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  1. Bruce Lee's was inspired by Muhammad Ali's fighting foot work.

    Jeet kun do= Use what work's, disregard what doesn't from different fighting styles. The Godfather of MMA= Bruce Lee

  2. Ali's foot-work comes from 'rocking' subtly by pressing down on the floor. Much like running in place with your legs spread a bit. He does push off with his back foot. Watch him jab. Angelo Dundee taught Ali the style Ali uses. Look how he trained Ray Leonard. Bruce Lee copied a lot of Ali movement. Lee does not stand in a kung-fu stance, but a boxing stance.

  3. Great analysis but nobody could do it as half as gracefully and beautifully as Ali himself. It was mesmerizing to watch him dance under those lights.

  4. As a Kinesiologist and physical educator, I thought there were some excellent points and observations here … You might also enjoy my upcoming book, WINNING, DH Towers, soon to be released in a month or so

  5. I was just watching Ali vs. Frazier 1 and thought to myself how Frazier moves in like a tank and Ali flits like a ballerina. Pretty awesome to see you back that up. I lose my shit watching Ali's footwork, and how he sometimes just showed it off to get the crowd going.

  6. Some want to move like Jagger… Others want to move like Ali…
    Seriously now, I´m happy to find out I don't have to be jumping up and down because I simply can't.

  7. Is it inconvenient when you're putting on your boxing gloves? I mean the laces are hard to tie when you're wearing

  8. Just a bunch of unnecessary footwork that wastes energy and makes your punches weak unless your moving your weight straight at your opponent, Ali was the biggest clown in boxing, do not try to emulate his hands down blocking punches with his face style, just take a look at where Ali is now in life, his Parkinsons is a direct result of taking too much damage, his footwork was more of a cocky show ment to dazzle his opponents then anything else.

  9. why would anyone learn boxing from you? expertboxing? have you fought in the cage or ring ? if not i cant learn anything from you. learning technique isnt effective unless you've put it in battle before , you have no credentials.

  10. Hi, Johny, this is a perfect box dancing video.
    I am a former dancer too and in spite I am a bad boxer, my dancing skills help me a lot not to be a VERY bad boxer 🙂 Thanks a lot for your videos! Petr from Czech Republic.

  11. Wow !!!
    Practicing that leg movement and then changing from Southpaw to Orthodox a few time felt amazing !
    Using your own weight to move sounds completely obvious until you realize how little we actually do it ! :-O

    THANK YOU !!!!!!

  12. you know your stuff , and we know there's only one Ali , and we love him , watch mine if you like and make a comment if you want , I love all Ali.fans , there will never.be another one.

  13. I discovered this on my own through shadowboxing after watching your video on the boxer's bounce when you said to stay low to the ground as opposed to jumping up. I realized how tiring the other way was and that just using my glutes, hamstrings, calves, and ankles as ONE UNIT was so much more efficient that I could now bounce an entire round without getting tired as opposed to just for a few seconds at a time the other way.

    You have the most informative videos on boxing footwork out there. Thanks

  14. If u can Count hairs in ur head,
    Then u can represent Ali Moves.
    Kid he was a Father In Ring. U just picked up Gloves,

  15. I like this, I've been trying to incorporate some Ali footwork into my style and I was jumping a lot and putting pressure on my knees wasting a lot of energy. Thanks Johnny!

  16. Hey Johnny, great videos man. Very helpful & entertaining! I much appreciate the effort you put into making these tutorials!
    Kind regards,

  17. footwork is the most underrated skill in boxing today, if you have good footwork you can go a long way in the sport. tyson fury beat vladimere klitscko with footwork and movement, a good mover beats a flat footed fighter 9 times out of 10. it's a shame footwork doesn't get taught in most gyms anymore

  18. As soon as I heard this guy I immediately thought, ''Hey! This Mike from sixpacksshortcuts!.'' XD They sound similar.

  19. Thanks for the video! Could you do a video on the ali shuffle? Like break it down on how he moves his feet so fast, how to practice it, build up speed with it, and how he uses his jab after the shuffle, etc. if so then thanks!:)

  20. Nice upload..Ali at his peak would be up on his toes, which propelled him around the ring laterally in an anti clockwise circling motion,he sort of glided..
    he made it look effortless, but infact it was only achievable for 15 rds because he had so much stamina&conditioning…although Ali was very strong throughout his body his real strength were his legs which gave him the kind of movement no other boxer has ever had..

  21. +expertboxing
    A couple years late to the party but I think pulling with the legs makes the movement quicker too. You can start pulling instantly but to push you have to first bend the leg to build power to then push away. That all takes time which during you would probably be hit.

  22. Ali's footwork was not simply alternating bouncing off each foot while swinging a leg. His movement was swing bounce bounce step. He'd swing his right foot behind him, bounce off his left foot TWICE, then come back down on his right foot. He covered more space that way. It also allowed him to throw a jab and be out of the way of a counter punch before it was even thrown.

  23. Been watching you for a few years now Johnny, really enjoy your videos, and your explanation of techniques are spot on. I live in Milwaukee and really wish I had training partners like you to learn from and train with.

  24. This is great, thank you for the help. Quick question though, is that type of movement still allowed in today's era? For example, in the fight, Ali vs Cleveland Williams, Ali was literally floating. Is it against the rules to move like that in a professional setting?

  25. the only guy that makes boxing tutorials that actually knows boxing the other guys just look like fools

  26. Its so obvious. It was right in front of us all these years. Thanks for pointing it out in such a clear way. Could have saved my legs back in the day. But I have grandsons who will greatly benefit from these tips. Thanks man. Peace

  27. muhammad ali movements was created by him not bruce lee and bruce lee was fan of muhammad ali bro and bruce lee imitiate muhammad ali footwork and include of his movements into his own and born his jeet kune do

  28. I'm not a very fast Heavyweight but this explained it so well and I've been able to use this kind of movement in sparring to great success. Thanks a ton!

  29. Bruh u forget to mention his back muscles his doesn't push in into the fighter he lures the fighter out and dodges his head backwards instead of frontwards

  30. Great video man I know how to do this foot work I been doing it for years I'm a Boxer but I learned something new today even though I already know how to do this. But no body can do it better then man himself Mohamed Ali the Greatest Of All Times… I got the foot work down but the striking while moving around and dancing is very hard to do. Maybe you can explain how to throw the jab while moving. I do it but not as good as Ali. I can do it using both left stance and right stance it different from Ali's style.

  31. Footwork will come if you take your time but how on earth did the man float like a butterfly for so many rounds barely lasted a few rounds went flat footed …

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