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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial
Arts. In this lesson, the 4 basic kicks. Alright, so the 4 basic kicks you need to
know to begin your martial arts training are as follows.
1: Side Kick with the front leg, 2: Front Groin Kick, 3: Front Push Kick, and 4: Roundhouse.
Once again from the other side. 1: Side Kick with the front leg, 2: Front Kick to the groin,
3: Front Push Kick, move forward, and 4: Roundhouse, step, swing, come back.
Now lets look at them applied. Right here, on our friend.
Side Kick, always good to aim low to start, easier to execute, easier to land as well.
So I’m gonna aim for the thigh, right here. And kick, make sure my heel is pointing towards
the target. And Front Kick to the groin, he doesn’t really have a groin, but imagine he
does. It’s going up right here, in between the legs, and I’m gonna be hitting with the
last part of the shin over here, not the toes, because you can hurt yourself. So I go straight
up in between the legs, use your hand over here for a counterweight. Lead with your knee,
leg follows. Front push kick, little bit different, it’s
gonna go straight either to the plexus, or if you can, to the chin. So go in a straight
line, forward. See if I can get the chin, boom, there we go. Like that.
And the Roundhouse Kick, coming from the side, you can use it to strike the thigh, knee if
you want to be dirty, and ribs, right here. Roundhouse, nice momentum, stay loose, stay
relaxed. And, if you can manage, if you have the flexibility, face. Same thing, let’s go
once again. Like that, Roundhouse. OK. Now let’s look at each one of those kicks
in more detail. So, from your basic fighting stance. Front leg Side Kick. I’m gonna bring
it up, and point my heel straight towards the target, so I get it lifted up and turn
my hips at the same time. And then I’m gonna extend in a straight line going forward, my
heel is staying in line with my hip, straight line, come back. At the point of impact, make
sure your hips are in. Check out the full Side Kick tutorial for more details, and some
cool drills to practice your Side Kick. Next, the Front Groin Kick, back leg, you’re
gonna go into it, with your hips, lead with your knee, leg extends, goes straight up,
strike the groin, come back. Groin Kick. Front Push Kick, little bit different, I’m
gonna bring my knee up higher, so that I could extend my foot in a straight line going forward,
hitting with the ball of the foot. That’s your Front Push Kick, creating distance.
And you got your Roundhouse Kick, coming from the side. I’m gonna step out, create momentum
with my hands, here, turn my hips, push off the ground with my back leg, pop my hips into
the movement, lead with my knee once again. Your knee points to where you want to hit,
so if you hit low, knee low, if you wanna hit high, knee high. OK, you’re gonna go over
here, follow through the movement, throw your hand back at the point of impact to create
a counterweight, add momentum, add speed. Once you’re here, you can’t see the target
anymore, you’re gonna pivot around, bring your foot to the ground, pivot around quickly
so you can get your eyes right back on target, and legs supple so you can stop your rotation
and have good stability. So, here, here, and recover, nice and stable.
OK, so once again, those are your 4 basic kicks, front leg Side Kick. Back leg, Front
Groin Kick, #2. #3: Front Push Kick, with the back leg. And #4, Roundhouse with the
back leg, recover. 4 basic kicks. Leave us a comment below, tell us which one
you find the most challenging to practice. And we’re gonna have some more tutorials for
each one, we’ve got the Side Kick, some more are coming. And subscribe to our channel for
all the tutorial videos for awesome martial arts techniques, like the video if you liked
it, and till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts, remember:
practice well, safety first, and use these techniques only for self-defense.

100 thoughts on “How to Kick – The 4 Basic Kicks | Effective Martial Arts

  1. Very practical kicks. I use the same ones as well and I snapped an old wooden door in half with my non dominant leg.

  2. Thank you very much! The boys in my school say girls can't fight. I'll use these for self defence again thank you very much!

  3. All I do the whole day is lay in bed, eat pizza and smoke weed, but thanks to you guys I kick like a boss! You rock man

  4. Please keep you guard up never drop. I wanted to use this video for my self defense class, but you are doing the one thing I teach, not to drop your guard.

  5. Roundhouse to the ribs can be caught easily so for roundhouse i dont really kicks anywhere above the waist. However sidekicking the kneecap is extremely effective, and if youre good enough sidekick to the chest or stomach

  6. Like to martial arts fight like tiger shroff 😛 or Vidyut Jamwal …. I mean unstoppable fight flying kicks and much more … Like One man army

  7. I used a front push kick on a 23 yo inmate trying to push into my medication room when I was a chubby 45 yo nurse working in a prison. I learned from my husband who used to practice practice practice. Very effective, snap, boom, and slam the door.

  8. yeah, I never called that a roundhouse, I always called it a side kick. also why do people always drop their guard when they kick like that? and why do that follow through spin thing? seems impractical and unnecessary. genuine questions, it seems wrong to me but I'm wondering if there's a legitimate reason

  9. Thank you I don't know what is your name but I tell you that I am from poop family I saw your videos in evening my parents can not effort my judo and karate fees I cried very much so I found your videos on YouTube and I learn judo and now I am champions of my state no one
    can't fight from me and I am from India

  10. I have beaten up at least 7 bullies with this fighting style karate I have been doing it for 9 years and I kick a whole lotta ass

  11. These are all sparring/sports kicks if you used these without a lot of practice or real instruction you will probably injure someone. If you want to defend yourself without investing time into martial arts class the best things to practice are open hand strikes. And BASIC throws. The video is good for beginners taking things like karate.

  12. If you had to kick to break the glass on a fire alarm pull station would you do a kick back and up or a straight up kick? Whats the benefit of kicking back and up vs straight up?

  13. Check out Michael Jai White's videos on how to kick. This nice person is well meaning but IMO, weak. Search for this one: Michael Jai White on Covering Distance (part 2) full frame and slower.

  14. Effective Martial Arts, I'm gonna say something really off topic, but it still has to do with kicking. As a martial arts expert, you might be able to help me with something. I'm making a video of Super Mario fighting Bowser, and I was wondering if this move from would knock Bowser backwards? If logically (physics-wise), Bowser would fall on his shell from a kick to the face, I could have Mario jump on the lizard's stomach. What do you think? Bowser may be bigger, harder, and thicker than Mario, but do you think the latter could kick the former's face with the move I mentioned and knock him backwards? If you need a size comparison, here are a couple links.

  15. I love how he says roundhouse but picks up his foot that he is standing on which in any fight, you can and will get knocked down. Always have your non kicking foot fully on the ground. If you want to defend yourself, look for a reputable school. Incorrect teachings are not martial arts.

  16. thank u so much for this, i know this wasnt the intended use of this video but the explanations really helped me so much with figuring out how to animate kicks like this ٩(^‿^)۶

  17. Before I watched this ,I was chicken leg xd.after I watched this I JUST BROKE THE NEIGHBOR’s tree BRUH

    Edit:It took a while to break it tho

  18. I was in keichido karate when I was younger my mom didn't want to spend money on a face shield i started sparing with a girl who was tall and pretty needless to say that was the happiest I have ever been to be side kicked, in the face, to the ground

  19. The Roundhouse is my favorite I like aiming for the liver. They'll act tough like they can take it then pass out shortly after. I find it a good spot to kick for self defense.

  20. I have tried these kicking techniques in the streets it really works but I wouldn't try to execute a round house kick be cause your opponent will grab it , stick to front kick and side kick only!

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