How to Make Sour Gummi Candy

How To Make Sour Gummi Candy Hey everybody I’ve got a really good
recipe today I’m gonna show you how to make sour
gummy candy this stuff tastes better than the one get store and it’s really easy to make you just need a few ingredients. for the
wet ingredients one cup of apple juice and one half cup of corn syrup for the dry ingredients you need a six-ounce pack of Jell-O or 2 three ounce packs. today I’m trying it with strawberry and you need a matching pack of Kool-Aid. ideally you should have the same flavor. you can mix and match but until you get the hang of this I would stick with the same flavors Jell-O/Kool-Aid combinations that work: Grape/Grape Lime/Lemon-Lime Cherry/Cherry Watermelon/Fruit-Punch you need four envelopes of gelatin. if you
start making this regular which you might it’s going to be cheaper if you get the twelve packs and you need some citric acid (1 tablespoon or 15ml) this you can buy at any pharmacy or
chemist depending on what part of the world
you’re in and but they might have to order it for you but it’s usually takes a day or so it’s
definitely worth the wait. so what you’re going to do is turn the heat on to medium, about. that’s not going to burn the pot, don’t worry about it the liquid is going to be in pretty quick. you get one cup of clear unsweetened apple juice. if it’s a little short or over, it doesn’t matter then get 1/2 cup of golden corn server and measure that pour that in now for this recipe you should have a silicon spatula it just makes life just so much easier for
all of it give that a brief stir and just let that come to a full boil over medium heat while the liquids are heating up, I’m going to prepare the dry ingredients start with the Jell-O, cut the pack open get that in a bowl with a tablespoon next the Kool-Aid. there’s no particular way to mix this up so it doesn’t matter how you do it then the gelatin. I like using scissors for this saves a little bit of time. cut the tops off, pop that all in there now the citric acid you got to be really
careful with this okay you definitely don’t want to put too
much though like any dish you can adjust it for taste so that’s all the dry stuff in what you’re going to do is carefully mix this up, picking up the powder from the bottom until it looks
basically even the liquid hasn’t come to a boil yet what I’m going to do is prepare the pan in the meantime for the pan I use tin foil cake pans
around 7-8 inches something like, and I get some plastic wrap so what do you do you tear off enough of a long piece so that you will have some overlap and make sure you do this away
from the stove heat okay you definitely don’t want this near an open flame, it will melt pretty quick press the plastic wrap into the pan like that so on either of the short sides nearly up and that you’ve got a really good overlap on
the far sides take that away for a bit it’s nearly reached a boil at this point if you’re going to be
watching it constantly, yes it is safe to turn the heat right up now what’s important is that you do not
splash liquid up the side of the pan because if you do it will stick and it
will burn which is what you don’t want alright. so what I’m going to do is carefully nudge the heat up here okay so this is the stage of boil you’re
looking for you’ll notice on the far side of the pan a
little bit did splash up and burn but as long as I don’t pour the candy out through that, it should be okay if you want to test it what you do is gently move the spatula through the bottom of the pan and it comes to a full boil. that’s what
I’m looking for turn the heat off put that to the side. get your dry ingredients ready and basically just pour them right in like that. set that to the side and now turn the heat back on right down to low heat though the purpose is this is to keep just enough heat going under this
that the gelatin dissolves completely before I put it in the pan it’s been two or three minutes at low heat and what I’ve been doing is I have been
scraping down the sides avoiding the burned patch to get the mixture back down into the main mass of ingredient here. it’s very important
that you stir gently because even with that you can see that there are air bubbles that have been put into the gelatin and you
really don’t want that it’ll clear up when it settles but you still may have some on the top okay for this part I do get a glove because the pan has become pretty hot. and I’m going to pour very very slowly and if you’ll notice the burnt piece is
not in here there you go now for those of you that don’t like those
bubbles on the top I’ll show you quick how to do this like I said all you’re going to do is lose
candy and once it’s cold no one is really going to notice and no one is going to fault you for having an air bubble in things that taste this good, and if they do well just don’t give them any, alright. there you go. pick that off, scrape it into a bowl and go again and if there’s some that just won’t quit you can just nudge them off into a corner I’m going to let this set on the counter top basically until it doesn’t jiggle see that, there is way too much motion and
when it’s nearly set, I’ll pop it in the fridge for a few hours and I’ll show you how to cut it. so the gummies have been in the fridge for a couple of hours that’s what it looks like now. this should come out quite easily. you just grab it on both sides there pull it right out of the pan, put the pan on the side that’s clean. you can give it a quick wipe if you want and definitely use that again. before you turn it over you want to make sure that the plastic wrap is not stuck in too bad it looks pretty good so it’s going to take it quick, turn it over, then giving it a tug from the sides you want to make sure it’s all clean that edge is up, that’s good see what I’m doing there, hold it flat that came off all in one piece what you’re going to do is start cutting. make sure your hands are clean it’s still a bit sticky. you’re going to cut it in pieces like that. you can either use a small knife like I’ve got if you want to get fancy and do worms and stuff, you can do that actually I think I will get a larger knife, it’s a lot easier and I’ll show you, just a minute if you get a nice French knife and after you cut one strip off what you do is get there kind of rock it through what you want to do is pull off strips like this once you’ve got your strip pulled off, I would do them all in strips like that first so once you’ve got enough room, then you want to start cutting them up like that in little squares that’s what I have that bowl there for see on the other side there you might have a few air bubbles and who
cares. I think those are pretty good treat size I’m going to finish chopping these up there is today’s recipe, sour gummy
candy I really hope you guys try this out, it’s
just awesome, it really really is look at the color of that and if you wanted, you could if you
wanted get a cookie cutter or something and maybe do little shapes or stars or whatever
you felt like if you could get a small enough cookie cutter for this. personally once people have tasted these things, they won’t really care what they look like so once again thank you for watching my
stuff and I’ll see again

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