How to Kick Faster in Martial Arts

Whew! Hey, guys. Ando here from
Today, a fast tip for fast kicks. Sometimes, when people try to make their kicks faster,
they put all their focus into how fast their foot can stick out. Which is fine, that’s
half the kick. The second half. My advice is to spend a little bit of your training
time on the first half of your kick, which is how fast you can get your foot up off the
ground. Because here’s the thing, no matter how fast you can stick that foot out, well,
if I see you shift your weight and pull your leg up, man, I’m going to be home and
halfway through a sandwich by the time your kick gets there. So, today, let me give you
a tip to help you get a leg up on the bad guy by getting your foot up off the ground
faster. I’ll bet we’ve all had that experience where
you go to class, you throw a thousand kicks, and then your hip flexors are burning. And
then you start thinking, “Man, I gotta make these muscles stronger.” Well, not
so fast. When you feel pain, that’s really just your body talking to you. It’s telling
you, “Man, you suck. Man, you’re doing this all wrong.” When it comes to kicking, if you
feel your hip flexors burning, well, that means that you’re treating your leg like an
anchor. You shouldn’t be using your hip flexors to drag your leg around. What should you do?
Well, my body tells me something different. My body says don’t pull your leg up off the
ground, push it instead. I think of kicking like running a sprint–
which is why I’m on a track. When you run a sprint, you start with your foot on a starting
block. When the gun goes off and you’re ready to run, you don’t pull your leg up, you push
off. You explode forward. Well, it’s the same idea for kicking. I want you to think of the
whole world as a giant starting block. Feel the connection between your foot and the ground.
Right now, I don’t care if it’s just the ball of your foot or you’re flat-footed–
we can talk about that another time. The point is when the gun goes off and you’re ready
to kick, you should feel that back foot pushing you forward and exploding off the line. That’s
the trick to a fast kick. Let’s break this concept down into three simple steps. Step 1: Push the foot. Pretend your foot is
a basketball and just bounce it. Dribble it. Try not to use your hip flexors at all, just
relax your leg and use your calf muscle. I mean, that’s what the calf muscle is designed
to do, right? To lift your foot. So, let it do its job. Don’t go crazy– this is not
a big move. You’re just trying to get the leg moving. Step 2: Push the hip. Once you get your foot
moving, keep it moving. Push the hip forward and let your leg swing up into a chambered
position. Drive it up just like you’re executing a knee strike. You can chamber straight up
or to the side. either way, the double push from your foot and core will give your hip
flexors a break. Step 3: Throw the kick. Remember, the challenge
is not how fast you can move your foot from the chamber to the target, but from the ground
to the target. So, focus your training on exploding off the line and you know what?
There’s a good chance you’ll knock the sandwich right out of my hand. Another great way to improve your explosiveness
off the line? Hit the stairs. That’s what I’m going to do right now. In case you haven’t
seen it, I have another video called, “Stair Workout for MMA.” I’ll put the link below.
Check out that video. It will give you even more ideas to put some pep in your step. If
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list. Until next time, keep pushing, my friend, and keep fighting for a happy life.

100 thoughts on “How to Kick Faster in Martial Arts

  1. Sucks for me cause I kinds hate stairs, I guess I can put some work with my highschool stairs though since I use them everyday.

  2. That training advice seems to go against the basic principle that we always look at in Karate: That all power comes from the hip. So here you are saying power is generate from the extremety first?

  3. Great, sensei!
    The worst thing when you're starting to training is that kind of annoying instructor type, that want you make kick fast when you don't even know the basics…
    I still believe that you can't make a move faster if you didn't train it really slowly before.
    Hope you have a great new year!

  4. What the hell is he doing????? That Kicks are horrible man!!!! If you wanna see fast and techniquel correct kicks watch Taekwondo!!!!!!!

  5. Great tips and video, Ando! You're the kind of PUSHer that's perfectly above board! I got a KICK out of watching this demo. (groan) 🙂

  6. I thought it's that you use hips for kick and twist? Isn't it? Or you're just talking about kicks with less force just to keep opponent away?

  7. Perfect description and technique. I knew it in the first seconds.
    I wondered if you were going to mention to lead with the knee and only extend the leg at the last second to reduce drag, but I think it came across.

  8. Sure your kicks are fast but if the form isn't there to execute that critical strike than does the speed your teaching us really even matter?

  9. Another excellent tip. Thank you. I'm regularly picking up minor sprains in my hip flexors, and I now realise it's due to the way I'm initiating the kick. I now realise I am guilty of dragging my legs up rather than pushing off. I'm going to incorporate your tips into my training. Thank you sensei Ando.

  10. Wow, years of martial arts training and this simple trick/concept had never been transmitted to me before. It makes so much sense. My leg is getting up so much faster!

  11. Oh, perfect! My hip flexors were unhappy with me, I thought they just needed to be stronger… Great video!
    P.S. I'm gonna get that sammich!

  12. My girlfriend really wants to get into kickboxing……mainly for the exercise and energy it provides. Love the videos of yours that I've turned her onto. Any recommendations for a woman, 50 yrs old, novice that want to start ?
    Thanks…and keep up vids; very well done.

  13. Hey andi can u do transl arabic bc we are more arabic watching u and don't understand from morocco thank u ❤️❤️

  14. I love the technique hacks you impart to us. Super useful, nice, and awesome to the world. Very Bas Rutten esque.

    The only detraction I can see in this video is that, although I assume it's for edutainment purposes, the confident language you use when explaining how certain ways work and certain ones do not can seem bombastic.

    I personally enjoy explanations that stay within the humble pie by keeping the {this will work/this will not} to a minimal tone, as I understand not everyone will agree, and they can make their judgments more objectively without embellished explanations.

    That's the only niggling concern I have; I highly enjoy your vids, even if they have ads every five minutes :3

  15. Hi! I'm 15 years old. So should I start learning martial arts now or is it better to do it later on?

  16. Good stuff! now we can add our arms to it for full body integration. If kicking with the right drop your right hand down as your left hand comes towards you. Something to try . 😊

  17. I am 6.1 16stone and I have a bigger body's and just normal sized legs, so I have not been much of a kicker. Hence why always liked boxing more. But now I love UFC and I wanna just learn how to kick altogether. So thanks once again. Any tips for smaller ledged men to get a better Kick.? Thanks Sensei Ando✌

  18. Hii am student of taekwondo and am go for open national
    sm fight in gugrat so ,pleze tell me any exercise to loose weight and am 14 year old boy

  19. 2:45 throw the kick? I'm sorry what I see there is maybe some dancing moves. But definitely no throwing Kick.

  20. Have you ever been in a fight.? Bad advice if your opponent counter kicks you’ll take it in the balls! I’m trained in shori kan sekito and kickboxing. Most of western martial arts are theatrical not really useful in a street fight. I recommend shori kan karate is all up close knees and elbows. So deadly they don’t spare

  21. Excellent as always Ando San. I was trying to find a safe way to improve my kicking speed without grinding my joints with a thousand kicks. This helped a ton and looks to be a safe way to practice kicks for longevity

  22. I noticed that i have to pull my leg for the hook kick so when i try roundhouse it works bt with hook kick the problem is while lifting the leg the momentum it way to much so i cannot make it a hook kick cuz i also have to hit the hook, so hook dosnt happens and the kick goes straight, so is it jst me or i still have to do more practice

  23. Off topic for sure since I'm commenting at 3 seconds into the video. But ru aware that red thing you're wearing at the track makes you look like the flash.

  24. Both pushing and pulling can be involved. Pushing from floor starts the kick and pulling comes into play as weight shifts. Speed in kicking and punching is best developed through good technique. Eliminating any tells in your shots while still delivering with force. A good concept to embrace is speed perception. Even a kick that looks slow to spectators can land on an opponent who doesn’t perceive it until it’s picked up too much speed to avoid, ie, a kick that comes in over opponents shoulder from a blind angle. The key to effectively landing kicks, especially to the mid section or head, is set up. I teach a shoulder feint with every rear leg kick. The shoulder initiates before the hip anyway, so faking a cross can be seamlessly put into the movement. The other thing I like to tell students is if you want to kick faster, start with stepping faster, as opposed to trying to make your leg travel faster. This of course, results in better power as well. If you are taught that kicking involves the whole body then incorporating shoulder and hip feints becomes natural. The old school Tae Kwon Do I was taught addressed this from day one. Power was emphasized which meant you had to be sneaky to land the kick. The more modern sport of Tae Kwon Do emphasizes landing the kick as opposed to hitting with top power. For example, the old school wheel kick I teach travels in a circle like a helicopter blade. The preferred striking surface is the back of the heel, a square inch of bone. Modern versions of this kick travel more on an elliptical path to shorten distance,and can strike with the heel or flat of the foot. Still devastating if it catches you in the face. Different versions for different scenarios.

  25. Thank you , Every time , you make a smile on my face , you made me get into kung fu instead of karate , i dont know how to thank you…. Hope you have a very nice day.

  26. I have danced before so footwork isn't my problem the problem is I can't chain kick with the speed of Bruce lee

  27. Thanks for the video since you've already discussed this in other videos. I t e l l students that they should push off from the power from the center of the Earth and explode. Also if you didn't know this I probably shouldn't tell anybody. Doing Wind sprints on a recumbent bicycle or bicycle are much more effective than running wind sprints. Because you can pedal in circles faster then you can run a Sprint. Try it you'll love it get on her bicycle pedal for 2 minutes get your heart rate up and then Sprint as hard as you can until you can't Sprint any longer keep riding and Sprint three times in a 10 minute. you will be faster as soon as you are completed doing your first set. I promise you, it is awesome

  28. Technique then speed +power all comes after and I suppose if you repeat something enough then you react without thinking when you need to strike

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