HOW TO: Manji Uke simply explained | Shotokan Karate basic technique

Hello todays topic is manji uke (whirling technique). Manji uke consists of two techniques: Gedan Barai and Uchi Uke. Gedan barai usually fetches from the top, on the shoulder and Uchi uke in the hip area, whether it’s Uchi Uke Chudan or Jodan. At Manji Uke, the Uchi Uke is Jodan. Manji uke blocks at the same time – front and back. So, take it out at the same time. There are two ways to use the hip: You can put the hips forward, The body follows the Gedan barai, or backwards. Both versions are correct. I personally prefer turning her hips backwards, this supports the arm, which moves backwards, because we are used to act forward. That’s why our front arm is definitely strong. Support with body use rather needs – I think – the rear arm. At Manji Uke, the swivel block, one should pay attention that the posterior arm definitely is at least horizontal or slightly higher and the angle here greater than 90 °. Present in many Shotokan kata, the Manji uke is a classic defense technique of our style. Thank you and see you next time.

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