HOW TO: Neko ashi dachi | Shotokan Karate stance

Hello, today we have the topic Neko ashi dachi The catfoot stance It is a short stance In principle: comparable to our normal Kokutsu dachi The Neko ashi dachi is very often used in kata in the Wado ryo it even replaces our Shotokan Kokutsu dachi 90% of the body weight is on the rear leg 10% on the front leg Both legs are strongly bent To keep the body weight as low as possible The front lower leg is perpendicular to the ground The front foot only touches the ground with the ball of the foot The rear foot is turned diagonally forward – not too open! The knee is also directed forward If I extend the Neko ashi dachi … into a Zenkutsu dachi … then the rear foot must not change (The inclination of the back foot) Neko ashi dachi Zenkutsu dachi A clear application of Neko ashi dachi is with techniques like Shuto uke and Nukite to ward off and counterattack An example for Shuto uke Nukite to note is: That when opening the hip – in defense – that the leg does not open In our Shotokan! We stay closed and still turned to the front. The body turns. But the back knee never goes aside, but always stays forward open Knees forward close – knee still faces the front! A little tip to adjust the length of the Neko ashi dachi If you start from Yoi If we turn Yoi sideways in Neko ashi dachi and we turn on the balls of our feet then automatically results in a height that allows us the lower leg of the front leg either to hold vertically or a bit more open When we go back to Yoi then we have the width. Turn on the balls of the foot to be in Neko ashi dachi the front leg is right and back again That’s it for today. Thank you and see you next time

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