum works in that case. If you’re coming into attack the opponent, especially if you’re trying
to redirect his attacks, for you to attack him
this works very well. Now, again in a practical standpoint if you’re in a critical stage,
you wouldn’t do this kick. Critical stage meaning
I’m this close to you. – Yeah, you’re good at hitting. – I can’t use pendulum, I’m
just gonna bring the leg up. Now, to drill this, of
course, I would have my partner stay in place,
and the say okay well, we’re not looking at
someone attacking you, or doing anything else. What I want you to do is
know how to reach the target. My foots gonna go here, and
my main target is the knee. Now, for practicing I try
to go a little bit lower. Instead of hitting right here on the knee. Now, the knee is a good target, because you wanna blow through it. You imagine the knees going the other way and then he’s done, okay. But, you gotta be careful when you’re training with your partner. So, this is enough, okay. Find your distance on where
you can reach him to hit. Now, if my partner was a bit further out, this is the question
as to whether or not… – Now I can’t kick. I’m not in the range. – You’re not even in range with me, and could I reach you? Would be the question. Could I still reach you? – However, I don’t think
you can reach me, right? As an opponent I have to estimate. – Yeah, yeah but if I can just
borrow a little bit of space. And still utilize my
momentum to get to you, I could still reach you. Now, let’s question the next stage. Could you step back further? Can I still reach you? Is the question. Depends again, on how you’re
gonna utilize the foundation and borrow the energy. So, if I’m going to reach you. Maybe so, it just depends on how I put a little bit more bend on
this leg, and come back. Now, what I have a problem with is doing this kick and recovery. Because if you recover, the problem is how slow or what,
there’s a gap there where there’s an opportunity for your opponent. – This is here to… – Yes, because this it
makes you vulnerable, right? There’s a gap in time, where
you need to know how to recover so, if I did that and I hit I have to (grunts) come
back as quickly as I can, and I usually do it with a hit. So, I cover that gap with a hit. So, again I hit. (yells) I’m in. And that’s how I usually recover. I don’t wanna go (pants), big gap. More or less it’s (stomps), in. And that’s how you advance. Now, let’s take this to an extreme. Step back a little bit more. Can I reach you? – That’s like almost one, two, three, like three steps, right? – Yeah, it is. Now, again I’m just learning how far I can extend this tool. So, to get to you I
could either steal-step. So, I’m gonna steal
that space to reach you. And, of course, now you
start looking at wow, If I can use that long a weapon, and I’m a short guy, we’re short guys. And I can utilize my tool that long? Hmmm, now I can vary it between distance. And that’s another time
that you can play with. Now, to drill this what I like doing is teaching my students,
from the very beginning, so, the first thing I do is I say okay, you’re stationary,
there’s nothing going on, I hit the target and you retreat. That’s it, and you retreat. Now, you try to retreat and my purpose is to try to hit it. And you retreat and not let me… Not letting me hit you. – Okay. – So, ready? That’s it. And, the whole idea is again, (exhales) you maybe be in a right
lead but if you switch leads I’ll still be able to
attack the other leg, because you don’t have a guard on there. So, are you ready? – Yes. – Good. Good. Good, and so you just drill
it over, and over, and over to where you get this pendulum affect. This your pendulum. And you could even pendulum
backwards, with a backfist. – So, it is the core that’s
doing a lot of the work? – This is very important if you… If it’s not here then there’s
no purpose of you doing this. – That becomes the legs, the
thighs, they’re very heavy? – Yes. – And that’s why we really
can’t, we can’t move. – Yeah, and a lot of it has to do with being light on your footwork. So, if you’re not light then, this stuff doesn’t… Work good. – And it doesn’t, it could
be shin-kick, it could be a, a toe-kick, it could be a
front-kick, it doesn’t matter? – Yeah, I could do it
from here, and then go up. I go (grunts) and you’re
expecting that one, and then right to the head. – So, there you go. That’s the pendulum step. Now, it is very, very difficult. Now, see what are some of the drills that someone can practice, to
improve that explosive power? Then the issues of speed? – On pendulum, again, if you drill this to where you’re going here. And back. Take it one step at a time. So, you go half beat, hold it, come back. Break it apart, one. Hold, two. Look at the transitions, feel it out. One! Two. Okay, and that’s how you
start getting used to this. If I gave you a full beat. Say, I want you to go forward and back. Back. And without losing the microphone. Back, see? – We don’t even worry about the kick? Focus on the step? – Yeah, just look at how
this foot glides over. And bounce off the ground. Use the ball of the feet, and back. Because this, ends up being your kick. And it helps. – That makes sense. Wow, that’s very, very valuable. So, pendulum step. How to quickly retreat, and also attack. Okay, comment below if
you got any questions. It is a very advanced step. Probably one of the most
advanced, kind of footwork in JKD. – Very extraneous but
yes advanced footwork. – I think Sifu told me it took
you quite a few years to get. – It does. You just gotta keep practicing it. Look at yourself in the
mirror while you do it. There’s many different way you can do it. And we’ll share those later. – Yeah, so give a thumbs up. Make sure you hit the
subscribe button below. For notification. And check out all the other JKD
videos on the right as well. Until next time, practice your step. Be water, my friend.

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