How To Jump Rope Like A Boxer

what’s up playas what’s going on Zen donation welcome to today’s video we’re gonna show you how to jump rope like a boxer you know one of those badass dudes who punches other people in the face I’m sorry we’re not gonna teach you how to punch other people in the face because that we feel it’s then dude Fitness is mean and you should just stick to becoming a badass jump rope ninja so you might be asking yourself why would one want to be able to jump rope like a boxer and the answer is very simple my friends it’s two parts one of them boxers physiques damn they look good boxers have a very lean and cut physique that we promote its ended Fitness which is why we love jump rope so much so one they look awesome and secondly learning the basic fundamentals of how to skip rope like a boxer is gonna set you up to become an awesome jump rope ninja and teach you how to do a bunch of tricks later but you got to learn how to skip like a boxer first when picking your rope type I recommend picking a steel cable rope that’s also a speed rope because boxers typically have very fast routines and you want to pick a nice thin but durable rope when skipping so that you get the full benefit and you can also look pretty cool going really fast now in terms of broke length but I want you guys to do first is when you’re picking your rope put your foot in the middle of the rope pull it up to your chest and you should see that just the rope cable excluding the handles comes about right to underneath your armpit run around your nipple area a general rule of thumb is that you want to pick a rope cable again excluding the handles that’s three feet taller than your height so I’m six-three therefore my rope cable is about somewhere from 9 feet to 93 the next step before we even get started is finding your rhythm now we can do that without a jump rope so what I want you guys to do is just as you’ll see me turn to the side here in this next clip I’m just slightly jumping up and down and saying 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 I’m keeping that consistent rhythm of 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 so that I’m because I want you guys to be counting that out as you begin to skip after you the both feet at the same time down what I want you to move to next is the famous boxer skip again we’re still going without a rope here but you’re just shifting the weight of your feet from one to the other so both feet are still hitting the ground when you’re doing boxer skip except you’re alternating bending each knee every time you go down so the weight is displaced on your right knee on the left taps and then your left knee while the right tap so you can see here as I’m going through it next up guys let’s incorporate the rope so what I want you guys to focus on next is just very simple sideswipes where you’re taking your hands and your wrists and you’re rolling them over from one side of the other so it’s right going over left as you can see you’re in the clip and left going back over to right and you’re just alternating that as you do the boxer skip at the same time now I want you to go ahead and get started with the regular boxer skip as you’ll see here I’ll do a front angle and a side angle now practice going back and forth and just finding your rhythm remembering that one two three four one two three four and alternating the weight from your right knee to your left knee from your right knee to your left knee and just slightly bending the leg each time very important how are you breathing when you’re skipping boxers they got to maintain their cool you know what I mean because they’re super tired like punching people in the face and they’re like you know I got to act like I’m not tired the way that you should be breathing when you jump rope it’s in through the nose and out through the mouth very nice and calm and collected counting one through five each time you do a breath out to the mouth that’s one counts of five and just repeat that so you shouldn’t be able to go for a while just ah trees smell so good and as you can see here once you have the basic boxer skip down it opens you up to be able to be able to do a wealth of different tricks out there so again I cannot stress enough how important it is to lay the foundation by learning the boxer skip so you can do a bunch of other cool moves breath or a girl Dan transcended fitness thanks for taking the time today to learn how to jump rope like a boxer if you have questions comment below and we’ll see you on the next tutorial

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  1. I'm watching pro boxer jump rope vids (which is like the pinnacle of jump rope porn for me LMAO), and Pacquiao is one of my FAVORITE boxers (along with Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson), but if you guys did a vid "How to jump rope like Pacquiao", it'd basically just be "jump regular bounce in a slight south paw stance, occasionally throw in some skip kicks, and continue again with south paw regular bounce." Okay, I'm SLIGHTLY exaggerating, he does do some other toe work, but he really doesn't get fancy AT ALL, which I find surprising. Check him out He's definitely zen'd out and in the flow though!

  2. Boxers don't always have great physics. I'm a huge boxing enthusiast and the more I watch the more I realize that the Mayweather or Timothy Bradley kind of bodies are really an exception to the sport. Often times you get these knock out artists like GGG or Pacquiao who look either malnutritioned or soft around the waste and yet they are pure muscle and discipline.
    I'm not a huge UFC guy but I noticed that a lot of them seem to have a more commonly desired look when it comes to physic. The defined core and all that. I wonder why that is. I would say a guy like Nate Diaz is shaped more like a traditional boxer. I love these videos btw. My wife was blown away at how much fat I burned in 2 weeks from your video tutorials. She's gonna start jump roping too (she use to when she competed professionally as a skater).
    Keep up the good work guys!

  3. But I wanted to learn how to punch people in the face San 😭😂😂😂 nah~ actually this video is just what I wanted, I am training up my agility in martial arts by getting into Jumping Rope and #doingthething love you guys, keep em coming 💜

  4. Just started jump roping and now the heel of my left foot hurt when I walk,I thought it was just soreness at first but it’s just my left foot, my right is fine
    Advice plz?🤔

  5. Y you guys need to talk 2 much??? Start jumping already! If you at least know how to jump u already know your size of the rope! Make it short and clear! ❤

  6. Bro get the fuck out of here this is just how to jump rope don’t add the word boxer to the end like it changes anything I’m a boxer and what u did in this video was just embarrassing

  7. Standing in the middle of the skatepark… great tutorial but my man go out of the way 2:53 there's people skating, you can do this anywhere.. go to the side? XD

  8. Hi, How are you today ❗

    I would like to know that I'm a Beginner in doing Jump rope, since 4 months and with weight 99 Kg, I want to loose about 25 Kg.

    So the Question is how many Minutes I should Jump rope on daily basis to reach out the above 👆 Target 🎯?

    Pl advise

    Thanks in Advance

  9. You know it’s gon be a good video when a fully grown white man starts the video with “What’s up playasss”😂

  10. I love your video’s…just subscribed to your channel… but can you please, please do a tutorial video on how you did some of the footwork from the last step (8)? Thanks.. keep up the good work bruv…

  11. Shout out to Dan Cortese's kid for making it happen despite all odds. Keep reaching for that rainbow.

  12. How long did it take you to learn to jump rope like a boxer? I’m preparing myself for a whole lot of face planting.

  13. My shins always ache after skipping. It doesn't bother me until something taps my shins then im squealing

  14. Just got me a JR today! This with calisthenics a.m. , freeletics p.m., and no more cheese, icecream, or chocolate covered almonds, I am thinking in 12 weeks I can drop 20 lbs. Is that weight loss realistic?

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  16. Ya, like a boxer or a little girl in a pink party dress and pigtails. Love this video, can't wait to get back to it. Party dress is a bit snug though.

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