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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts. In this lesson, the 7 basic punches. So the 7 basic punches you need to know to
begin your martial arts training, are as follows. From your fighting stance, 1. Jab, 2. Cross,
3. Lead Hook, 4. Back Hook, 5. Lead Uppercut, 6. Back Uppercut, and 7. Overhand Punch.
From the other side, once again, 1. Jab, 2. Cross, 3. Lead Hook, 4. Back Hook, 5. Lead
Uppercut, 6. Back Uppercut, and 7. Overhand Punch.
Now lets see them applied. Right here. Jab, to the chin. Cross, same thing, straight line.
Lead hook, to the side of the chin. Back hook, same thing, in the front fighting twist. Lead
uppercut, coming underneath the chin. Back uppercut, same thing. And the overhand punch,
in a swinging motion, comes around on the nose or on the chin, going down, and recover.
Those are your 7 punches. Now lets look at them in a little more detail.
So, general principles first, power in the punches comes from the ground, you have to
use your legs, you have to use your hips, and your arms are simply following. Other
general principle, your punching arm’s shoulder will always come up to protect your chin,
any punch you’re doing, the shoulder is right there protecting your chin, and your back
hand is always protecting on the cheekbone, so your chin is protected on both sides, for
any one of those punches. Now lets look at each one. 7 basic punches.
1. Jab: lift my heel slightly, little bit of weight on my front leg, extend in a straight
line, strike, and come back. Jab, very simple. Cross, go to my front fighting twist, if you
missed the fighting stance video, check it out right here, we explain the fighting twist
in more detail. So right here, transfer to front fighting twist, extend in a straight
line, strike in a straight line, the other hand protects, and bring back. That is your
Cross punch. Lead Hook, I’m gonna pop my shoulder forward
a little bit, to load it up, little bit of weight on my front leg, here I’m gonna push
off my front leg, go to my back fighting twist, open up my elbow, my hips start, then my chest
opens, and then my arm follows after that. I want to pull it until my forearm is right
in front of my jaw, but not further, I don’t want to show my back. Ok, so right here, and
I bring it back. Lead Hook, feel the stretch in your pectoral muscle.
Back Hook, same idea, front fighting twist, hips, chest, elbow, arm. Through the target,
back hook, #4. Lead Uppercut, with the front hand, so squat
down, bring a little bit of weight on your front leg, like so, bring your elbow down
on your rib cage, push off the ground, and hand forward, and 45 degree angle going forward.
So you see it, 45 degree angle going here, underneath the chin, boom, and come back.
So push off the ground and strike, like so. Back Uppercut, same idea, but I’m gonna use
the weight on my back leg, push off the ground, elbow goes against the rib cage, not too far
back, I don’t wanna show the punch coming. Right here, push off the ground, 45 degree
angle, underneath the chin. So your arm does kind of a U motion, come around, use the legs.
And then you got your Overhand Punch, very powerful, this is THE knockout punch, happens
a lot of times. So, I’m gonna open up my base, step forward and to an angle, over here, let
my arm drop, keeping a slight angle in my elbow, I bring it around, and I strike down
on the nose or chin, follow through, bring my elbow in, recover my fighting stance. Overhand
Punch. Once you get comfortable, do it faster and faster.
So those are your 7 basic punches, recap from the other side, #1: Jab, 2: Cross, 3: Lead
Hook, 4: Back Hook, 5: Lead Uppercut, 6: Back Uppercut, and 7: Overhand Punch.
Now remember those numbers because those are the ones we’re gonna use when we’re gonna
do punching combinations, to refer to the punches faster.
So, those are the 7 basic punches. Leave a comment below to tell us which one is your
favorite one, and if you have any questions, also ask away. If you liked this video, click
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We’re gonna have a detailed video for each punch, if it’s ready, it’s gonna be somewhere
over here. Alright, so till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop,
this is Effective Martial Arts, and remember, practice well, safety first, and use these
techniques only for self-defense.

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  1. In your other video you demo your basic kicks. I thought you the basic kicks are front kick, side kick, back kick and round kick. The groin and push kick, I think, are variants of front kick . on the other hand, the turning kick is just a back kick done with a complete turn.

  2. I really never need to punch i just kick a few times and the fall to the ground but sometimes i like to do my kamikaze move where i side kick twice do a push kick do a backhand punch on their left side with my right hands knuckle then i grab them pull them behind me then elbow their backs left side with my right arm

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  4. Don't Martial artist put there arms next to there rib to get ready for the next punch cuz here hr puts his other hand to his face when he throws the other punch so that is basically boxing

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