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So how to choose a Karate school. Well, hopefully once you’ve taken up Karate
you’ll be hooked and you’ll be doing it for most of your life. So choosing a school in the first place is
a very serious business. First and foremost you have to be comfortable
with the instructor. He has to be articulate and he has to know
what he’s talking about, and also very importantly you ought to be able to watch a class or take
a trial class before you commit. I wouldn’t sign up for anything unless you’re
allowed to see a class or spend time with the instructor or take a trial. There are lots of different styles as we spoke
about before, and as a result you can have not a choice by style but a choice by instructor
again. And if the instructor is very good, it doesn’t
matter what the style is. You’ll learn and you’ll learn properly. Another thing to consider is the sort of general
atmosphere of the class. I lived in Japan for a long time. I like the way Shotokan Karate is linked to
the Japanese culture and so my classes are quite Japanese in form, but I explain a lot
which is the English side of my character. Some classes though will be very westernized
and so you won’t get any of the sort of root culture in your classes, which is okay. It tends to be a little bit less disciplined,
which I think is not a good thing, and tends to have less of a structure which is also
not a good thing. Plus, of course, you know, talking about Karate
in general you may want to do this for your whole life and therefore having a deep philosophy
that comes from the root source I think is always a good thing. It adds depth to your Karate training.

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  1. karate is one of the leaast afective martial arts it is made to look good but it is not good in actual fighting

  2. The howcast really needs to stop making videos just for the sake of making videos. I was subscribed for a long time but this channel has just gotten worse and clearly quantity has taken over quality. As of now unsubscribed

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