How to Make Your Own Boxing Focus Mitts for $1.00!

what’s going on guys Shane here. Welcome
to my new apartment here in Los Angeles, California we made it. So if you’re on a budget, like me, I’m gonna teach you how to build your own, make your own boxing mitts focus mitts. Okay, so these can
get kinda expensive so we’re gonna get rid of them. Let’s drop it down here. so when I got here is a pool noodle and
a knife, okay? I got this at the dollar store, guys. One dollar, alright. If you don’t have a knife, ya gotta buy a
knife, then chew through this thing! I’m gonna cut this thing and have to sort of
measure it in half here. Right. Cut it right down the middle. Easy, simple. Boom, these are like arms, these are like the fists, alright, the gloves that your opponent’s
gonna be throwin’ at you. So what we’re going to be doing this is where knowledge comes in right?
Now that you got your equipment, now you gotta know how to properly, you know, throw punches. Teach your, you know, your training partner how to do
things correctly. Okay, so, jabs, crosses, they can roll alright? We’re gonna
demonstrate with Marie. We’re gonna show you how to do it correctly. Okay, alright ready? Jab jab. Good, jab cross. Roll! Good, cross-hook-cross. Slip-slip! Good again: jab, jab. Jab Cross. Roll, good. Cross, hook, cross. Good, slip-slip. Hook, cross, hook, good. Jab, jab. Good, jab-cross! Roll, good. Cross, hook, cross, good! Alright guys, so that’s just a little but of what you can do. You can tell there’s a lot, like, there’s
a lot of the defenses cues. I’m throwing these punches and she’s gotta slip, she’s gotta block. And what’s good about ’em too is they’re soft. So if I do boom, hit her in the face, yeah it’s not gonna hurt her. How did you feel with it Marie? I love it, I hit pads with Shane
really often and this actually feels just as realistic if not more. It kinda is nice having something come at me to defend against. Yeah, guys you go into an old-school boxing gym you’ll see these
laying around and there’s no pools in there, right? They’re using these for getting the box-game up! Alright guys, so make sure you subscribe for
more tips like this we get videos coming up three times a
week! Check out my fight him so you can learn individual techniques in
boxing, okay? And what’s good about these, too is you can do it for Muay Thai. Marie, check a kick? I want you to just lift that knee up Boom! Good, so you can be working Muay Thai, as well – blocking kicks! comment below, let me know we think about
this, and you’re going to give it a try. Alright, until next time: I’m Shane, I’m Marie! fightTIPS.

98 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Boxing Focus Mitts for $1.00!

  1. I've seen trainers do that thing where you move the focus pad towards the puncher in a lot of places. What's the logic behind it?

  2. Shane if your short and the person is taller and weighs more then you is there a disadvantage because i fell slightly intimidated by them when i do my mauy thai fights

  3. shane you are the best, thank you for giving me the confidence to join a jeet kune do academy, you are an inspiration for me i am so glad that i found your channel,I hope that twenty years from now you have open gyms all across the world. much love from Portugal 🙂       

  4. Shane can you do a video on how to make homemade punching bag for cheap? I currently use sand bags, but they are too small, i was hoping for some standing structure that i could punch, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars. Thanks

  5. Shane what you recommend me if I currently use braces… you know with a little punch my mouth bleeds as hell, and when u recomend me to do in order to have better reflexes

  6. Shane what you recommend me if I currently use braces… you know with a little punch my mouth bleeds as hell, and when u recomend me to do in order to have better reflexes

  7. Shane if you live in LA I want you to train me. I'm 40 I have limited boxing training from professionals and I think you are a really good teacher young brother

  8. Yo shane can you do a video on sparring for the first time? Today was my first time and my mind went blank. The other guy and i ended up brawling and kicking each others ass in the middle of ring. They said to keep it easy and work on technique but he just started swinging crazy. He has sparred numerous times before me. Hes 24 and im 19. I have only been boxing for a 2 months.

  9. Another nice vid, keep it up Shane!!! In the future can you put up a tutorial video for the "Butterfly Layout"?

  10. Shane I need your help I live in California as we'll I'm a 17 year old and am a little over weight should I get into boxing ? Second do you know any where were it's not to expensive to learn to box please respond I want to start to learn before I go to school so I have something t strive for after school

  11. can you make a video where you show us some cheap kcikbox equipment , for people who have there own training room. 🙂 

  12. Pool noodle longevity can be maximized with some duct tape.  It makes it a lot harder to poke holes into the material, but you'd probably want more duct tape than what the boffer sword people use.  I've been hit in the face with a boffer sword and properly made it's a pillow.  On the flip side, if you DO want to feel them a bit more, a little PVC on the inside of the noodle will give it oomph but still not maim or anything like that!

  13. I would like a good, inexpensive way to improvisea mook jong. Any Ideas for that? Maybe something I could hang in place of my heavy bag. 

  14. hello,looks awesome

     what is that thing called, what do i ask for at the DIY store


  15. I don't know how to use pads when we have striking warm up,,I can't memorise what I'm going to do or tell them what to do…so now,I'm going to practise ,and memorise what's gonna do…

  16. This would be good for movement and working on defense. But to call these focus mitts is a STRETCH. They can't absorb any impact. 😕

  17. Fucking Click-Bait bitch. Those are not Focus Mitts and you fucking know it. You fucking fake ass bitch. With a face like a rats arse that’s been raped by a donkey, shouldn’t even be showing it on YouTube videos!

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