How to Learn Martial Arts Faster

Hey. Ando here from
and Happy Life Martial Arts. Back again with Sifu Matt Ember, my longtime
teacher, and Sifu, what the hell was all that about?

46 thoughts on “How to Learn Martial Arts Faster

  1. I have a big question, how can you fight non-lethal. Like without causing any injury to the opponent, I would like to learn tips to do that.

  2. Also, NEVER be in a rush to learn martial arts. Likely you'll be doing it for a long long time. Take your time, make sure you have a solid foundation. Better to get where you're going to go, doing everything correctly instead of making mistakes and having shabby techniques. Like they said, one thing at a time, and if you have trouble with something, make sure you get help with that.

    Actually to digress a little, the guys who have the most solid foundation are though who become assistant instructors and instructors, because on top of instructor training, they have to go over the foundation constantly with new and intermediate students.

  3. I think the best thing you can do for your instructor is take him to super cuts and get him a hair cut, than take him to get a Brazilian body wax before the next full moon.

  4. This is exactly the same as Bruce once said, "I fear not the man who has done ten thousand strikes, I do fear the man who has done one strike ten thousand times."

  5. Great – but not too practical – this is why you need to practice your katas endlessly – with an eye on application all the time. Good wisdom – but must be applied to all Katas not one at a time…

  6. The best tip…I will suggest this to my Sensei, he is so excited to teach everything…I need to concentrate on feet…its hard to learn Japanese how to breath or pronounce things
    I like this advice

  7. Excellent. Yes…profound and ancient ideas in this. Simple is best. Small is good…and deadly. Make use of what's available.

  8. Thank you for this great tips that I think apply not only in martial arts but in the learning process of any skill

  9. I'm glad your Seafood said that so many people honestly believe they can do five or six things at once and that's how come we have so many accidents in mistakes and people get hurt if it's in a fight Thor driving outside one thing at a time no texting no driving no thinking of this block or this move just be in the moment

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