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hi guys and welcome back to Cake Journal in today’s video we’re going to be doing something a little bit different and very special to me we’re going to making homemade dog treats there are just four ingredients so it’s super simple super healthy and we’re actually going to be delivering the dog treat at the end of this video to some dogs that are in foster homes i’m really excited to see the reactions that we get and I hope you guys until the end of this video so you can see too. So this recipe is so simple you only need four ingredients oats, bananas, peanut butter and coconut oil i’m just going to be using my KitchenAid mixer today first thing we’re going to do is add 3 cups of oats They’re just dried so, they’re going to get baked anyway 2 ripe bananas and these were previously mashed so just get them to a good consistency next we’re adding one third cup of peanut butter we’re actually using HomePlate peanut butter today so you guys should definitely go check this out I’ll put a link in the description box, it’s super good they make a bunch of different flavors. And next we’re adding one fourth cup of coconut oil. It actually smells really good i would eat this So once that’s kind of mixed up we’re going to roll it out with a rolling pin we’re just going to take our longtime are also going to put some flour on the rolling him so it doesn’t stick and we’re just gonna roll this out. So, since we’re going to be spending the love for Valentine’s Day to the dogs were going to use a heart cookie cutter. You can use a bone one or whatever works for you i’m going to be putting them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. I wouldn’t suggest using grease just in case that will transfer over into the treats so parchment paper is the best way to go for that so now i have our dog treats all on our baking sheet we’re going to put it in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes and we’re setting it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit alright guys so we just baked these for about 12 minutes i’m actually going to try one of these out just to test their “ok” for the dogs. They’re actually really really good so you can definitely eat them too, if you want to. So next time you wanna have a serious conversation with your dog, you know…just sit down, break a treat in half. It is, it’s really good let’s go! My husband and I adopted our first boxer through rescue, and we were very excited to do that. But when we went back to adopt our second boxer the rescue had closed for financial difficulty and we said, you know what, this something we can do! And so we founded PA Boxers in 2009 and we had a great following of people that had already wanted to help. Shelters being already overloaded with dogs…at least we can help with some dogs. And we started as a boxer rescue and quickly became boxers and buddies rescue because you just can’t turn a dog away you know there’s no dog left behind we’re gonna try and help them; find them a family, rehabilitate them, get them the veterinary care they need. Those are our goals and everybody enjoys that! alright guys thank you so much for watching and I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below also check out our pinterest twitter facebook Instagram. That’ll be all down below as well again thank you guys so much for watching and see you next time. Happy baking.

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  1. can they be mixed by hand because I unfortunately dont have a mixer and i would really like to make these for my little dog?

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