How to Play Fast Feet | Boxing Lessons

Adam Colberg: The best footwork drill, my
second one, is one of my favorites as far as footwork. It’s called ‘Fast Feet.’ I do this with all my elite athlete’s and
its a great way to work your reflexes, footwork and you’ve got to think through Fast Feet. Fast Feet’s a competitive game, that you can
play among your training partners or your coach, where you work on your footwork fundamentals
through a fun competition. Alright? You’ve got to think through Fast Feet, you
kinda have to, play off one another but you wanna make sure your feet don’t get stepped
on. Let me show you fast feet. Terry Southerland: Okay. What are we doing? Adam: I’m going to try to step on your feet. And you notice I’m box stepping with Terry
to try to…[heavy breathing]…got him. That’s Fast Feet but he’s hard to get. Terry was one of the best. A slow motion reel of Fast Feet works like
this, if he steps on my foot then its my turn to try to step on his. So lets say we’re playing and he’s trying
to touch me, he can’t just yet but then he does, now I have to try to step on Terry’s
feet. And Terry’s going to move efficiently and
if he moves right and his feet don’t come too close or too far apart it’s going to be
hard for me to step on his feet so then I’m going to wear out. I’m going to wear out and I’m going to improve
because, I have to have efficient steps to capitalize on making it right and stepping
on his feet. That’s the way Fast Feet’s played.

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